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Thomas Brooks1776. T. Brooks, (under the Constitution)1780. Thomas Brooks1781. Aaron Hall1782. John Brooks1785. James Wyman1787. Thomas Brooks1788. Ebenezer Hall1789. Nathaniel Hall1800. Timothy Bigelow1808. Dudley Hall1813. Abner Bartlett1815. Turell Tufts1824. Thatcher Magoun1825. John B. Fitch1826. John Sparrell1831. Thomas R. Peck1833. Frederick A. Kendall1834. Timothy Cotting1834. John King1835. James O. Curtis1836. George W. Porter1837. Lewis Richardson1838. Leonard Bucknam1838. Alexander Gregg1840. Thatcher R. Raymond1843. Gorham Brooks1846. Joseph P. Hall1847. Thatcher R. Raymond1850. Joseph P. Hall1851. James M. Usher1852. Joseph P. Hall1853. Jonathan Oldham1854. Justices of the Peace in Medford. (from Massachusetts Records.) Thomas BrooksMar. 27, 1781. Benjamin HallMar. 27, 1781. Stephen Hall, 3dMar. 27, 1781. Edward BrooksMar. 27, 1781. Timothy FitchSept. 26, 1783. John BrooksJan. 28, 1785. John BrooksApril 26, 1787. Benja
Samuel Albree. Asa Adams. Benjamin Hovey. Benjamin Teal. Caleb Brooks. John Bishop. Abigail Bishop. Samuel Swan. Ebenezer Thompson. Nathan Wait. Thomas Bradshaw, jun. Nathaniel Mead. Zachariah Shed. Leonard Bucknam. Spencer Bucknam. John Bacon. Abigail Brooks and Rufus Frost. John Brooks and Mary Patten. John Brooks. Jethro Townsend. Caleb Brooks, jun. Thomas Brooks. S. Buel and Augustus Hunt. Thomas Bradshaw. Andrew Bl, be referred to a committee of five, to examine locations, obtain prices, &c., and to report at the next March meeting. Nov. 12, 1849: The committee reported it expedient to buy ten and a half acres of land, at fifty dollars per acre, of Leonard Bucknam. The town concurred, and empowered the committee to make the purchase. March 4, 1850: Voted to choose a committee to lay out and otherwise improve said new burying-ground. Also voted to expend five hundred dollars accordingly. After
ng to T. P. Smith and others, $4,320; the other was for the Rev. Mr. Haskins, $1,4505,770 House building by J. F. Edward, on property belonging to T. P. Smith and others12 Boston and Lowell Railroad Company — Freight car blown from track, and buildings injured40 J. M. Usher — Buildings, $442; fruit-trees, $30; fruit; ornamental tree (horse-chestnut), $50522 L. B. Usher — Buildings, $50; fruit-trees and fruit, $58; ornamental trees (elm in road, and horse-chestnut), $100208 Heirs of Leonard Bucknam — Buildings and fences, $450; fruit-trees, $25475 J. M. Sanford — Fence, $10; vegetables, $5; furniture and clothing, $150 ;. carriages, $75$240 H. T. Nutter — Vegetables, $5; furniture and clothing, $400405 Joseph Wyatt — Buildings, $250; fruit-trees, $150; fruit, $10410 Town of Medford — Buildings (school and poorhouse fences, &c.), $410; ornamental trees, $50; fruit-trees, $50510 George E. Harrington — Buildings, $30; fruit-trees, $50; fruit, $888 J. Vreeland — Fru
bid the insertion. For the assistance of any who may have traced their genealogy to a Medford stock, a list is here inserted of the names not previously mentioned, which are to be found in the second volume of the town-records, and the dates of their appearance thereon. Adams, 1757; Allen, 1757; Andriesse, 1799; Attwood, 1718; Auld, 1750; Austin, 1752. Bacon, 1749; Bailey, 1806; Ballard, 1721: Binford, 1757; Blodgett, 1752; Blunt, 1748; Boutwell, 1753; Bradish, 1745; Brattle, 1747; Bucknam, 1766; Budge, 1762; Burdit, 1761; Burns, 1751; Bushby, 1735; Butterfield, 1785. Calif, 1750; Chadwick, 1756; Cook, 1757; Cousins, 1755; Crease, 1757; Crowell, 1752. Davis, 1804; Degrusha, 1744; Dexter, 1767; Dill, 1734; Dixon, 1758; Dodge, 1749; Durant, 1787. Earl, 1781; Easterbrook, 1787; Eaton, 1755; Edwards, 1753; Erwin, 1752. Farrington, 1788; Faulkner, 1761; Fessenden, 1785; Fitch, 1785; Floyd, 1750; Fowle, 1752; French, 1755. Galt, 1757; Gardner, 1721; Garret, 1732; Gil
