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shock of this battle; but such was the case, and the only assistance received was from Ripley. Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson, commanding Nineteenth Georgia, and Major Bronaugh, Park battalion, were killed, and Colonels Starke, Connor, Hoke, Thomas, A. J. Lane, and Lieutenant-Colonel Folsom and Captain Vandigraff, commanding Fifth Ale general and field officers killed and wounded during these battles are Colonels Campbell, C. C. Lee; Lieutenant-Colonels Johnson, Smith, Green, Shackelford; Majors Bronaugh, Burke, and McLaughlin, killed, and Brigadier-Generals J. R. Anderson and Pender; Colonels W. J. Hoke, Riddick, Connor, McGowan, Goodner, Cowan, A. J. Lane, Jhad many cases of shameful and disgraceful desertions of their colors. Here I would mention the loss, on Thursday, of a most competent and gallant officer, Major Bronaugh, of the Second Arkansas battalion; with his death ceased the battalion, so far as was concerned its usefulness on the field. My total loss in killed and wo
s, and Lieutenant Armstrong. In the Eighth regiment were killed: Lieutenants Foster and Farley. Wounded: Lieutenant-Colonel Murray; Captains McRill, Bradley and Johnson; Lieutenants Pierce, McBride, Gibson, Dudley, Good, Stevens, and Weatherford. In the Seventh regiment were killed: Captains Cocke and Perry. Wounded: Lieutenant-Colonel Cummings; Adjutant Waisburg, Captain Gillett, Stemmons, and McGee; Lieutenants Austin, Anderson, Weims, Wight, Strong, Wall, Finley, West, Gonce, and Bronaugh. Colonel Lewis captured. In the Tenth regiment were wounded: Lieutenants Wright, Baker, and Hanley. The following is a summary of my losses in each regiment, battalion, and the artillery detachment: Seventh regimentKilled17  Wounded126  Missing54--197 Eighth regimentKilled14  Wounded82  Missing67--163 Ninth regimentKilled7  Wounded53--60 Tenth regimentKilled11  Wounded41  Missing237--289 Pindall's sharps'trsKilled9  Wounded26  Missing8--43 Artillery detach'tKilled1
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
Bridge, Va., 1865. Bowles, T. B., Va., 1862. Bowling, H. A., Capt., Md., Richmond, Va., 1864. Bowyer, E. F., Capt., Va., Drewry's Bluff, Va., 1862. Bradford, R., Fla., Santa Rosa, Fla., 186-. Brawner, W. G., Capt., Va., Seneca Mills, Md., 1863. Braxton, W. A., Va., 186-. Breckenridge, P. G., Capt., Va., Kennons Landing, Va., 1864. Breckenridge, J., Capt., Va., Petersburg, 1865. Broadus, E. L., Va., 186-. Brockenborough, A. A. G., Va., Gettysburg, Pa., 1863. Bronaugh, W. N., Maj., Va., Richmond, Va., 1862. Brown, J. T., Col., Va., Wilderness, Va., 1864. Brown, A. J., Col., Tenn., 1864. Brown, S. W., Va., Staunton, Va., 1864. Buckner, T. R., Lt., Va., Spotsylvania, C. H., 1864. Buford, J. W., Va., Gettysburg, Pa., 1864. Buist, E. S., Surg., S. C., Hilton Head, S. C., 1864. Burgess, S. N., Surg., S. C., Statesburg, S. C., 1861. Burkhalter, J. E., Surg., Ft. Royal, S. C., 1862. Butler, E. G. W., Maj., La. Belmont, 186-. Butler
his client on the ground that he was not the proprietor of the shop, and, also, that there were thousands of towels made from the same staff, which rendered it impossible for any particular person to claim these which were in possession of another. William B. Cook. iron fodder on Eighth street, is said to be the owner of the barber shop, and employed Dorsay as a workman in it. It was alleged that Cook supplied everything necessary, for carrying it on. The Mayor continued the case till the title of ownership can be established. Little, slave of William Gray, was charged with stealing one wrapping, a lot of packet handkerchief three ladies dresses, one veil, four spires, a lot of under-clothing, &c., and three dollars worth of jewelry, the property of Mrs. Bronaugh, from Caroline county, After a brief examination, during which the offence was not fully made out, Lindes was discharged. Several other cases were docketed, but the above embrace all which were worthy of mention.