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The Daily Dispatch: January 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], James Lyons, Esq., a candidate for the Convention for Henrico County. (search)
Petitions.--Mr. Gatewood presented a petition of citizens of Shenandoah, on the subject of taxes on patents, which was referred. Mr. Taliaferro presented a petition of the fishermen on the waters of the Potomac river. Resolutions of Inquiry.--The following resolutions of inquiry were presented and referred: By Mr. Massie, of extending the time in which the Sheriffs of this Common wealth shall pay in that portion of the revenue of the Commonwealth payable on the 15th of March next; by Mr. Bruce, of reporting a bill authorizing a loan from the State to the Roanoke Valley Railroad Company; by Mr. Newman, of establishing an arsenal or depot of arms at as low a point in the Kanawha Valley as may be deemed compatible with safety; by Mr. Paxton, of reporting a bill providing for the organization of a select volunteer corps for the defence of the State, consisting of not less than 10,000 men, and to be composed of such volunteer companies as may tender their services to the Governor, or
ad, announcing the passage of sundry bills, and an amendment to the bill for the relief of Ro. Y. Overby, which was agreed to. Reports of Committees.--The following bills were reported from the appropriated committees; A bill to incorporate the Fayette Oil and Coal Co.; a bill to incorporate the Hughes' Creek Oil and Coal Company; a bill to incorporate the Ambler Oil and Coal Company; a bill for the voluntary enslavement of Fanny Mathews and child, without compensation to the State. Several bills coming up on their passage were laid on the table, and others were ordered to be engrossed and read a third time. Mr. Nash proposed to amend the first section of the bill amending the charter of the Bank of the Commonwealth. Bills Passed.--A bill to amend the act incorporating the Princess Anne Savings Bank; a bill to incorporate the Richmond City Insurance Company; a bill to incorporate the Steam Sugar Refinery Company. On motion of Mr. Bruce, the Senate adjourned.
Bills passed. --To amend the charter of the Bank of Phillippi; a bill to amend the charter of the Bank of the Commonwealth. Mr. H. W. Thomas offered the following resolution: Resolved, That when the Senate adjourns on Wednesday, it will (with the consent of the House of Delegates) take a recess until the 6th day of February. Mr. Lynch moved to lay the resolution on the table, and called the yeas and nays, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. August, Brannon, Bruce, Carson, Day, French, Greever, Isbell, Lynch, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Richmond, Smith, Thompson,Townes--16. -Nays.--Messrs. Caldwell, Carraway, Jr., Christian, Dickenson of Grayson, Gatewood, Massie, Neal, Newton, Rives, Thomas of Fairfax, Thomas of Henry, Urquhart, Wickham--13. On motion of Mr.Paxton, Resolved, That a joint committee, consisting of three members of the House of Delegates and two members of the Senate, be appointed to provide a hall for the accommodation of the
majority of 767. The majority for reference is 804. Amelia and Nottoway., Amelia C. H.--The vote here is L. E. Harvie (Secession) 101; Weisiger (Union) 52; Gregory 13; Jennings Ordinary.--Harvie 36; Weisiger 26; Gregory 13. Blacks and Whites.--Harvie 83; Weisiger 17; Gregory 2 Nottoway C. H.--Harvie 27; Weisiger 23; Gregory 17. Bedford. Liberty.--Wm. L Goggin (Union) is elected by a large majority. The contest is close between Goode (Secession) and Johnson (Union.) Amherst. Amherst C. H.--Garland (Secession) is elect-in this county without opposition. Halifax. Halifax C. H.--Flournoy (Union) 183; Bruce (Secession) 152; Clark 41; Edmonds 82. Reference 146; no reference 68. Charlotte. Haysville.--Wood Bouldin (Secession) no opposition. Vote for "no reference" 44. Alexandria. Alexandria.--Brent (Union) is elected by over 600 majority. Culpeper. Culpeper C. H.--James Barbour (Union) carries this county.
The Daily Dispatch: February 8, 1861., [Electronic resource], Matriculation of the Prince of Wales. (search)
Matriculation of the Prince of Wales. --The Prince of Wales made quite a brilliant entry into Cambridge on the 19th ultimo, on his way to his college. The bells of the town were rung, and flags and banners displayed, while the municipal authorities, in the servile phrascology in use abroad, "humbly craved permission to offer to his Royal Highness" their congratulations. The Prince was then duly matriculated a member of the University, swearing to maintain the supremacy of the Sovereign, her heirs and successors, the Church of England, as by law established, and the privileges and immunities of the University. After this, there was a regular scramble among the ladies present for the pen with which the Prince signed the matriculation book. The Prince, we are told, put on his academical robes, went through the buildings with the Master of the College, Rev. Dr. Whewell, and ended the day in the Tennis Court with Gen. Bruce.