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 4., Incidents and reminiscences of the Fire Department of Medford. (search)
st Parish meeting-house. They by their records were organized in 1808, and held their first meeting at the house of Mr. J. Johnson, where it was voted that Zaccheus Wyman be master of the engine and James T. Floyd be clerk. The following persons were appointed by the Selectmen to constitute the engine company, viz.: Zaccheus Wyman, James T. Floyd, John Symmes 3d, John Dickson, William Harris, Jonathan Brooks, Patrick Roach, Joseph Bucknam, Joseph Wyman, Jr., Isaac Floyd, Isaac Brooks, Leonard Bucknam, Samuel Teel Jr., Daniel Wier. In their records the engine is sometimes called the Western Engine Company. They held their meetings the first Monday in every month at the houses of the members or at the hotels in the town. In January, 1820, the Selectmen appointed the following persons as members of the company, viz.: William Butters, Ebenezer Putnam, Cornelius Bigelow, Abial Butters, Henry Woodwarth, James T. Floyd Jr., Benjamin Floyd 2d, John M. Kuhn, Oliver Wyman, William E. O
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 4., First Universalist Society in Medford. (search)
rd Butters. Miles Sampson. John H. Haskell. Thomas P. Hunt. Waldo Belknap. Timothy Cotting. George Sawyer. John Johnson. James Hyde, Jr. Joshua Bailey. Benjamin Walker. James ford. Moses Merrill. John Sawtell. Amherst Josslyn. William Peak. Leonard Bucknam. John Ewell. Charles Ewell. Henry T. Ewell. Joseph Richardson. James Curtis. I have deemed it of sufficient consideration to give this petition in full, together with the names of the petitioners, to show that the society was organized ianized and known as the First Universalist Society in Medford. Ballot was then taken for clerk, and William S. Barker was elected and duly qualified by Justice Cushing. A prudential committee was elected, consisting of Timothy Cotting, Leonard Bucknam, and George Sawyer. Miles Sampson, James Ford, and John Wheeler were elected assessors, Timothy Cotting elected treasurer, and William S. Barker elected collector. We now have the society fully organized and ready to enter upon its imp
Boston, Oct. 2, 1759Nov. 21, 1759Taken in by Phebe Tufts. Bucknam, EbenezerStoneham, abt. May 1, 1764Dec. 3, 1764     Mary (wife)    Sarah (child) Buckman, Edward(Bucknam)  Sarah (wife)    & negro VenusStoneham, May 4, 1763Tenant of Col. I. Royall. Bucknam, Jacob    Lyclia (wife)    & childBraintree, April, 1756Nov. 27, 1756 Bucknam James (child)Notice from Town of Boston, Aug. 27, 1803. Bucknam, JamesMaiden, Dec., 1764Mar. 1, 1765 Mary (wife)     Mary Children    Phoebe Children    Ja  Ebenezer Children    William Children    Joses Children Bucknam, JamesJan. 30, 1791 Bucknam, JosesJan. 30, 1791 Bucknam,Bucknam, JosesJan. 30, 1791 Bucknam, LeonardJan. 30, 1791Boatman. Son of James. Bucknam, MosesJan. 30, 1791 Budge, JamesCharlestown, May 3, 1756Nov. 27, 1756IBucknam, LeonardJan. 30, 1791Boatman. Son of James. Bucknam, MosesJan. 30, 1791 Budge, JamesCharlestown, May 3, 1756Nov. 27, 1756In house of Stepn. Francis.     Elizabeth (wife)     3 children Budge, RuthCharlestown, Nov. 23, 1771Age 16. In family of SBucknam, MosesJan. 30, 1791 Budge, JamesCharlestown, May 3, 1756Nov. 27, 1756In house of Stepn. Francis.     Elizabeth (wife)     3 children Budge, RuthCharlestown, Nov. 23, 1771Age 16. In family of Samuel Angler. Burdit, ThomasMaiden, Apr. 12, 1759Nov. 21, 1759Tenan
