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nfantryCol. J. J. McMahonMay 24, 1862.  64thVirginiaRegimentInfantryCol. Campbell SlempDec. 14, 1862.  1stVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. J. Thompson Brown   2dVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. R. Tansill   3dVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. Jno. C. Porter   4thVirginiaRegimentArtilleryCol. J. Thomas Goode   1stVirginiaBattalionEnlisted MenMajor Munford   2dVirginiaBattalion   Transferred to 5th Virginia Cavalry. 3dVirginiaBattalion     4thVirginiaBattalion Lt. Col. Nat. Tyler   5thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor W. R. Foster   6thVirginiaBattalion     7thVirginiaBattalion Lt. Col. S. M. Wilson   8thVirginiaBattalion Major Duffield   9thVirginiaBattalion Lt. Col. Hansborough   10thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor W. O. Allen   11thVirginiaBattalionCavalryMajor B. F. Bradley   12thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor F. J. Boggs   13thVirginiaBattalionArtilleryMajor J. Floyd King   14thVirginiaBattalionCavalryMajor E. Burroughs   15t
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 26. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
the army by the assignment of those liable to service under that law. Some of the batteries: In all, there were seventy-five batteries trained and equipped and sent to the field from Camp Lee during the time which elapsed between November, 1861, and June, 1862. Among them may be mentioned some which can be called to mind, commanded by Captain Marmaduke Johnson, John L. Eubank, N. A Sturdivant, Captain J. Taylor Martin, and two other batteries, which constituted the battalion of Rev. F. J. Boggs, W. G. Crenshaw, G. G. Otey, the old Fayette Artillery, Captain Henry Coalter Cabell, all of Richmond. Then there were those of W. D. Leake, of Goochland; Charles Bruce, of Charlotte; Joseph W. Anderson, of Botetourt; Pichegru Woolfolk, of Caroline; Henry Rives, of Nelson; Colonel J. W. Moore's Battalion, of North Carolina; the battery of Captain Dawson, of Georgia; Latham, of Lynchburg; Lewis, of Halifax, and many others from Virginia, Mississippi, one from Maryland, and others which
ion, Gov. Letcher, at the solicitation of Rev. F. J. Boggs, the spiritual adviser of Totty, granted . Totty. Sacrament and Baptism. Rev. F. J. Boggs, attended by Rev. D. S. Doggett, administ to the horses. He was promptly joined by Rev. Mr. Boggs. Deputy Sergeant Bray, Jailor Hall and asim in Heaven. Religious Service. Rev. Mr. Boggs, as soon as the Sergeant left the platformread, declaring that his hope was in Jesus. Mr. Boggs then read, at the request of the prisoner, hemed to assure him of a happy future. Rev. Mr. Boggs next offered up a fervent and eloquent pra he arose, and looking around him, requested Mr. Boggs to say a few words for him. Mr. Boggs sMr. Boggs stated, that at the earnest solicitation of the prisoner, he would make a statement. Mr. Totty feltrayed that Heaven would bless each one. Mr. Boggs then shock hands with the prisoner, and urgi and saying in a loud voice, "God bless you, Mr. Boggs, for your kindness to me--God bless you. Mee[1 more...]
Virginia Conference --Fifth Day.--Rev. E. P. Wilson was placed in a supernumerary relation, at his request. The case of the Rev. F. J. Boggs, who desired to be continued as chaplain of the Seamen's Bethel at Richmond, was taken up. Bishop Paine made numerous inquiries in relation to the Bethel, and afterwards said that he felt impelled to do so, because the Bethel in Mobile had been supplied by the Seaman's Aid Society, with a preacher who was a most dangerous and violent abolition incendiary. He was glad to hear that the appointment in Richmond was in the hands of the local society, and warmly commended it to the approval of the Conference. Messrs. Doggett and Duncan bore testimony to the efficiency and zeal of Mr. Boggs; and his character was passed, and relation continued. Rev. G. W. Langhorne, Presiding Elder of the Lynchburg District, said that during the year his district had many indications of mercy, and several gracious outpourings of the spirit. I
Seamen's Bethel. --The Board of Managers of the Southern Seamen's Friend Secretary, at their last meeting, unanimously received at Chaplain Rev F. J Boggs, and the Methodist Conference, in session last week, confirmed the appointment. The subscribers to the are called on to pay up at once, or the building, nearly flushed, can not be completed.
