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ed themselves last night under the trying circumstances attending the daring exploit of that boat: Henry Walke, U. S.N. R. M. Wade, First Master. Relieved by Wm. R. Hoel, First Master of U. S. gunboat Cincinnati Richard H. Cutter, Second Master. Edward C. Brenard, Third Master. O. Donelson, Fourth Master. Daniel Weaver, John Deming, Pilots. Joseph S. McNeely, Surgeon. Geo. J. W. Nixson, Paymaster. W. H. Faulkner, Chief-Engineer. Chas. H. Caven, First Assistant. Samuel Brooks, Second Assistant. A. T. Crowel, Third Assistant. Francis Buford, Gunner. T. S. Gillmore, Master's Mate. J. S. Gilpson, Master's Mate. Oliver Donelson, Carpenter. R. J. Van Ness, Paymaster's Clerk. tip. the letter of thanks. The following letter of thanks was issued from the Navy Department, addressed to Flag-Officer Foote: Navy Department, April 12, 1862. Sir: The Department desires to convey to the commander, Henry Walke, and the officers and men of the
day, the record of a March meeting is spread over fifteen or twenty pages. The earliest records of the town-treasurer, which are preserved, are those of Capt. Samuel Brooks. For many years, this gentleman was placed on the most important committees. On the Sunday after his death, July 10, 1768, Mr. Turell preached two funeral, 1754: The southerly half of Mistic Bridge, and the causey adjoining, by a resolve of the General Assembly, is now within the limits of Medford. May 8, 1754: Samuel Brooks, Esq., Lieut. Stephen Hall, jun., and Jos. Tufts, were chosen a Committee to manage the affairs relating to the southerly half of the Mistic Bridge, and the caleased that town from all obligations connected with the Great Bridge, as it was called. Accordingly, July 25, 1757, we find the following record: Voted, that Samuel Brooks, Esq., Stephen Hall, Esq., and Capt. Caleb Brooks, be a Committee to agree with suitable persons to rebuild the south side of Medford great bridge with wood or
ator. Dea. Benj. Willis,Selectmen. Capt. Samuel Brooks, Lieut. Stephen Hall, Thomas Seccomb, Watson,Surveyors of Boards and Timber. Capt. Saml. Brooks, Samuel Reeves, Pound-keeper. Samuel Flestown, with the inhabitants thereon. Capt. Samuel Brooks, Lieut. Stephen Hall, jun., Zechariahidered; and, May 15, 1749, Andrew Hall, Capt. Samuel Brooks, and Richard Sprague, were chosen a Comants of Medford in the foregoing petition. Samuel Brooks, Committee for Medford. Ebenezer Brooks, or this year. March 6, 1758: Voted that Samuel Brooks, Esq., Capt. Caleb Brooks, Zech. Poole, S42. John Hall1743. Benjamin Willis1744. Samuel Brooks1745. Benjamin Willis1746. Jonathan Watson1749. Samuel Brooks1750. Isaac Royal1755. Zachariah Poole1762. Isaac Royal1763. Stephen Hall1 John Richardson1727. Edward Brooks1728. Samuel Brooks1729. Stephen Hall1733. Edward Brooks1735iver Blake1836. Joseph P. Hall1846. Governor Brooks. I would close this account of the civ[2 more...]
Thomas Willis1703. Ebenezer Brooks1704. Thomas Willis1705. Stephen Willis1708. Thomas Tufts1714. Peter Tufts1715. Thomas Tufts1718. John Bradshaw1722. Samuel Brooks1723. John Allfordchosen1726. Benjamin Willis1730. William Willis1735. John Hall1741. William Willis1742. Andrew Hall1744. Stephen Hall1751. Samuel BrooSamuel Brooks1762. Stephen Hall1763. Benjamin Hall1770. Simon Tufts1772. Benjamin Hall1775. Thomas Brooks1776. T. Brooks, (under the Constitution)1780. Thomas Brooks1781. Aaron Hall1782. John Brooks1785. James Wyman1787. Thomas Brooks1788. Ebenezer Hall1789. Nathaniel Hall1800. Timothy Bigelow1808. Dudley Hall1813. Abner BartlThis estate is bounded south-west on Menotomy Road; west, on land of Nathaniel Tufts, Aaron Cleveland, and John Tufts; east, on the river and salt marsh of Captain Samuel Brooks in part, and part on river and salt marsh now improved by Josiah Whittemore; and south-east, on land of said Whittemore, lying on both sides of Medford or
preparations were not suspended for a century. As late as Aug. 4, 1718, the inhabitants of Medford voted £ 10 to buy powder for their defence against the Indians. Every person enlisting in the troop is required to have a good horse, and be well fitted with saddle, &c.; and, having listed his horse, he shall not put him off without the consent of his captain. The powder and balls belonging to the town were not deposited always in the same place; and, March 3, 1746, Voted that Captain Samuel Brooks shall have the keeping of the town's stock of ammunition. 1668: This year the Court took a step which was not popular. They resolved to exercise the power which they thought they possessed; viz., of nominating all the military officers. The taking away of so considerable a part of their so long-enjoyed liberty met with decided opposition; and, when our Medford company was organized, the town did not allow the Court to nominate the officers. Up to this time, we hear little of