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 6., Strangers in Medford, (continued from vol. 4, no. 2). (search)
used for their benefit by the overseers. A set of rules for the government of the poorhouse was promulgated in 1818, and the first one was, If any will not work, neither shall he eat. And what kind of fare was he deprived of if he persisted in being lazy? In 1820, by act of the General Court, an adult pauper was allowed one dollar per week for support, and a child fifty cents a week. In order to bring expenses within the proper limit, the following bill of fare was presented to Leonard Bucknam, the keeper, to be rigidly followed. Dinners for a week: two of baked or stewed beans, two of soup, two of fish, or pudding with milk or molasses, and one of boiled victuals. Breakfasts and suppers: once a week tea, or coffee of peas, rye, or barley; all the rest, pudding with milk or molasses, or milk porridge, one third milk. In 1829, Deacon Galen James, a strong total abstinence advocate, became chairman of the board, and stringent rules were laid down concerning strong water
gents of the Boston and Lowell railroad at West Medford lived there afterward. He was known as Dontey Green. This house was destroyed by the great tornado. A few rods beyond lived Eleazar Usher, in the house owned by his brother-in-law, Leonard Bucknam. Uncle Leonard was the keeper of the almshouse. Opposite lived Major Gershom Teel and afterward Captain Joseph Wyatt. This house, occupied quite recently by Mr. William J. Cheney, is standing in 1905. Just below the Usher house lived Din Caleb Brooks, who was guardian of his nephew Ebenezer. Jonathan Porter's house, a few years ago demolished, was the home of William Furness. This house was formerly the residence of Parson Turell. The next and nearest neighbor was Cherry Bucknam, so called because he made such excellent cherry rum. This house made way for Grace Church rectory. Next came the house of William Roach and, beyond, the Samuel Train house. This house was once the property of one Mr. Wyman, who preceded Mrs.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 14., Medford men's Monumental money. (search)
Medford men's Monumental money. The following names and sums appear in the list of contributors from Medford to the erection of Bunker Hill Monument:— Jonathan Angier$5 Nathan Adams5 Nathan Adams, Jr.5 John Brooks30 Jonathan Brooks10 A. S. V. Brooks5 John Brooks5 S. R. Brooks10 Charles Brooks10 Elizabeth Brooks10 Alfred Brooks10 Lucy A. Brooks10 Abner Bartlett5 Andrew Bigelow5 Leonard Bucknam5 Dudley Hall40 Dudley C. Hall5 Frederic D. Hall5 Ebenezer Hall10 Charles J. Hall$5 Edward B. Hall5 Wm. P. Huntington5 Joseph Manning5 Joseph Manning, Jr.5 Jonathan Porter5 Joseph Swan5 Benjamin L. Swan100 D. Swan5 Timothy Swan10 Caleb Swan10 Watts Turner5 Turell Tufts5 William Ward10 Samuel Ward5 William Ward, 3d5 John G. Ward5 Joseph Wyman, Jr.
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