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A Religious Revival is progressing at the First Baptist Church, Dr. Burrows, and large numbers are attending the meetings.
Dr. Hoge's lecture on English and French sentiment towards the Confederacy. --The very inclement weather last evening having materially diminished receipts designed for benevolence, and prevented the attendance of persons who had paid for admission, the committee deemed it right to postpone Dr. Hoge's lecture until this (Friday) evening, at 7 ½ o'clock, when it will certainly be delivered in the First Baptist Church, (Dr. Burrows's,) without regard to weather.
e the order of the day of Thursday next at 1 o'clock P. M. On motion of Mr. Simms, of Ky., the bill authorizing the payment to the Governor of Kentucky one million of dollars, to be appreciated to the use of Kentucky troops in a Confederate service, was taken up and used. Mr. Maxwell, of Fla., offered a joint resolution for the relief of Capt. Walker Anderson. Referred to the Committee on Claims. The Senate then adjourned. The House was opened at 12 o'clock with by Rev. Dr. Burrows. The resolution offered Monday by Mr. Lyons that when the House adjourn to-day, adjourn to meet on Monday, the 28th of December, was taken up. On motion of Mr. H. W. Bruce, of Ky., the resolution was laid upon the table. Mr. Heiskell, of Tenn., reported from the judiciary Committee a bill to prohibit trading in the paper currency of the enemy, and moved that it be postponed and placed upon the calendar. Mr. Foote earnestly opposed the postponement of the consideratio
3.--Read a third time and passed. A message was received from the President transmitting a communication of the Secretary of War, covering the report of several battles. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Also, another, transmitting a communication from the Secretary of War, containing information relative to the office of the Quartermaster-General, called for by recent Senate resolutions. Similarly referred. The House was opened at 12 o'clock with prayer by Rev. Dr. Burrows. The Chair submitted a Senate bill to amend the act passed Jan. 29th, 1862, appropriating $2,000,000 in Treasury notes for the use of the State of Kentucky, so as to authorize the Governor of that State to expend $1,000,000 in furnishing clothing, &c., for the troops from that State. On motion of Mr. Miles, of S. C., the rules were suspended and the bill taken up and passed. The Senate bill entitled An act to protect members of Congress from annoyance in traveling, was ta
Confederate States Congress. The Senate met at 12 o'clock M., and was called to order by Mr. Hunter, of Virginia, President pro tempors. The proceedings were opened with prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows, of the Baptist Church. Mr. Clay presented joint resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Alabama in relation to taxation and Confederate currency; in relation to the enforcement of the conscript laws of the Confederate States; in relation to the exemption of certain persons from the payment of the Confederate tax in kind; and in relation to the exemption of families of soldiers whose support is derived from white labor alone, from the payment of the tax in kind. The resolutions were read, laid upon the table, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Maxwell, of Fla., introduced a bill to be entitled an act to amend "An act to provide a mode of authenticating claims for money against the Confederate States not otherwise provided for," approved 30th August, 1861. Read and refe
Confederate States Congress. The Senate, yesterday, was called to order by Mr. Hunter, of Va., President pro tem., and the proceedings were opened with prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows, of the Baptist Church. The President laid before the Senate a communication from Gen. Hardee and twenty other Generals, in relation to the organization of the army. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. The following bill, to repeal "An act regulating the granting of furloughs and discharges in hospitals," was taken up and passed: The Congress of the Confederate State of America do enact. That an act regulating the granting of furloughs and discharges in hospitals, approved on the 1st May, 1863, , and the same is hereby, repealed. The bill to repeal "An act to regulate the destruction of property under military necessity, and to provide for the indemnity thereof," which had been reported upon adversely by the Military Committee, was taken up, and pending the discussio
eyond the control and jurisdiction of said States, alien enemies, and subjecting their property to confiscation. After a long discussion, the bill was recommitted to the Judiciary Committee. The bill to provide for a new issue of Treasury notes, and for funding the Treasury notes now outstanding, was, on motion of Mr. Semmes, indefinitely postponed. On motion, the Senate again resolved itself into secret session. The House met at 11 o'clock, and was opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Burrows. The Senate bill to regulate the collection of the tax in kind on tobacco, and to amend the act to lay taxes for the public defence and to carry on the Government, approved April 24, 1863, was taken up under a suspension of the rules, and without amendment considered and passed. A resolution was offered by Mr. Gartrell, of Georgia, to instruct the Doorkeeper to furnish the President and Heads of Departments with the documents ordered to be printed by the House. Agreed to.
ng the progress of the trial with her veil closely drawn over her countenance. The attendance was not so numerous as heretofore, and with few exceptions only embraced those immediately connected with the case. After some little delay the Commissioner announced his readiness to proceed, when Mr. Bass, Deputy Marshal, proceeded to call over the names of the following witnesses: Rev. Dr. J. C. McCabe, Capt. Philip Cashmeyer, Wm. A. Cave, Robert Werne, James P. Duval, Capt. Morfet, and Mrs. Dr. Burrows. J. P. Duval was the first witness called.--He identified as in Mrs. Allan's handwriting, the notes which were sent to Dr. Powell through his care, inquiring as to the disposition which had been made of two letters forwarded to Dr. P. by her, which she declined to send to the North by blockade runners. Believed that Mrs. Allan wrote the letters to Rev. Morgan Dix, and Miss Haynes, in New York, but could not tell what were their contents, as he had never read them.--[This witness und
Meeting of Congress.the President's message. Senate.--The Senate met yesterday, at 12 o'clock M, Mr. Hunter, of Virginia, in the chair. The proceedings were opened with prayer by the Rev. Dr. Burrows, of the Baptist Church. The roll being called sixteen Senators responded to their names. The credentials of Messrs. Richard W. Walker of Ala, John W. C. Watson of Miss, and Wm. A. Graham of N. C., newly elected Senators, were duly presented, and those gentlemen took the oath of office. The credentials of Messrs. R. W. Johnson, of Ark, and James M. Baker, of Fla., Senators re-elected, being presented, also took the oath of office. Mr. Simms, of Ky, reappointed, also took the oath of office. The Senate then proceeded to organize.--Mr. R. M. T. Hunter, of Va, was re-elected President pro tem, he receiving 15 votes, Mr. Brown 3, and Mr Orr 1. Mr Jas H Nash was re-elected Secretary of the Senate, receiving 15 out of 22 votes cast. On motion of Mr. Henry, of Tenn, the ol
The Daily Dispatch: May 27, 1864., [Electronic resource], Losses in Alexander's battalion light Artilliery (search)
Losses in Alexander's battalion light Artilliery To the Editor of the Dispatch: The following is a list of the casualties in Alexander's battalion light artillery in the recent fights in Northern Virginia: Moody's Battery, Mississippi.--Killed: Lieut D Burrows, Maryland; Sergt R B Smith. Wounded Sergt T Hogan, slightly privates Martin Kenney, Jas Brady, Jno Stocks, C Delany, Jno Ryan. Smith's Battery, Virginia.--Wounded: Privates Jno W Scott, Wm Sherwell, Samuel H Turner, ad slight. Ficklin's Battery, South Carolina--Killed: Corporal J C Kenney, private J Aligood. Wounded Capt J S Ackis. private P Jordan. Woolfolk's Battery, Virginia.--Killed: Corporal E H Revere. Wounded: Private T J Harris, slight. Taylor's Battery, Virginia--Capt O B Taylor wounded slightly, and private Geo Chambers, do. Parker's Battery, Virginia.--Wounded: Lieut J Brown, severely in the face, doing well; Corp J W Uriander, slightly in arm; privates S H Parker, Jr, seve
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