Organization of a New Sunday School. --The Sabbath School of the "Seamen's Bethe!" was duly organized on Sunday last, at 4 o'clock, Rev. F. J. Boggs being elected Superintendent. Several other gentlemen, highly qualified to fill the offices to which they were appointed, were also chosen. Thirty-four scholars, and 14 teachers, were entered as a beginning in this important and glorious cause. A young ladies' Bible class was also organized, which, from its present prospects, bids fair to do much good. The meeting, altogether, was a delightful and cheering one; and as the Young Men's Christian Association have taken this school particularly under their charge, we hope to see it prosper abundantly. The friends of Christianity in general, and the sailor in particular, are cordially invited to aid in this good work.
The Bethel Sunday school. -- This commendable enterprise is succeeding admirably. In two weeks the scholars have increased from 40 to 130. The house is, indeed too small for the convenient conduct of the school. The upper story of the building is yet in an unfinished condition, and is likely to remain so, despite the effort of the worthy Chaplain, Rev. F. J. Boggs, less the citizens take the matter more seriously to heart. We have many public spirited gentlemen, and ladies, too, whose attention has not, possibly, been directed to this enterprise, who could render valuable assistance. The sailors attend well, and seem greatly interested. The reading room will soon be furnished, and the Chaplain is now ready for contributions in this quarter. Don't let it fail.
Dove Lodge, no. 51. --The started mee ing of Dove Lodge, No. 51, is postponed for the present. By order of Wor. F. J. Boggs, Master. George H. Tompkins, Sec'y. Richmond, April 26, 1861 ap 26--lt
he several companies were bade adieu to by hundreds of relatives and friends. While the soldiers went off with cheerful spirits and light hearts, in all directions among the crowd, assembled in the grounds and about the cars, could be seen the evidence of a painful separation, in the shape of grief and tears. The heartfelt, tearful words, "God bless you," were mingled with the hope for a safe return. The following are the staff of the 1st Regiment: Col. P. T. Moore; Acting Adjutant, Samuel P. Mitchell; 1st Company C. (Montgomery Guards,) Jno. Dooley, Captain; 2d Company B. J. K. Lee, Captain; 3d Company I, W. O. Taylor, Captain; 4th Company D. J. G. Griswold, Captain; 5th Company H, F. J. Boggs, Captain; 6th Company G, Wm. H. Gordon, Captain; 7th Company K, (Virginia Rifies,) John Miller, Captain. The Regiment numbered about 850 men.--It is said Company F. and the Blues, (about 250 together,) will join their regiment soon. They were at last dates near Fredericksburg.
Organization of the 1st Regiment. --The first Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, now at Camp Pickens (Department of Alexandria) is organized as follows: Colonel, P. T. Moore; Major, Wm. Munford; Adjutant, S. P, Mitchell; Surgeon, J. S. D. Cullen; Assistant Surgeon, Thomas E. Manry; Acting Quartermaster. Lieut. Wm. H. Palmer. John Dooley, Captain 1st Co., James K. Lee, Captain 2d Co., Wm. O. Taylor, Captain 3d Co.; J. G. Gris wold, Captain 1th Co.; F. J. Boggs. Captain 5th Co.; Wm. H. Gordon, Captain 6th Co., F. Miller, Captain 7th Co. Capt. Mitchell, in addition to his Regimental Adjutancy, has been appointed by General Bonham Adjutant of the entire camp, or post. Since its arrival in camp, the Regiment has acquired a considerable (but not undeserved) reputation, and much praise for soldierly acquirements and efficiency. To show the pluck and stamina of our boys, we may state that a few days since, on a false alarm, they marched four miles in thirty minutes to m
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