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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 48 (search)
en reinforced by 30,000 men from Tennessee; and that we shall soon hear thunder in Richmond. Gen. Lee writes urgently in behalf of Major Tannahill's traffic for supplies, in Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia, for the army. Large amounts of commissary stores are obtained in exchange for cotton, tobacco, etc ; but the traffic is in danger of being broken up by the efforts of bureau officials and civilian speculators to participate in it — among them he mentions Major. Brower (Commissary-General's office, and formerly a clerk)-and asks such orders as will be likely to avert the danger. The traffic is with the enemy; but if conducted under the exclusive control of Gen. Lee, it would be of vast benefit to the army. The House of Representatives yesterday passed a singular compensation bill, benefiting two disbursing clerks and others already rich enough. I have written a note to Senator Johnson, of Missouri, hoping to head it off there, or to so amend it as to
N C reg't; O Holdsomer, 4th do; H Whoifenfelt, 4th do; T B Armstrong, 4th do; J P Warren, 18th do; John Campbell, 4th do; Robert Parks, 21st do; Benj Browls; Commanding co C, 22d do; E C McLocland 4th do; Rev Howell, 1st do; Lieut 8 Furr 2d do; N C Rumple, 4th do;--Forcum, 33d do; J P 8 co B, 6th do; A M D Kenny, 4th do; W R Philips, 2d do; R H Joseph E F Burnard; G H P; E B C Harris, co A, 4th do; Lieut. S C Long 4th do; J B Nelson, 54th do; P C Carlton, 2d Cavalry, Major G W Andrew; D F Brower; Thos Summers, 4th N C reg't; M R Gorman, 4th do; John Andrews, 4th do; J R Stevenson, co K, 40th do; W D Laine , 1st Cavalry; J Andrews, co B, 2d do; S F Staneill, 4th N C reg't; Thos Rickard, 4th do; R Morrison, 7th do; R S Gage; Miles Sherrill, Thos Sherrill, 48th do; M M Yandles. co K, 36th do; W Caubis; H P Gidding, 20th do; Ch 8 Harris; G Garrison 57th do; Lt J B Foreum 4th do; J H Hyman 13th do; N C Steel, 4th do; F A Shuford, co C 4th do; Lt J F Conleys co B 54th do; D Cape; Capt A
pens, slightly on arm; Jno Day, severely in ankle; D Anderson, slightly. Missing. Private Morrell. Recapitulation — Killed, wounded and missing. 15. Total 34. Third Regiment Virginia Cavalry--Co A — Killed: None. Wounded: J E Reynolds. Missing: None. Co B — Killed: W W Young. Wounded: Lieut Millan, Serg J B Herbert, private West, severely. Missing: None. Co C — Killed: Sergt G M Betts, private J T Wilkins. Wounded: Capt Chappel, slightly; Lieut Jas W Hall, severely. Missing: W H Brower. Co D — Killed: None. Wounded: Jas E Adams, severely; L A Masston, F Mountcastle, Pat Carroll, Chas Walker. Missing: None. Co E — Killed: None. Wounded: Corp Fester Missing; None. Co F — Killed: None. Wounded: Lt B W Lacy, Lt Chump, Sergt Apperson; W G Christian, H C Grump, W McKenzie. Missing: None. Co G — Killed: Private J C Fowler. Wounded: Sergt Jeffrey, Corp Page, Corp McLaurin, privates J W Bryant, S F Goodman, G H Grigg, W W Jonas Missing: None. Co H — Killed: No
colonel, 531 men. 40th Mississippi, W B Colbert, colonel, 295 men. 35th Mississippi, W S Barry, colonel, 530 men. 3d Mississippi, T A Burgin, lieut colonel, 257 men. 4th Mississippi, S P Nelson, captain, 410 men. 46th Mississippi, C W Scars, colonel, 450 men. 37th Alabama, J F Dowdell, colonel, 342 men. 32d Alabama, John W Portis, colonel, 442 men. 40th Alabama, John H Higley, colonel, 452 men. 54th Alabama, detached, Joel P Avery, lieutenant. 46th Alabama, G W Brower, captain, 304 men. 20th Alabama, E W Peters, colonel, 425 men. 31st Alabama, T M Arrington, lieut colonel, 338 men. 30th Alabama, C M Shelley, colonel, 316 men. 23d Alabama, F K Beck, colonel, 261 men. 41st Georgia, W E Curtis, colonel, 283 men. 23d Georgia, M M Granthan, colonel, 290 men. 42d Georgia, R J Henderson, colonel, 495 men. 40th Georgia, Abelia Johnson, colonel, 365 men. 52d Georgia, John J Moore, major, 420 men. 39th Georgia, J F B Jackson, lieutenan
The Daily Dispatch: October 1, 1863., [Electronic resource], Letter from a Yankee prisoner in Fort Sumter. (search)
pt. 9, 1863. My Dear Parents: You may be surprised to receive a letter from me dated from this place of "brick and mortar," but so it is. An expedition was fitted out so assault and carry the fort. We reckoned without our host; for in place of we taking, we were taken. The way it was is this: At about 4.30 P. M. Capt. Williams collected the different boats comprising the expedition. Among the number were two boats from the Housatonic. I volunteered to go in the one commanded by Lieut. Brower, (the other was in command of M. M. Butler.) We found that our party was in the third division, and commanded by the Flag Lieutenant S. W., Preston. We were towed within a hundred yards of the fort and cast adrift. We then formed line and proceeded towards Sumter. When within fifty yards of the fort we were hailed and fired upon by the sentinel. We gave a yell and pitched in good style, but it was no go. All of Captain Williams's, one of Lieut. Preston's (our boat,) and one from