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ntrary, have performed every duty, and suffered the privation and exposure without a murmur. Subjoined is a list of casualties. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Wm. S. Montgomery, Captain Commanding Regiment. Twenty-third, private W. J. Coyle, wounded in left forearm. Twenty-fourth, Malcolm Sinclair, head. Twenty-fifth, Lieutenant Charles Watson. Privates Henry Pikel, thigh; Pat. Carlin, thigh. Sergeants Thomas Denham, killed; Robert Atherly, killed; privates, John Burgess, killed; David Schultz, killed. Sergeant Alfred Luce, wounded in the head; privates, Robert Paterson, thigh; Roderick McKenzie, shoulder; James Mitchell, breast; Wm. Smith, head. Knoxville, Dec. 2. Seventeen days of siege. We have no butter, chickens, eggs, vegetables, or other luxuries of that kind, and have only one quarter rations of coffee, but so far we have had plenty of pork, beef, flour, and meal. Every one is confident, and the best of spirits exist among all classes,
of the camp. The loss of the enemy was very great. The loss of the Confederates was forty killed and wounded. Capt. Bradford, of Florida, was killed; Lieut. Nelms, of Ga., killed; Walter Tuggle; of the Continentals, desperately wounded; John Burgess, killed; Gen. Anderson was wounded in the arm; Lieut. Sayre, wounded in the hip. This list is imperfect. It is impossible to get all the particulars. Our force engaged consisted of three companies of the 5th Georgia Regiment, fourteen meDispatch.] The Wounded — Release of Lieut. Slaughter. Mobile, Oct. 10.--A special dispatch to the Advertiser and Register from Pensacola, dated the 9th, says Lieut. Slaughter, bearer of the flag of truce, was released. Walter Tuggle is casier. Hopes are entertained that Burgess will live. Twenty-nine of the wounded, who are in the Ladies' Hospital, are receiving every attention. Gen. Bragg witnessed the fight from headquarters, and expressed himself much pleased.
l prisoners in his hands.--Lieut Sayre was brought over on a litter. I send you below a correct list of our wounded and prisoners of war at Fort Pickens, captured on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1861: 1st Lieut. Jas. Cooper, La. Infy: 2d Lieut. F. W. Farley, 1st Fla. V.; 1st Lieut. C. L. Sayre, C. S. M. C., severely wounded; Benj. R. Holt, 5th Ga.; Mal. Mosely, 1st Fla.; Corporal W. H. Moore, 7th Ala.; L. G. Moore, 7th Ala.; F. M. Fry. 7th Ala.; H. Ferguson, 7th Ala., dead; John Burgess, 5th Ala., Capt. Homer's J. R. Cox, Ga., or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's H. C. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's J. M. L. Jones, Ga. or Miss. R., Capt. Rhodes's John Mahoney, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Larkin Nickles, 1st Fla., Capt. Cripp's Benj. F. Parker, 1st Fla., Capt. Baker's; T. Bond, 1st Fla.; R. L. Hale, 1st Fla.;C. F. Hollyman, 1st Fla.; John Jarvis, 1st Fla.; J. J. H. Patterson, 1st Fla.; S. Yager Finley, 1st Fla.; Wm. Mauldin, 10th Miss., Capt.Peake's; H. Destringer, 10th Miss,
he Santa Rosa fights and since sent to New York: First Lieutenant James Cooper, Louisiana Infantry; Second Lieutenant F. W. Farley, First Florida Volunteers; First Lieutenant C. L. Sayre, Confederate States Marine Corps, severely wounded, released on parole until recovered; Corporal W. H. Moore, Seventh Alabama Regiment. Privates Benjamin R. Holt, Fifth Georgia Regiment; Malcolm Mosely, Fifth Florida Regiment; L. G. Moore, F. M. Fry, Henry Ferguson, (dead,) Seventh Alabama Regiment; John Burgess, Fifth Alabama Regiment; Mobile Continentals, Captain Homer; J. R. Cox, H. C. Jones J. M. L. Jones, Georgia and Mississippi Regiments, Capt. Rhodes; John Mahony, Largin Nichols, Benjamin F. Parker, Captain H. H. Baker, S. Yerger Finley T. Bond R. L. Hale, C. F. Hollyman, John Jarvis, Joshua J. H. Patterson, First Florida Regiment, Capt. Cropp; Wm. Mauldin, H. Deshinger, McKeever, Tenth Mississippi Regiment, Capt. Peake; Daniel Jones, Frank Peasant, Louisiana Infantry; G. W. Clark, severel
nd jury of the Hustings Court. Richard Barry and Charles Isaacs, arrested some time since on the charge of garroting Mr. P. Augustus Haxall, and robbing him of $35 in money, a due bill for $1,100 upon Wm. G. Dandridge, a horse and buggy, a pair of saddle bags, and one raw hide, were called and a partial hearing of the case had; but in order to procure the attendance of other witnesses the matter was adjourned over till this morning, and the accused parties were remanded to jail. John Burgess, a youth, charged with assaulting and cutting Mrs. Minerva A. Tucker, was called to the stand, and after a partial examination of witnesses, the case was continued till Tuesday morning, in order to procure the attendance in court of the wounded woman. The disposition of the case against William Ryan, charged with shooting John Collins, was deferred by his Honor till this morning. Tom, slave of the Virginia Central railroad, arrested by the police without a proper pass and having