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Confederate Congress.First session. Senate. Wednesday, March 19, 1862. The Senate met at 12 o'clock M. Prayer by Rev. Dr. J. L. Burrows, of the Baptist Church. Widows' pensions. On motion of Mr. Semmes, it was Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs inquire into the expediency of paying, during the continuance of the present war, the pensions allowed by the laws of the United States to widows of deceased officers and soldiers of the army, whose husbands, at the time of their decease, were citizens of any of the States composing this Confederacy, said widows now being citizens of the Confederate States. The Calendar. Several bills on the calender were taken up in their order, and, on motions severally made, "postponed" to a future day. On motion of Mr. Burnett, of Kentucky, the Bill concerning certain volunteer companies in Tennessee mustered into service with less than the minimum number of men required by law, was recommitted to the C
Confederate Congressfirst session. Senate. Thursday, March 20th, 1862. The Senate met at 12 o'clock, pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by the Rev Dr. J. L. Burrows, of the Baptist Church. Mr. Hill., of Ga, presented a communication which he had received from the Methodist Conference of Georgia--a large and respectable body — accompanied by a preamble and resolution, which, on his motion; were referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. The resolutions express gratitude to Almighty God for his kind interposition in behalf of the South; recommend a weekly prayer meeting repudiate the reconstruction of the "Union," and object to a reduction of the pay of Chaplains in the army. Suspension of the Tariff. Mr. Barnwell, of S. C., from the Committee of Finance, reported back the resolution proposing to suspend the collection of duties on foreign imports during the existing war, and asked to be discharged from the further consideration of the same, and that it be laid
Confederate Congressfirst session. Senate. Saturday, March 22, 1862 The Senate met at 12 o'clock. Prayer by the Rev. Dr. J. L. Burrows of the Baptist Church. Mr. Preston, of Va., presented a design for a flag which was appropriately referred. The produce loan. On motion of Mr. Sparrow, of La., it was Resolved, That the Committee on Finance inquire into the policy of the Government taking possession of all the cotton and tobacco, heretofore subscribed to the produce loan, paying for the same in bonds of the Confederacy, payable at the expiration of twenty years, with interest at the rate of eight per cent., payable semi-annually. Resolved, further, That the same committee inquire and report upon the policy of inducing further subscriptions of cotton and tobacco to the produce loan by agreeing to pay an equitable price for cotton and tobacco thus subscribed, in the following manner, to wit: one-fourth of the amount in treasury notes, and the balance in b
Brutal Murder. --Dr. Burrows, the Superintendent of the Penitentiary at Wetump Ala., was brutally murdered a few days by one of the convicts in that institution. murderer had armed himself with a bro axe, and, when the opportunity offer made the attack upon the superintendent nearly severing his head from his body.
her surgeons to co-operate with the committees provided for by them in the object of this meeting, and pledging the cordial action of the city and its people in all which can promote the well-being and comfort of the wounded soldiers. The Mayor appointed the following gentlemen as the committee provided for by the resolution: Committee to Wait on citizens. Jefferson Ward--Rev. J. B. Solomon, A. Y. Stokee, W. Holt Richardson, Rev. J. W. Michelbacker. Madison Ward--Rev. J. L Burrows, Rev D S Doggett, R. R. Harrison, J B Watkins. Monroe Ward--Rev. J. Peterkin, Rev. J. V. Moore, J R Tucker, W H Lyons. Committee of arrangements. John D. Harvey, John Enders, Isaac W Walker, J. H. Martin Jullas A Hobson, Bolling W. Hexall. John W McKeel, Lewis H Frays A. B. Wells Chas Bates, Wm M Su ton, John H Doswell, John H Pleasants, R. J. Christian, Samuel B. Smith, Geo. Gwathmey, M cellas Starge, Miles Turpin, H K Ellyson, Thos U Dudley. On motion, the meeting a
Shiloh --We have had the pleasure of looking ever the proof-sheets of an eight page tract, written by the Rev. J. L Burrows, D. D. of this city, commemorative of the victory gained by us at Shiloh, founded on the text, "And the Lord appeared again at Shiloh." -- Another tract, entitled "Sunshine," written by Rev. P. B. Price, of this city, is being published. Within a few days, fifty thousand copies of these two tracts may be found at the Depository, at Mr, George J. Bummers store.
