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Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 19: battle of Chickamauga (search)
, and also Livermore's estimate of the Effective Strength. Army of the Cumberland, Gen. Rosecrans, Sept. 19--20, 1863 corpsDIVISIONSBRIGADESBATTERIES 14thBairdScribner, Starkweather, King3 ThomasNegleyBeatty, Stanley, Sirwell3 Pres. 22,758BrannonConnell, Croxton, Van Derveer3 ReynoldsWilder, King, Turchin3 20thDavisPost, Carlin, Heg3 McCookJohnsonWillich, Dodge, Baldwin3 Pres. 13,372SheridanLytle, Laiboldt, Bradley3 21stWoodBuell, Wagner, Harker3 CrittendenPalmerCruft, Hazen, Grosen for it to rest upon, on Kelley's farm, about nine miles south of Chattanooga. From this point, the line extended to the Chickamauga at Lee and Gordon's Mill, about four miles, with the divisions in the following order from left to right:— Brannon, Baird, Reynolds, Palmer, Van Cleve, Wood, with Negley's division in reserve, and the three divisions of McCook's corps—Davis, Johnson, and Sheridan—massed near Crawfish Spring, near by on the right. At Rossville, six miles from Chattanooga and<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), An important Dispatch. (search)
em in Rossville Gap, between Bragg and Chattanooga, General Thomas says: I then proceeded to Rossville, accompanied by Generals Garfield and Gordon Granger, and immediately prepared to place the troops in position at that point. One brigade of Negley's Division was posted in the gap on the Ringgold road, and two brigades on the top of the ridge to the right of the road, adjoining the brigade in the road; Reynold's Division on the right of Negley's, and reaching to the Dry Valley road; Brannon's Division in the rear of Reynolds's right, as a reserve; McCook's Corps on the right of the Dry Valley road, and stretching toward the west, his right reaching nearly to Chattanooga creek; Crittenden's entire corps was posted on the heights to the left of Ringgold road, with Steadman's Division of Granger's Corps in reserve behind his left; Baird's Division in reserve and in supporting distance of the brigade in the gap; McCook's Brigade of Granger's Corps, was posted as a reserve to the b
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Very complete roll [from the Richmond, A., Dispatch, September 16th, 1900.] (search)
inburg, Va. Bowman, John W.—Resides at Owen's Mills, Md. Bargelt, William H.—Transferred to Rosser's Cavalry, 1862. Died since the war. Bowman, Joseph—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry, 1862. Barton, Isaac O.—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry, 1862. Resides at Edinburg, Va. Baker, Joseph—Teamster. Resides at Fisher's Hill; Va. Baker, Abraham—Transferred from Imboden's Cavalry. Resides near Edinburg. Boyer, William M.—Transferred? Brannon, Jack—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry, 1862, and missing, Wilderness, 1864. Bragonier, D. H.—Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry, 1862. Resides in Winchester, Va. Bragonier, Robert C.-Transferred from Company C, 10th Virginia Infantry. Lives at Luray, Va. Clinedinst, James A.—Captured near Woodstock, October, 1863. Prisoner at Camp Chase and Fort Delaware twenty-two months. Resides at Moorefield, W. Va. Clinedinst, John W.—Capt
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
ns calling for letters in this List, will please say they are Advertised. Ladies' list. Arnistead mrs Sarah Abernathy mrs S D Anderson mrs M A Anderson mrs Jane Allen mrs D Austin mrs Henry Andrews miss E S Allen miss M Allen miss Mary C Blakey mrs Mary E Ball mrs Ann Baily mrs Mary E Baily mrs Sarah Baugh mrs S G Bates mrs Mary A Berry mrsA Bell mrs Sarah D Boulding mrs Wood Biglow mrs A M Biunt mrs Emily C Bagg mrs Mary S Branch mrs Eliz'th Brannon mrs C Boge mrs Mary A Blackburn miss E Barnett miss M E Baily miss M E Blair miss H Black miss Julia B Branch miss Mary S Burke miss Marg't 2 Buck miss Jane Britton miss A Cannon mrs E Cassidy mrs Cooper mrs Eliz Cox mrs P L Cumine mrs Marg't Carter miss H R Christian miss S A Chandler miss H S Cobbs miss J Coleman miss J Collier miss A Condrey miss J H Copeland miss Susan Coulling miss Sallie Cressey miss Sarah E Cauliffe miss S E Cleme
roduce a collision of arms between the States and the Government of the United States. 7. Resolved, That copies of the foregoing resolutions be forthwith telegraphed to the President of the United States, and the Executives of the several States, and that the Governor be requested, without delay, to inform the Commissioners of their appointment. The report having been completed, the yeas and nays were called on its adoption, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs, Armstrong, Brannon, Bence, Carson, Carraway, Carter, Christian, Claiborne, Coghill, Critcher, Day, John Dickenson, Asa D. Dickinson, Douglas, French, Gatewood, Greever, Hubbard, Isbell, Johnson, Layne, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, McKenney, Nash, Neal, Neeson, Newlon, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Quesenberry, Richmond, Rives, Stuart, Henry W. Thomas, Christopher Y. Thomas, Townes and Wickham--40. Nays.--Messrs, August, Early, Finney, Pennybacker and Thompson--5. Mr. August and others, in voting against the reso
