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; G W Pierce, co C, 35th Ga; B A Chambers, co E, 19th Ga; S Holmes, co H, 44th Ga; Geo A Johnson, co B, 35th Ga; T W Latham, co E, 35th Ga; C S Ridley, co A, 19th Ga; J F Anderson, co F, 28th Ga; C Dupree, co D, 14th Ga; R J Mitchell, co G, 44th Ga; E Scogin, co I, 35th Ga; S L McBride, co A, 35th Ga; G P Williams, co H, 44th Ga; B A Heard, co B, 27th Ga; J J Hamilton, co I, 35th Ga; Jno V Reed, co G, 35th Ga; A E Harris, co A, 44th Ga; W Morris, co H, 28th Ga; W E Poteet, co D, 19th Ga; J W Bowman, co E, 35th Georgia. Second Virginia Battalion, formerly Second Artillery, Capt. J. C. Johnston Commanding. Company A. Sergeant W D Brown, wounded in the face and did not leave the field; Col S Trent, killed; Richard J Anderson, wounded slightly. Company D--Robt W Ezell, wounded in the leg; C R Hightower, wounded in the leg. Company E--E H Dance, wounded in the knee; S S Townsend, wounded in the hand. Company G.--Henry Mann, arm broken; John W Blake, wounded in the si
J Casbrim, 12th Miss; H A Clark, 22d N C; W H Casey, 19th Miss; J R Chambers, 16th N C; Lieut A H Condon, La Battery; F W Cox, 12th Miss; M Coffer, 2d N C; Wm Chambers, 19th Ga; B Carter, 8th Va; Jno W Atkins, 2d Miss; Jno Abbott, 8th Ala; J A Acker, Hampton's Legion; H C Burgay, 44th Ga; Henry Brady, 14th La; Thos. J Bell, 11th Miss; Corp M C Barnett, S C; Wm Barny, 4th Texas; Capt Jas E Blair, 19th Va; Adam Beveridge, 3d La; Dan Brown, 11th S C; J Bell, 1st N C; Corp R C Bruns, 3d Va; J W Bowman, 35th Ga; J M Badger, 22d N C; J H Boon, 38th N C; J P Courtney, 58th Va; D C Crites, 16th N C; G P Cox, B F Cox, E M Cutler, 19th Va; Corp W H Cushing, 1st Tenn; Serg't Alex G Canwell, 20th Ga; John T Coker, 44th Ga; H H Dobbs, 19th Ga; Henry Doran, 2d Miss; Jas Diamond, 8th Va; Benj Donnell, 12th N C; C H Davis, 37th N C; P P Derrick, 13th S C. Banner Hospital. P M D Rupe, 44th Ga; W G Mann, 44th Ga; F M Hester, 44th Ga; M H Hubbard, 44th Ga; A G Mitchum, 13th Ala; Jas H Battle, 1
rs 960 men, who are remarkably fine looking, and will no doubt be fully up to the standard of Massachusetts troops in the fighting line. There are ten companies here and two others incomplete at Worcester, which they expect to join them this week. A large number of the officers have seen service, among them Col. J. D. Wells, who has until recently been second in command of the 1st Massachusetts, in the army of the Potomac, which he left about two weeks since to take command of the 31st. Major Bowman is a paroled prisoner, having been captured at Ball's Bluff, and has not yet been exchanged. The 127th Pennsylvania regiment arrived about 2 o'clock this morning from Jump Curtin, Pe. and at once went into quarters at the Soldiers' Retreat, which they left at noon to day for one of the surranding forts. The regiment numbers about 856 men, and is well armed and equipped for immediate service. The principal officers are Col. Jennings, Lieut. Col. Allman, and Major, J. Robert, will hav
f the children was desired, the case was continued until Tuesday. Pierce Rowland was charged with cutting and stabbing John Booth. Booth being unable to appear on account of his wounds, the case was continued until Thursday. Victor Fowin, charged with stealing $800 from Anthony Brindle, was remanded to appear before the Grand Jury. Aaron Jones, for associating with negroes and striking an officer, was held to bail to answer an indictment. Anderson, a negro employed at Mrs. Bowman's boarding-house, charged with stealing a pocket book containing $891, was sent back to prison to appear before the Grand Jury on the 2d Monday in November James Hay and Jerry Sullivan were charged with stealing a coat, hat and shirt, of the aggregate value of $43 from Patrick Roach. The accused came to Roach's room last night at a late hour, and finding him awake professed to be looking for a man belonging to some military company. About half-past 3 A. M., he was awakened, and dis
esterday, to examine Ira Parker, charged with having, on the 16th of October, robbed James M. Fuqua at his boarding-house in this city, of one $50 note, two $10s, a pair of boots, worth $25, and a handkerchief, worth $1. The Court was composed of Recorder Caskie, and Aldermen Sanxay, Bray, Lipscomb, Beveridge, Anderson, and Timberlake. After hearing the evidence of Fuqua and Capt. J. B. Pleasants, of the Night Watch, the Court sent the accused on for trial before Judge Lyons. Ira Parker, the prisoner, was one of the men who not long since escaped from Castle Thunder. He committed this offence soon after he released himself from confinement. Hustings Court--Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge--Wednesday, Oct, 22d, 1862.--Owing to the cases of several criminals not being in a state of completion for trial, none were called up yesterday, (Wednesday.) The trial of Bowman was fixed for Thursday, (to-day.) Veniremen and witnesses will bear the fact in mind and be punctual in their attendance.
