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The Daily Dispatch: May 10, 1862., [Electronic resource], Destruction of cotton in the South. (search)
esh in thigh; Lieut. S G Leitch, slightly in Robert Kirby, H Harden, Allen Wood, John Dee, Daniel Smith, . It is reported that two were killed. Company G, (Ambert.)--Two reported or wounded. Company H, (Amherst.)--Jacob B Drum- killed; Lt Brown, slightly wounded; John Bryant, wounded. Company I, (Nelson.)--M C Wills, Edward wounded. It is reported that one were killed. Company K, (Blue Ridge Rifles, Albemarle)--Some are reported to have been killed some wounded, but nothione and fifty prisoners, said to be a po- of Stockies's brigades. Col. Strange dis- from his horse and his men to . The Modoombe Guards, from Albemarle, of regiment, were in the thickest of the Fifteen are reported wounded — among Capt. Brown and Lieut. Wyant of the if any, we have no account. The Albemarle Rangers, from North Gar brought the Yankee prisoners to town, company with the Valley Rangers, from All of the Rangers escaped . The Albemarle Artillery, it is bel
s Finley, Crosby, Colson, Tidwell, Parker, and Malphars, Co. B; sergt Williams, color-bearer, (wounded); Corp'l J B Cason; privates Gahegan, Wilkinson, Cone, Mater, Co C; Lt Parker, Co. I; sergeant Stephens privates Bowis, Morrison, and Walter, Co. D; Capt McDauslin, Co. E, mortally wounded; Lt. Reynolds, Co, E, killed; sergt Roberts, corp's Howard, Cross, and private Rurbson, Co. E, privates Tillingbast, pooter, Irvin; killed; and Butler, Co. F., Passer, killed; Capt Flagg, Co. G, killed; Lt Brown, Co. G, Killed; Lt Wright, Co. G., killed, sergt Roberts, Co, G, killed; private Masters, Co. G, Lt Carlisle, Co. H, privates Papy, Halliman, killed, Co. H, privates A Dupont, Crabtree, Co. H. Corp'l Balote, Co. J. Batler, Co. K, killed; Capt Perry, Co. L, privates Herndon, Dampler, Horton and Wilder, Co. L. Jeff. Davis Artillery.--Sergt J L Moore, private Jos Blankinship. The conduct of all the field officers of the brigades is commended. in the report of the brigade commande
The Daily Dispatch: May 14, 1863., [Electronic resource], List of Casualties in the battle near Fredericksburg. (search)
nrick, Corp'l McArthy; privates Conroy, Brenan, Fitzgerald, Haffy, Russell. Missing; Petere. Company C.--Killed: Private Brown.--Wounded; Lieut Erwin, (in right arm,) Lieut Gross, (slightly,) Serg't Hanck, (seriously.) Serg't Dupuy, (flesh wounrechbaum, Lehauey, Fanning, Guravin. Company E.--Killed: Lieut Haynes and Serg't Paul. Wounded: Privates Cormady and Brown. Missing: Corp'l Rourke. Company F.--Killed; Sergt Rowe. Wounded; Sergts Roden and Clendenning, Corporal Wynn, privatElwel, Corpl Tucker, private Bigger. Wounded: Captain Michie, slightly; Lts Bowman and Davenport slightly; Sgts Wynn and Brown, dead; Corpl Aldridge, privates Lott, Carroll, England, Dawson, Merillian, Braddock, Cannedy, J W Nuggatt, Crawford, Woma Lt Blackstone, Corpl Vinet. Missing: McPherson, M Gainer, Barnett. Company I.--Killed: D Hogan, E Clark. Wounded; Lt Brown, since dead; Sgts Trumzler and Napier, Cpl Trisher, privates Tiller, McClure, Manning, Greer, McQuaid, Shae. Company
The Daily Dispatch: May 18, 1864., [Electronic resource], Operations around Richmond — the battle not renewed yesterday — firing at Chaffin's Bluff — another steamer destroyed in St. John's river, &c. (search)
f Monday morning, 16th May, near Drewry's Bluff. Killed: Sergt W B Carpenter, co A; John Jenkins, co K. Wounded: W R Clatterback — Cooper, and E S Partlow, co B; V B Collius and F. Hume, co C; G T Stewart and J T Legg, co E; J R. Rayner, W H Brown, J S Marshall, and W M Cox, co F; J W Jenkins, co G; Lt Brown, W H Dickinson, Wm Jackson, and R N Huffman, co K. From Southern Virginia. The situation of affairs in Northern Virginia is given in the letter of our army correspondent, publiLt Brown, W H Dickinson, Wm Jackson, and R N Huffman, co K. From Southern Virginia. The situation of affairs in Northern Virginia is given in the letter of our army correspondent, published elsewhere. No collision has taken place between the confronting armies since the battle of Thursday last. Condition of General Jenkins. A private dispatch was received yesterday from Dublin Depot, stating that Brig. Gen, A. C drukles was improving, with every prospect of recovery from his wound received in the recent fight near that place. Another steamer blown up by a torpedo. The Yankee steamers are in bad luck in the Florida rivers. The following official dispatch was