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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), City Battalion, Richmond, Va. [from the Richmond, Va., times-dispatch, February 14, 1904.] (search)
k it was a city battalion, of Richmond. P. C. W. See the roster following, which we give as a matter of general interest: Officers of the twenty-fifth Battalion Virginia Infantry. Wyatt M. Elliott, Major and Lieutenant-Colonel. Louis J. Bossieux, Major. Thomas L. Bondurant, Assistant Surgeon and Surgeon. Oscar R. Hough, Adjutant. Jesse P. Hope, Surgeon. Joseph A. Baden, Assistant Surgeon. Henry C. Shent, Assistant Surgeon. Thaddeus B. Starke, Assistant Quartermaster. James T. Vaughan, First Lieutenant. Oscar R. Hough, Second Lieutenant. John Poe, Jr., Second Lieutenant. George Bell, Second Lieutenant. Robert E. Mills, Second Lieutenant. James B. Newberry, Second Lieutenant. Company B. Louis J. Bossieux, Captain. John W. Fisher, First Lieutenant and Captain. John La Touche, Second and First Lieutenant. George P. Bondurant, Second and First Lieutenant. John W. Beard, Second and First Lieutenant. Robert P. Nixon, Second and Fi
to some distant point as if he were entered for a four mile race. Everything wore a martial appearance, and everybody seemed to enjoy the spectacle. When the drums of the First Regiment announced the approach of that fine body of soldiers, there was a general commotion on the grounds. The regiment entered the Broad street gate, was met by a squadron of cavalry, and marched to the place of parade. We observed the following companies: Howitzer Co. H. Capt. Randolph; Grays, Co. A, Lieut. Bossieux; Co. B. Lieut. Mitchell; Co. F. Capt. Cary; Montgomery Guard, Co. C. Capt. Dooley; Blues, Lieut. Scott; Co. I. Captain Morris; Co. G, Capt. Gordon; Co. E. Rifles, Capt. Miller. The Public Guard, Lieut. Gay commanding, was also in the line, We can say unhesitatingly, that while we have seen the regiment parade in greater force, we never saw it look better than on this occasion. The men marched well, and exhibited in their general movements a proficiency showing their careful attention
ment--held their annual meeting on Tuesday night, for the purpose of electing non-commissioned officers and transacting other business. The following is a complete list of the present officers of this gallant corps: W. M. Elliott, Captain; Louis J. Bossieux, 1st Lieutenant; J. V. Crawford. 2d Lieutenant; Randolph Harrison. 3d Lieutenant; E. W. Branch, 1st Sergeant; John B. Vaughan, 2d Sergeant; Wm. Ira Smith, 3d Sergeant; Thos. W. Pairo, 4th Sergeant; Cyrus Bossieux, 5th Sergeant; B. Howard Claiborne, Quartermaster; John T. Rogers, Ensign; J. S. Michard, 1st Corporal; Wm. H. Johnston, 2d Corporal; J. H. Mundy, 3d Corporal; Geo. W. Libby, 4th Corporal; Jas. W. Pegram, 5th Corporal; Jas. E. Phillips, 6th Corporal; Louis J. Bossieux, Treasurer; E. W. Branch, Secretary. The Grays now number 94 men. Their proficiency in drill, which has long been a subject of complimentary remark, has been perfected by the bayonet exercises, a la Zouave, and they evince a settled purpose to maintai
The city Council met last evening at five o'clock, to take into consideration the means of preserving order in the city, in case of any emergency that may occur, growing out of the present position of affairs. Messrs. W. M. Elliot, C. Q. Tompkins, Wm. L. Maule, John H. Greanor, Wm. English, and Louis J. Bossieux were appointed to confer with the Mayor and a committee of the Council at nine o'clock this morning at the City Hall. A resolution, appropriating $5,000 to the Soldiers' Aid Fund, was adopted. Adjourned.
orization of the Secretary of War is appended. Five companies of one hundred men each are to be raised. They are to serve within the circuit of the batteries around Manchester and Richmond. Capt. Elliott is appointed Major, and the officers are so be elected by the several companies. Capt. Elliott indicates five gentlemen, all good soldiers, with whom he has lodged the power to enroll, each, one hundred men. They are to act as Captains if the requisite number be obtained. They are Louis J. Bossieux, Wm. L. Maule, John H. Greener, J. F. C. Potts, and Wm. Wirt Harrison. All these citizens are well-known. They are all known as skilful soldiers. The would all make first rate officers. The term of service is to be six months, unless sooner discharged. The battalion is to do all the duties of soldiers within the limits above mentioned. There is scarcely a citizen in Richmond who does not see the necessity of some such organization. And if it be done at all, it ought to be do
Struck by lightning. --During the thunderstorm of yesterday morning the residence of Major Louis J. Bossieux, southwest corner of 19th and Franklin, was struck by lightning, but fortunately sustained no further damage than the knocking off of a quantity of slate from the roof. The building is highroofed, with a pointed gable, and is unprotected by a lightning-rod. Several ladies in the house at the time were very much frightened, but no one was hurl, or received any shock.
tured represented the Fifth and Ninth corps, showing that the enemy was in strong force on our right. Many were drunk when brought into Petersburg, and behaved in an impudent and disorderly manner. On Sunday, little was done except heavy skirmishing between the opposing forces. Our troops fell back during the night from the scene of Saturday's engagement, and the enemy on Sunday afternoon advanced their lines some few hundred yards.--Their pickets at one time occupied the houses of Dr. Bossieux and Oscar Pegram, one mile distant from Peebles's farm, but were shelled out by our artillery. The Yankees, on Sunday, took a portion of our picket line near W. W. Davis's house, three- quarters of a miles west of the Weldon railroad, capturing twenty prisoners. In the afternoon they were driven back and our line re-established. The loss on our side on Thursday, Friday and Saturday is estimated at five hundred, and that of the enemy at five thousand. Over fifteen hundred prison
s gone. B. A. Cocke testified that the horse was the same that he purchased in King William county from Dr. Downer. It was on his representation that the warrant was gotten out for the arrest of the accused. He had a conversation with his brother in regard to the matter, and he said that on the previous evening he met the horse on Mayo's bridge in possession of a young man by the name of Wooldridge, from Chesterfield county. Captain T. B. Starke, Lieutenant Austin Smith, Major Louis J. Bossieux, Mr. Schonberger, (wagonmaster,) Dr. Harris, (surgeon in the Confederate army,) and Dr. Coakley, (also surgeon in the army,) testified that they identified the horse as one ridden by Isaac N. Cocke, as a courier, during the campaign below Richmond. This closed the testimony for the Commonwealth. Witnesses for the defence were then sworn. Dr. W. W. Parker, captain of a battery of artillery during the war, until he was promoted, testified that Dr. Wooldridge was a lieutenan