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leg; W. H. Young, hit with a brickbat on the arm; Stephen Flanders, bad wound with a brickbat on the head; H. Perry, brickbat wound on the knee; John Fortier, wounded on the head with a stone; C. L. Gill, a bad wound on the knee from the breech of a gun; John W. Pennall, knocked on the head with a brickbat; John Kempton, several bad bruises on the legs and arms from paving-stones; Morris Meade, wounded on the leg by a brickbat; Lieut. James Wroe, two side cuts on the head from brickbats; Daniel Brown, the third finger of the left hand shot off. Company D, Lowell — C. H. Chandler, wounded on the head by a brick. Company I, Lawrence — V. G. Gingrass, ball through the arm; Alonzo Joy, two fingers shot off; Sergeant G. J. Dorall, cut on the head with a brickbat; of this company five or six are left in Baltimore, and the nature of their wounds is not known. Company D--W. H. Lamson, struck on the eye and back of the head with paving stones, and other severe bruises on the body. Charles S
iott; Paymaster, J. R. Watson; Color Sergeant, James Cummings; Right Gen. Guide, D. McFadgyen; Left Gen. Guide, J. Y. Ireland; Bugler, Charles Landerson; Drum Major, David Renanycink. field:--Company A--Captain, William Manson; 1st Lieut., William Morrison; 2d Lieut., John McPherson. Company B--Captain, James Farish; 1st Lieut., John Whyte; 2d Lieut., D. Falconer. Company C--Captain, F. Barclay; 1st Lieut., Kenneth Mathison; 2d Lieut., W. A. L. Ostrander. Company D (Fourth Company)--Captain, D. Brown; 1st Lieut., John Moore; 2d Lieut.,------Faulkner. Company E--Captain, D. Morrison; 1st Lieut., J. B. Ayres; 2d Lieut., J. B. Sinclair. Company F--Captain, James Christie; 1st Lieut., R. McNie; 2d Lieut., vacant. Company G--Captain, James Laing; 1st Lieut., J. L. Dick; 2d Lieut., W. B. Ives. Company H--Captain, James Colter; 1st Lieut., Robert Campbell; 2d Lieut., Wm. B. Drake. Company I--Captain, R. T. Shillinglaw; 1st Lieut., W. B. Elliott; 2d Lieut., George Pier. Company K--Captain
eut., and John Gardner, Ensign, of the train-band, which up to that time included the militia on the south side of the river. There was another trainband in Menotomy (Arlington), of which Ephraim Frost was Captain, William Cutler, Lieut., and Daniel Brown, Ensign, in 1766; and Ephraim Frost, Captain, Daniel Brown, Lieut., and William Adams, Ensign, in 1771. There are traces also of a Cavalry company styled the Troop, whose Captain and two Lieutenants, like those of the present company of CadDaniel Brown, Lieut., and William Adams, Ensign, in 1771. There are traces also of a Cavalry company styled the Troop, whose Captain and two Lieutenants, like those of the present company of Cadets, ranked as Colonel, Lieutenant-colonel, and Major. Of this company, probably including members from several towns, some of the commanders were Cambridge men. When the Governor commenced a journey by land for his other government of New Hampshire, Oct. 15, 1716, he was met by Spencer Phips, Esq., with his Troop of horse, the Sheriff of Middlesex, and other gentlemen of the county, and by them conducted to Harvard College in Cambridge, etc. Boston News Letter, Oct. 22, 1716. Colonel Phips
iam Bowman1 James Perry1 Ebenezer Prentice1 Ebenezer Prentice, Jr.1 Stephen Robbins3 Thomas Williams2 Philip Bemis1 Aaron Williams1 Benjamin Locke1 Samuel Locke1 Francis Locke1 Gregory Hill1 Gershom Cutter1 Ger shorn Cutter, Jr.2 Aaron Swan1 Nathaniel Swan 1 Solomon Bowman1 Samuel Russell2 William Cutler1 Nehemiah Cutter 2 William Winship2 Israel Blackington1 Deac. Joseph Adams1 John Cutter2 Ammi Cutter2 Thomas Russell 1 Ebenezer Swan2 Capt. William Adams1 Lieut. Daniel Brown1 William Whittemore1 Samuel Cutter2 Capt. Thomas Adams1 Edward Wilson2 John Winship1 Samuel Russ1 Samuel Hill1 Jason Belknap1 Seth Russell2 Joseph Belknap1 Aaron Cooke2 Zechariah Hill2 Capt. Saml. Whittemore1 Thomas Whittemore2 Samuel Whittemore, Jr.2 Thomas Robbins1 William Butterfield1 Thomas Cutter1 John Wilson1 Timothy Swan1 Samuel Frost2 Joseph Frost2 Edward Fillebrown1 Ephraim Frost, Jr.1 Abraham Hill2 William Hill1 John Hill1 Samuel Swan1 Joshua
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Additional Sketches Illustrating the services of officers and Privates and patriotic citizens of South Carolina. (search)
