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Assault with a brickbat. --Wm. D. Bowman was brought before the Mayor yesterday, charged with having assaulted Private Bailey, of the Davis Light Dragoons, with a half brickbat, and inflicting a serious wound. The case was continued until the 10th inst. for further testimony.
Died from his Injuries. --We made mention yesterday of the fact that William D. Bowman had been brought before the Mayor on the previous day and held to bail to appear before, that functionary to day to answer the charge of having dangerously wounded Private George Balley, of the Davis Light Dragoons, by striking him on the side of the head with a brickbat. The injury turned out to be more serious than was at first imagined, Bailey, who was taken to the Medical College Hospital, dying yesterday from the effects of the blow. Coroner Sanxay held an inquest over the remains soon after being notified of the death of the party. The evidence before the jury was only as to the result of the blow given Bailey, which medical testimony established had fractured his skull and produced death. The verdict of the jury was in accordance with this fact. Other testimony may be introduced on the examination of the accused before the Mayor to day.
The Daily Dispatch: April 11, 1862., [Electronic resource], The gunboat — patriotic appeal--Capt. Maury's Address. (search)
The late Homicide with a brickbat. --The inquest on Geo. Bailey, private in the Davis Light Dragoons, who died at 1½ o'clock on Wednesday last, at the Medical College, showed that his skull had been fractured by some hard substance, which had driven in the bone; that an operation was performed by Drs. Conway and Joynes, and a portion of the temple and frontal bones taken away — part by the fingers and part by the instruments, which left the brain and its coverings exposed. The "hard substance" that inflicted the injury is said to have been a brickbat. The evidence before the Coroner did not show who threw the missile, though Wm. D. Bowman is under arrest for so doing
Mayor's Court. --Nothing very special occurred yesterday at this popular resort. The officers of the Court, the Mayor, and a crowd of odoriferous spectators, were present as usual John A. Belvin was fined $5 for allowing the pavement in front of his "block," on 12th street, to remain in a dangerous condition. The pavement is composed of square slabs of slate rock, and, like such modes of transit, is liable to get out of repair very easily.--Wm D Bowman, charged with throwing a brick at Geo. Bailey, private in the Davis Light Dragoons, and thereby causing his death, was arraigned, but the case was laid over until this morning. John T. Smith, jointly implicated with John Shirley, in abducting $100, the property of J W. Gravely, a boarder at the Columbian Hotel, was brought up and remanded to jail until the 14th inst.--The summons against J. W. Satterfield for refusing to carry passengers in his hack unless they paid more than the sum prescribed by the ordinance, was partly heard
Mayor's Court, yesterday. --Mike Leary was acquitted of making an assault on Ann, his wife, as she had alleged on having him arrested.--Fleming and William, slaves, were acquitted of stealing a lot of buckshot, which the watchmen found them in possession of.--Case of Michael Sweeny, for stealing $20 in bank notes from John O'Brien, was continued at defendant's request until to-day.--William Byrd, a member of the colored fraternity, who had levanted from the batteries, was returned thither.--Case of Wm. D. Bowman, charged with "feloniously killing" George Bailey, was continued for further testimony.
Committed for examination. --William D. Bowman, who is charged with causing the death of Geo. Bailey, by striking him on the head with a brickbat Monday week, was carried before the Mayor yesterday, and after the examination of a few other witnesses to the transaction, was committed to jail, to be examined by a called Court of Hustings, on the 23d inst.
Called courts. --Wm. D. Bowman is to be examined before a called Court of Hustings tomorrow, for the alleged murder of George Bailey, and Dennis Lynch on the succeeding day, for feloniously stabbing James Shea with a sword.
Gallant Court. --Wm. D. Bowman is in be examined before a called Court to-day, for the alleged homicide of Gen. Ridley. The examination takes place at 11 o'clock, at the City
them to be stolen from John Does and Jas. Warden, were examined, and the proof being quite direct the defendant was committed for trial before Judge Lyons, and bail refused. Winnie Merton, a free negro, was tried for stealing $150 worth of wearing appareled from Ann L. Taylor, and being found guilty was sentenced to be sold into absolute slavery. A case against John Barres, for bastardy, was dismissed at the request of Astasia Kelley, the complainant. A prosecution against Wm. Reynolds, for misdemeanor, and one against Patrick Finnoven for felony, were dismissed, the witnesses being absent, and no prospect of their returning. An attachment was issued against John E. Kaul, a witness against Wm. D. Bowman, charged with felony, for his contempt in not attending Court. The Grand Jury, George W. Smith foreman, assembled, and found true bills against Michael Sullivan and Richard Shell for misdemeanor. The bill against Mary Driscoll, for misdemeanor, was ignored.
Hustings Court, may 13. --Present Jas. K. Caskie, Recorder, and others. Philip, a slave, the property of William Pritchard. was tried for stealing one $50 Confederate Treasury note, and $55 in bank notes, on the 15th day of April, from William C. Whiting, commonly called Major-General Whiting. The prisoner was acquitted. Wm. D. Bowman was examined for murdering Geo. Bailey on the 7th day of April, and sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. Bail was refused. James, slave of Isham Tuning, of Fauquier county, was tried for murdering Andrew, a slave, on the 10th of March, and the evidence being fully heard, he was found guilty. Ordered that instead of being hung, he be sold and transported beyond the limits of the Confederate States, for the term of his natural life. James was valued at $800, and the Sergeant of the city was directed to convey him to the Superintendent of the Penitentiary and deliver him up for safe Keeping. Wm. J. Duggins was fined $10 and c
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