The Daily Dispatch: December 27, 1862., [Electronic resource], One of the enemy's "Rams" destroyed by torpedoes on the Yazoo river. (search)
Corporal R E privates E Bukley; J E Campbell, A Garrison and W L Wayne, co C; privates James H Burnett and Appleton Sueyers, co M Lieut T. E. Thomson private E B. Rhodes and Knight on the Corporal J G Powell, co H; Lieut T B Crawford; privates Thos H Brently, Jno G B S P and E J Daniel, co I Lieut A E Wilston, privates H. Beavar and J F Thompson, co K. Killed, 4, wounded, 27. 14th North Carolina Troops — Wounded Private M Turker, co A, slightly; Corp'l H J Davis, co E slightly privates Bowman and Threadgill, co C, slightly, Serg't Avail, co E, slightly; Serg't slightly; privates Reil, Champton, and Candle, co K slightly. Montag; Private Harris, co H, Wounded 10, missing 1. North Carolina Troops — Wounded; Privates John C Hattle, co C dangerously in face by treatment of privates Bilas G Allen, co D, secretary, through both thighs; privates W L Lumlyand Elijah Wilkine, co D, slightly; private J L Picket co H, slightly on knee; privates Jesse Little and James Mayo, co
d to the same unknown man. Col. Hundley knows the man, says his name is Elliott, and that he belongs to the 30th Alabama. He is known in Alabama as the best marksman in the State. Gen. Grant speaks very disparagingly of Johnston, and says he will whip him certainly if he comes to attack him where he is. He has received heavy reinforcements since the fall of Snyder's Buff. Among the killed of the Yankees since they have invested Vicksburg, are Maj. Gen. Kerr, Brig.Gens. Burbridge, Lay, Bowman, and one other, name forgotten. The two gunboats sunk were the Natchez and the Nightingale. Grant says he will starve Vicksburg out in ten days, but this is known to be an idle boast. Mr. Saunders states that the stench of the dead Yankees offended citizens six miles from the battle-field. Gen. Pemberton sent a flag of truce to Grant and demanded that he remove his wounded and bury his dead, which demand was complied with. The Federals, when they approached Vicksburg, were p
ons, and a stranger would have supposed the crew were engaged in the regular routine of daily duty. The boats were made fast astern, everything was hauled taught on board, ropes called up, and guns prepared for a fight. Lieut. Wood was on board the Satellite, and, Mr. Hoge being wounded, Lieut. Hudgins, the second officer in command, was put in charge of the Reliance. He was ordered to follow close after the Satellite, which was to be taken up the river by Pilot Moore. The engineers, Messrs. Bowman and Tennent, soon got up steam and reported the vessels ready to move. I was on the Reliance at the time, having gone there to attend the wounds of Lieut. Hoge and Capt. Walters, both seriously hit, and lying side by side in the cabin. The former was the first upon her decks, and fought with great daring; but, alas! just in the moment of victory he was struck in the neck by a pistol ball, falling upon the deck close beside the Yankee Captain. Midshipman Cook was also hit by two balls
Wm Walker, 3d Tenn; M J Webster, 61st N C; P S Wilite, 8th Ala; A Williams, 26th N C; J B Williams, 2d. N C; Wm S Mills, 1st Mo cav; S A Wilson, Rockbridge art; S Wilton, 2d Ark; J A Wright, 40th Va; W A Year-gin, 48th Ala; G P Yearket, 36th Va; J Young, 23d N C; J E White, 28th N C; J L Austen, 37th N C; F Avery, 4th N C; Y Hambars, 52d N C; T E Boney, 4th N C cav; W T Beall, Blair light ar'y; a Ball, 60th Tenn; L G Budd, 55th N C; L Bishop, 52d N C; A T Bright, 22d Ga; W Brown 31st Geo; D Bowman, 52d N C; W H Crickman, 1st do; W B Crocker, 47th do; Aza Carawell, 54th do; G W Cobb, 12th S C; S A Carter, 3d Ark cav; John Done, 47th N C; D Dukes, 61st Va; A Earpe, 55th N C; W Eizell, 5th do, Evans, 55th do; M Filun, 1st S C rifles; JeM Ferrell, 12th N C; Jas File, citizen, Miss; S Shaw, 44th N C; J D Fortner, 37th N C; J Freeman, 48th do; T B Gay, 8th Ala; Geo Green, 44th N C; J S Hooper, 1st Ark; W Halley, 55th N C; A Hall, 21st Ark; J Huckstepp, 22d Va battalion; T C Jones, 14th Va
For hire --A Woman and Boy with her about 11 or 12 years of age. The woman is a good cook and washer. The boy has been cutting wood and waiting in the house and dining-room for the last year. Apply at Mrs Bowman's boarding-house, on Franklin st, between 15th and 16th. W D Bowman. ja 2--3t* For hire --A Woman and Boy with her about 11 or 12 years of age. The woman is a good cook and washer. The boy has been cutting wood and waiting in the house and dining-room for the last year. Apply at Mrs Bowman's boarding-house, on Franklin st, between 15th and 16th. W D Bowman. ja 2--3t*
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