was born at Anderson Court House, S. C., February 4, 1833. He is the son of Daniel Brown, who was born in Abbeville county, a merchant and planter and one of the oriand was there engaged in merchandising till his death in 1876. The mother of Dr. Brown was Rhoda Acker, who died when he was but five years old. When he was seven osketch of whom appears elsewhere in this work, is therefore a step-brother of Dr. Brown. The latter was reared in Anderson county, and received a good classical eduhad a large practice for about four years, when it was mutually dissolved and Dr. Brown practiced alone in Anderson until the beginning of the war. On April 1, 1862,il Appomattox), in Longstreet's corps, Lee's army, throughout the entire war. Dr. Brown is the only full surgeon now living in Anderson county. For a few years aftemother removed to Pendleton, S. C., and later to Anderson, where she married Daniel Brown, a prominent business man of that city. Dr. Nardin remarks that much of his
dams, captain; John Bathrick, private; Edward Fillebrown, private; Nathaniel Holden, private (Daniel Brown, master); Israel Hind, private; Joseph Robbins, private; Thomas Robbins, Jr., private (John Ces of sermons for Nov. 30, 1766. Ephraim Frost was captain, William Cutler lieutenant, and Daniel Brown ensign of the train-band in Menotomy in 1766.— Paige. 1767 In 1767 the piece of common ity, are! In 1771 the officers of the train-band in Menotomy were Ephraim Frost, captain; Daniel Brown, lieutenant; and William Adams, ensign.—Paige. In 1771 it was voted by the Precinct that aommittee): The fore seat upon the floor below: Messrs. Nehemiah Cutter, Edward Fillebrown, Daniel Brown, Samuel Carter, Jr., Ammi Cutter. The second seat below: Messrs. George Cutter, Patten Rus515111155 Thomas Adams178415454 Wm. Adams, jr.1721191311 Wm. Bowman17101051166133112179 Lt. Daniel Brown1711761263700146 Joseph Belknap178261269120220 Jason Belknap1718963220090 Lemuel Blanchar
Jason Russell, 1768, 1761-63. Joseph Adams, Jr., 1759, 1760, 1765-67. Joseph Wellington, 1761-63. Capt. Thomas Adams, 1764. William Cutler, 1764. Daniel Brown, 1765-67 (1772, 1781—declined). Patten Russell, 1767-70. William Bowman, 1768-70 (1771—excused). Samuel Frost, 1768, 1769 (1770—excused). Samuel Lo In 1788 compensation was allowed him for 19 years service as Treasurer. Lieut. Samuel Cutter, 1782. Capt. William Adams, 1783, 1784 (1785—declined). Lieut. Daniel Brown, 1785 (declined). William Whittemore, 1785 (1786—excused). Seth Wyman, 1786—excused. Samuel Whittemore, Jr., 1786 (1787—excused). Samuel Locke, ason Russell, 1758, 1761-63. Joseph Adams, Jr., 1759, 1760, 1765-1767. Joseph Wellington, 1761-63. Capt. Thomas Adams, 1764. William Cutler, 1764. Daniel Brown, 1765-67. Patten Russell, 1767-70. William Bowman, 1768-70. Samuel Frost, 1768, 1769. Nehemiah Cutter, 1770-72. Walter Russell, 1770, 177
2 Feb. 1812, a. 92. Daniel the father was ensign of Menotomy train band in 1766, and lieut. of same company 1771, and Pct. committeeman and assessor 1765-67. He was rated in Menotomy in 1777 and 1781, and afterward was prob. of Concord. Lt. Daniel Brown was chosen Prect. treasurer in 1785, but declined serving. 2. John, from Boston, d. at Thomas Hall's, 24 May, 1754, a. 6 yrs. John m. Elizabeth Boardman, 13 or 15 May, 1776 (see Paige, 503). Susanna m. Stephen Frost, 20 Dec. 1772. Andre. Charles Austin—s. of Jonathan and Sybil—killed by a wagon, 11 Sept. 1837, a. 23 (g. s.). 22. Daniel, s. of Stephen (8), m. Abigail Russell, 17 Feb. 1818. He d 24 Mar. 1822, a. 32. Abigail, wid. of Daniel, adm. Pct. ch. 8 Dec. 1822; and Daniel Brown and Josiah Locke, sons of Daniel, deceased, were both bap. 8 Dec. 1822. Abigail d. 24 June, 1825, a. 30. 23. John, s. of John (9), d.—styled Jr., and s. of John and Susanna—7 Oct. 1802, a. 18 (g. s.). 24. Jonathan, s. of John (9), styl
ler, is at present paster. Witness was present at the fair in the church on Christmas night, and at the suggestion of Daniel Brown, went to the study to get some tickets for him to dispose of at the door. On making the request of Bowler, he told wid. When witness first saw the two men, Bowler and Bolling, the accused was pushing Bolling from the church door. Daniel Brown testified that he was one of the trustees of the church. He was there on Christmas day, and stationed by Bowler, who fficulty between Bowler and Bowling. The latter was in company with Bowler; heard him ask Bowler for some tickets for Daniel Brown, who was at the left door of the church.--Bowler's reply was, "You infernal drunken scoundrel, you have no business he the square on which the court is held. We should state, to conclude the details of this extraordinary case, that Daniel Brown testified that when the "sistren" heard that Brother Bowler was arrested, they assembled in great crowds, and some one