ooke, in leg. Company H, Capt Thos R Dew — killed: none. Wounded: L B Andrews, badly; Thos E Payse, slightly; Geo F Gouldman, slightly. Company I, Capt J D Brace — killed: Privates Geo West. Wounded Serg a W Jones, slightly; Corp H C for, in hand; Privates N Jones, C H Jones, slightly; P Jones, in hand; J O West, in shoulder; Geo English, in mouth; E Groves, in head, slightly; W a Carroll, slightly in head; C W Schooler, slightly in leg. Company K, Capt J P Ware — killed: Thos P Burrows. Wounded: J J Carneal, Mordecai Taylor. Killed4 Wounded40 Total44 Total number engaged in the tow days' fight, 273. Wm Broun, 1st Lieut., Acting Adjutant 47th Virginia Reg. Casualties in the 44th Virginia regiment, ( Lt. Col. A. C Jones, commending,) Elzey's Brigade, in the Statute of of Friday, 27th inst: Killed is 1st Serg't John F Hagby, Company C.--Wounded: Lt. Col. A C Jones, Adj't C Y Steptoe, C H Harises, co H; Capt Wm Gilliam, co I; Lt co B, Lt H G<
The Daily Dispatch: September 22, 1862., [Electronic resource], Affairs in the West--fight at Munfordsville, Ky.--blockade of the Ohio at Hamilton. (search)
Confederate Congress. Saturday, Sept, 20. 1862. Senate--The Senate met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows. Mr. Haynes, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported a bill to punish insurrection or rebellion against the Confederate States. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr. Hill, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported a bill for the relief of the Bible Society of the Confederate States. Laid upon the table and ordered to be printed. Also, a bill for the relief of Jonas P. Levi. Read twice. Mr. Semmes introduced a bill for the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr. Brown introduced a bill for the benefit of the officers and crews of the Confederate States steamer Virginia, Jamestown, Patrick Henry, Beaufort, Raleigh, and Teaser, (authorises the President to distribute two hundred and fifty thousand dollars prize money to the officers and crews of said ve
ent of the country within which, chiefly, our Church is situated, a portion of its designating has become a misnomer and improper, because geographically incorrect: Therefore, Resolved, That the Synod of Virginia recommend to the next United Synod to take measures so to amend the name and style of the latter that it shall read "The United Synod of the Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States of America." The preamble and resolution were passed Neman. Rev. Drs. Brown and Burrows being present, were invited to sit as corresponding members. A resolution to encourage and promote Foreign and Home Missions was passed, The Committee on Finance reported that they had received from the Presbyterian a sufficient amount to pay the salary of the stated Clerk. On motion, the Synod adjourned to 9½ A. M. Monday. Pursuant to adjournment, the Synod convened at 9½ A. M., and engaged an hour in devotional exercises. After a discussion on the subject of Missi
General Assembly of Virginia. Monday, January 12th, 1863. Senate--The Senate was called to order at 8 o'clock M. by Scout Gary, Montague, and open it with prayer by Rev. Mr Burrows. As Executive communication from military communication, from Maj. F Griswold, the Provost Marshall of Richmond, to relation to disloyalties of none residing at West Robes and recommended the removal of the persons during the war, was laid on the table, ordered to be printed, and referred to the Committee of Courts of it then. A communication from the Examiner, commanding an appropriation for the benefit of the sick and wounded soldiers of Virginia in the C. S. Army, was ordered to be printed and referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Fate, of Booner presented a petition of Jas. M. Latillie of Kanawha on asking to have committed certain fines and damages obtained against him as Commissioner of Delinquents and forfeitures Lands for Kanawha county. The following res
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