The Daily Dispatch: January 22, 1861., [Electronic resource], Financial condition of South Carolina. (search)
e means therefore, and various other bills; also, joint resolutions in relation to the ultimate destiny of Virginia in case of a formal dissolution of the Union, and the principles upon which the Union might be reconstructed. On motion of Mr. Brannon, the resolutions were laid on the table. The President laid before the Senate a communication from the Governor, transmitting a letter from Wm. M. Brooks, President of the Alabama State Convention, enclosing a copy of the Ordinance of Secr of the Farmville and Buckingham Plank-Road Company, so as to dispense with the use of plank on such parts of their road as may be necessary; by Mr. French, of attaching a portion of the Cumberland Gap Turnpike to the Salt Lake Turnpike. Mr. Brannon offered the following joint preamble and resolution: Whereas, the State of Virginia holds in her own right certain Bounds of the Hillsboro' and Cincinnati Railroad Company, which from the unfinished condition of said road, and the uncerta
nteer reserve corps of white males over 45 years of age; by Mr. Armstrong, of amending the act incorporating the town of Bath, in Morgan county, so as to give to one or more of the officers of said town the powers of a justice of the peace; by Mr. Brannon, of making a further appropriation to the Huttonsville and Huntersville Road, or of surrendering the same to the control of the County Courts of the counties through which it passes; by Mr. Paxton, of inquiring into the causes which have led tgrievance, and to cause the more certain and speedy transportation of the mails and passengers on those roads. Bills Passed.--When the bill for the relief of the executor of Holden, late Sheriff of Harrison county, came up on its passage, Mr. Brannon supported it, and read a statement from the Auditor of Public Accounts admitting the justice of the claim. Mr. Dickinson, of Prince Edward, opposed the passage of the bill, and argued it impolitic to release by legislation the revenue off
n.] Senate. Thursday,Jan. 24, 1861. Called to order at 12 o'clock, by Mr. Isbell. Prayer by the Rev. C. H. Read, of the Presbyterian Church. A communication from the House, announcing the passage of numerous bills, was read. Reports of Committees.--The following bills were reported by committees: By Mr. Coghill, a bill to authorize railroad companies to appoint police agents; by Mr. Logan, a bill to incorporate the Richmond City Insurance Company of Richmond; by Mr. Brannon, a bill increasing the number of permanent clerks in the office of the Auditor of Public Accounts; and a bill for the relief of Hopkins & Campbell, of Rockingham county; a bill allowing compensation to John Critcher, Esq., for his services in the prosecution of Samuel Hubbard, in the Circuit Court of Westmoreland county: a bill for the relief of the securities of James R. Courtney, late Sheriff of Westmoreland county; a bill to incorporate the Virginia Steam Sugar Refining Company at Rock
General Assembly of Virginia.extra session.Senate Saturday Jan. 26, 1861. Called to order at the usual hour, Mr. Brannon in the Chair. Prayer by the Rev. C. H. Read, of the Presbyterian Church. A communication from the House was read, announcing the passage of sundry bills, and an amendment to the bill for the relief of Ro. Y. Overby, which was agreed to. Reports of Committees.--The following bills were reported from the appropriated committees; A bill to incorporate the Fayette Oil and Coal Co.; a bill to incorporate the Hughes' Creek Oil and Coal Company; a bill to incorporate the Ambler Oil and Coal Company; a bill for the voluntary enslavement of Fanny Mathews and child, without compensation to the State. Several bills coming up on their passage were laid on the table, and others were ordered to be engrossed and read a third time. Mr. Nash proposed to amend the first section of the bill amending the charter of the Bank of the Commonwealth. B
General Assembly of Virginia.[Extra session.] Senate. Tuesday, Jan. 29, 1861. Called to order at 12 o'clock--Mr. Brannon in the Chair. Prayer by the Rev. J. A. Duncan, of the Broad Street Methodist Church. A communication from the House announced the passage of numerous bills; among them the House bill, which had previously passed the Senate, appropriating one million of dollars for the defence of the State, with an amendment providing that $50,000 of the amount be expended in the erection of three arsenals, viz: one at some point on the Baltimore and Ohio, or Northwestern Virginia Railroad; one at some point near the Great Kanawha River, and another in the great valley at or near Winchester, for the defence of the Western and Northwestern frontier and Valley. Mr. Thomas, of Fairfax, wished to amend by providing for the establishment of an arsenal at Alexandria. Mr. Lynch desired one also at Lynchburg. The Chair decided that the bill could not be
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