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follows: We have settled and marked both stakes and lots as followeth: From the Creek in the salt marsh by a ditch below Wilson's farm and Medford farm to a stake and heap of stones out of the swamp, then turning to a savin-tree and to three stakes more to heaps of stones within George Blanchard's field with two stakes more and heaps of stones standing all on the upland, and so round from stake to stake as the swamp runneth, and then straight to a stake on the south side of the house of Joseph Blanchard's half, turning then to another oak, an old marked tree, thence to a maple-tree, old marks, thence unto two young maples, new marked, and thence to three stakes to a creek-head, thence straight to the corner line on the south side of the country road leading to --(Malden). How soon must such marks and bounds be effaced or removed! Oct. 23, 1702.--Medford voted to petition the General Court to have a tract of land, lying in the south of Andover, (two miles square) set off to it. Ma
N. Y., who d. Aug. 26, 1852, aged 26. Children:--  17-25Edward Francis, b. 1851; d. 1851.  26Elinor S.   Sarah Bishop m. Benjamin Leathe, Apr. 26, 1738.  1Blanchard, George, m. Sarah----; and d. March 18, 1700, aged 84. He had--   Sarah, b. Apr. 23, 1690.   Mercy, b. June 11, 1693.  2Joseph Blanchard m. Elizabeth----, anJoseph Blanchard m. Elizabeth----, and had--   Kezia, b. July 3, 1704.   Joanna, b. May 25, 1711.   Concerning the above, I can only add the following extracts of wills on file at East Cambridge: Thomas Blanchard, of Charlestown, will dated 16, 3 mo., 1654, mentions wife Mary, sons Nathaniel, Samuel, and George, and his son Joseph.   John Blanchard, of Dunstable, Sept. 14, 1800, aged 1, c. EuniceBlanchard d. Sept. 18, 1800, aged 1, c. HannahBlanchard d. Feb. 18, 1803. aged 9 mos.   Hezekiah Blanchard d. 1803.   Joseph Blanchard d. Oct. 24, 1694, aged 43.   Rebecca Blanchard d. Dec. 28, 1839, aged 55.   Aaron Blanchard, jun., of Malden, m. Sar. Cutter, Apr. 12,
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 6., The Lawrence Light Guard.—Continued. (search)
ce in England, and married a third wife, Mary——, after coming to New England, his second wife having died on the passage over. Four of his sons came to this country. He died on his farm in Charlestown, May 21, 1654; his widow died at Noddle's Island, now East Boston, in 1676. II. George Blanchard had two wives and ten children; lived on one-half of the farm inherited from his father, and died there March 18, 1700, aged 84. His gravestone is in the Medford burying ground. III. Joseph Blanchard, eldest son of George Blanchard, by his first wife, was born in 1654; married Hannah, daughter of Thomas Shepard of Charlestown, April 13, 1681. He had seven children, and died in Charlestown, on the Blanchard Farm, October 24, 1694, aged 40. His gravestone is in the Medford burying ground. IV. Aaron Blanchard, twin son of Joseph and Hannah (Shepard), was born March 4, 1690; married Sarah——; had twelve children; died at Medford, September 30, 1769 (?) V. Aaron Blanchard, Jr.,
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 13., Ancient legal contentions in upper Medford. (search)
erse's property was attached June 7, 1670 (the next year after his brother's death), as security for Josiah's appearance at the county court, June 24, 1670. The witnesses for Collins were all Medford citizens—John G. Wiggin, Daniel Markham, Joseph Blanchard, and two negro servants or slaves belonging to Collins named Francis and Fortune. Wiggin testified that he perfectly knows her to be the same mare he once bought of Mr. Collins notwithstanding shee is disguised by the clipping of her mane, ollins after Collins sold her to Wiggin, and Wiggin to the witness, Daniel Markham. Markham also testified that the mare had her colt after he sold her back to Collins, and that he branded the mare with an M when she was in his possession. Joseph Blanchard testified, that having occasion to go to Josiah Convars mill, and accidently going by his yard he did see a mare and colt which he knew to belong to Mr. Collins shee having been bred upon his father's farm and is the very mare and colt now