Sam and Sukey, persons of color in the county of Buckingham. A Petition was presented from the commanding officers of the 181st Regiment Virginia militia, asking for a work on military tactics. Resolutions.--On motion of Mr. August, Resolved, That a select committee of three be appointed to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill authorizing Howell L. Thomas, as attorney for — Jacques and others, to convey certain real estate. Committee: Messrs. August, Isbell and Bruce, who subsequently reported the bill. The following resolutions of inquiry were also adopted: By Mr. Critcher, authorizing the Monticello Bank or the Bank of the Commonwealth to establish an office of discount and deposit at Monaskon, in the county of Lancaster; by Mr. Taliaferro, of relieving the securities of Thos. K. Davis, late Sheriff of Prince William county, for the years 1857 and 1858; by Mr. August, of repealing so much of the law as imposes penalties upon Sheriffs for failing t
ent. He had never designed to dispute unworthy motives to any one in connection with the matter. Committees appointed. The Presidentannounced the following Committee on Federal Relations: Messrs. Conrad of Frederick, Stuart of Augusta, Wise at Princess Anne, Scott of Fauquier, Preston of Montgomery, Harvie of Amelia, Clemens of Ohio, Macfarland of Richmond City, McComic of Cabell, Montague of Matthews and Middlesex, Price of Greenbrier, Southall of Allenmarie, Willey of Monongalia, Bruce of Halifax. Boyd of Botetourt, Barbour of Culpeper, Williams of Shenandoah, Rives of Prince George and Surry, Moore of Rockbridge, Blow of Norfolk City, and Johnston of Lee and Scott. Mr. Stuart asked to be excused from service as he was a member of the Senate as well this body, and would be compelled to neglect his duties there if he were to give the attention to this committee that its importance demanded. He was excused, and Mr. Baldwin, of Augusta, was appointed in his place.
h, Rives, Saunders, Sharp, Sitlington, Spurlock, Staples, A. H. H. Stuart, C. J. Stuart, Taylor, Waller, White, Wickham, Willey, Wilson, and Woods.--77. nays.--Messrs. Janney, (President,) Ambler, Armstrong, Blakey, Boissean, Borst, Bouldin, Bruce, Cecil, Chambliss, Chapman, Conn, R. H. Cox, Fisher, Flournoy, Forbes, Garland, Graham, Gregory, Goggin, Jno Goode. T. F. Goode, Hale, C. Hall, L. S. Hall, Harvie, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell, M. Johnson, Kent, Kilby, Kindred, Lawson, Leake, C. K. s motion Mr. Montague called for the yeas and nays. the roll was then called, with the following result: yeas.--Messrs. Janney, (President,) Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Bouldin, Boyd, branch, Brent, brown, Bruce, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Carlile, Clemens, Coffman, C. B. Conrad, R. Y. Conrad, Couch, J. H. Cox, Critcher, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, Flournoy, Forbes, French, Fugate, Garland, Gillespie, Grant, Gravely, Gray, Gogg
ton Wm 2 Austin Wm S Bart Chas W Brooks E W Bragg Ed Brown G A Bryant H Brand, Starr & Co Baldwin & McRae Berger H A Baker Basil (colored) Brown Henry Burnley Henry Bond Jno O Burnett Albin Baldwin C C Brunard Dr Batters Jno Burgess Jas Baldwin W N Brimmer Will Boggs Wm R Bolton Wm H Bowles Wm K Brumley L Bowers Macrus Brien Mathew Batkins Ro E Betz Russell Burnard S Bellows S H Barreck T B Black Thos Black T J Burwell W H Bruce W B Bailey Chas M Blake Eddie B Batz Edward Brovings W H Baldwin D B Bolton Hy W Bradley Jno T Balters Jno Bethel E Blackburn J Bragg Jas E Burger H A Bourke Wm Casey Jno Cumings J F Cross J C Curry J 2 Campbell J H Clark J Cosby J J Colgin Wm 2 Clarke E H Curry W J Collins W B Corturn W Curry N Clutter V J Cumings T Crow T W Crouch G W Coghill R H Clarke R Conoloy P Crumn R M Cox E Compton E Cosby P G Cappronea P
ration of the bill amending the 107th section of chapter 35 of the 2d edition of the Code of Virginia, and providing for the correction of erroneous assessment of taxes on lands, was resumed, when the House bill was voted down, and a substitute proposed by Mr. Coghill adopted. The substitute leaves the subject in the hands of the Courts, and embraces taxes on persons and property erroneous, including license taxes. Treasury Note Bill.--On a motion to take up and consider the bill authorizing the issue of Treasury notes, an animated discussion arose. Explanations were made by Messrs.Carter and Stuart as to their votes on the anti-coercion resolutions, which passed the Senate several weeks ago. Spirited remarks were made by Messrs. A. D. Dickinson, Brannon, Douglas, Isbell and others. The bill was taken up, and, on motion of Mr. Bruce, it was laid on the table and made the order of the day for to-morrow at 12 o'clock. On motion of Mr. Isbell, the Senate adjourned.
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