e passage of this resolution, the records say, that Mr. Ebenezer Brooks and Samuel Brooks did then enter their dissent against raising money for building a house for should pay according to his means. April 11, 1711: John Whitmore, sen., Samuel Brooks, and Stephen Hall, were chosen to see for a supply of preaching in Medford Whitmore. Thomas Hall. Nathaniel Pierce. Ebenezer Brooks. John Francis. Samuel Brooks. Thomas Willis. Stephen Willis. John Whitmore. John Bradshaw. Stephen d by the adroit introduction of the concluding proviso. May 9, 1755: Brothers Samuel Brooks and Jonathan Bradshaw were chosen deacons, unanimously. Samuel Brooks,Samuel Brooks, Esq., declined; Brother Bradshaw accepted. Aug. 31, 1755: Received a folio Bible from the Hon. T. Royal, and voted thanks. 1759: Voted to read the Scriptures Ebenezer Brooks, Dr. Simon Tufts, Captain Caleb Brooks, Stephen Hall, Esq., Samuel Brooks, Esq., Mr. Samuel Angier, and Mr. Hugh Floyd, were chosen a Committee to tr
Students who keep schools may be absent from college, on that duty, for a period not exceeding thirteen weeks, including the winter vacation; they continuing their studies the mean while. Graduates. List of persons, born in Medford or once resident there, who have received collegiate degrees:-- Thomas Tufts1701 Aaron Porter1708 John Tufts1708 Ebenezer Turell1721 Simon Tufts1724 Ammi R. Cutter1725 Joshua Tufts1736 Simon Tufts1744 William Whitmore1744 Cotton Tufts1749 Samuel Brooks1749 William Symmes1750 Edward Brooks1757 Samuel Angier1763 Simon Tufts1767 David Osgood1771 John Bishop1776 Ephraim Hall1776 Cotton Tufts1777 William Woodbridge1780 George H. Hall1781 Timothy Bigelow1786 Samuel Angier1787 John Brooks1787 Luther Stearns1791 Hall Tufts1794 Abner Bartlett1799 John Hosmer1800 Aaron Hall Putnam1800 John Pierpont1803 Daniel Swan1803 John Brooks1805 Joseph Hall1807 William C. Woodbridge1811 Edward Brooks1812 David Osgood1813 Andrew Big
Twelve shillings were subscribed by Eleazer Wier and Nathaniel Waite, and six shillings by Samuel Brooks. At this meeting, the town voted, unanimously, that every person who refused to subscribe sFrancis. Thomas Willis. John Whitmore. John Francis. Ebenezer Brooks. Francis Whitmore. Samuel Brooks. William Pottony. Thomas Hall. As this subject created local or territorial interests. re Thomas Tufts, Esq., Captain Ebenezer Brooks, Mr. Peter Seccombe, Mr. John Richardson, Captain Samuel Brooks, Mr. John Willis, Mr. William Willis, Lieutenant Stephen Hall, Mr. John Francis, Mr. Benl rank of each:-- Mr. John Francis, sen., Mr. John Bradshaw, Captain Ebenezer Brooks, Captain Samuel Brooks, Lieutenant Stephen Hall, Mr. Peter Seccombe, Thomas Tufts, Esq., Captain Samuel Wade, Fhich was the first on the east side of the broad aisle, nearest the front door, taken by Captain Samuel Brooks. His son Thomas chose the same place in the third new house. The price of these pews v
ton178.48 52 BrigAdrianaS. Lapham'sC. TurnerAmos BrownDuxbury148.30 53 ShipParagonS. Lapham'sC. TurnerBixby, Valentine, and othersBoston & Ipswich350.41 54 BrigSwiftsureS. Lapham'sC. TurnerJ. Belknap and othersBoston192.19 551816ShipCadmusT. Magoun'sT. MagounBenjamin RichBoston319.52 56 ShipTritonT. Magoun'sT. MagounDavid HinckleyBoston344.51 57 BrigMexicanT. Magoun'sT. MagounJohn PrattBoston264.08 58 BrigOrleansT. Magoun'sT. MagounJ. Pratt & T. MagounBoston & Medford283.23 59 BrigGov. BrooksT. Magoun'sT. MagounNathaniel GoddardBoston244.35 60 ShipTelegraphS. Lapham'sC. TurnerW. & N. Appleton and othersBoston391.40 61 BrigBocca TigrisSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJoseph LeeBoston180 621817ShipFalcon First ship ever built in town without a daily allowance of ardent spirit.T. Magoun'sT. MagounW. Lewis & T. MagounBoston & Medford273 63 BrigAdriaticT. Magoun'sT. MagounL. Cunningham & Co.Boston145.52 64 Sch.AntSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJacob AmmiBoston40 65 Br
tephen Willis, jun.068 Stephen Hall, sen.066 Serg. Stephen Willis114 Ebenezer Brooks0178 Samuel Brooks01010 Mr. Richard Rookes070 Mrs. Elizabeth Wade0189 Parcill Hall066 George Blanchard036 Thomas Miler026 Mathew Miler025 William Walden026 Thomas Clark026 Peter Seccomb026 Eben. Brooks his man020 Benjamin Peirce020 Samuel Stone020 William Paten020 Mr. Jonathan Dunster018 Mr. 00000000 Aaron Blanchard0100000000 Mr. James Tufts000046046 Mr. Thomas Tufts0100069028 Mr. Samuel Brooks010010301011 Mr. Jonathan Dunster000069000 Captain Josiah Convers000060000 Jabesh Brooks John Bradshaw0600123039 Deacon John Whitmore030070013 John Richerson, Esq.0300820110 Captain Samuel Brooks0300188084 Captain Samuel Wade0600176030 Thomas Tufts, Esq.0000184047 Mr. Peter Seccom6009110210 Benjamin Parker0300106007 Richard Sprague0600510010 Joseph Tomson060041004 Samuel Brooks, jun.030048037 Total, ninety-eight persons. As a specimen of the town expenses and tax fo
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