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eral Rusk, had arrived some days before and taken a position near the camp of the Cherokees. The promptitude with which these movements were executed at that season of the year (early in July), and the spirit manifested on all occasions by the troops, claim the greatest praise. On the arrival of the regiments of Burleson and Landrum, the whole force was placed under the orders of Brigadier-General Douglass. Pending these movements, Commissioners Eon. David G. Burnet, Thomas J. Rusk, J. W. Burton, James S. Mayfield, and myself, appointed at the instance of Bowles, had been engaged for several days in endeavoring to bring about an arrangement, under your instructions, on an equitable basis for the peaceable removal of the Cherokees. We had been instructed to allow a fair compensation for their improvements, to be ascertained by appraisement, and to be paid for in silver and goods before their removal. The commissioners, in several talks held with them, essayed every means to effe
fire to their trains. Burn the whole country before them and on their flanks. Keep them from sleeping by night-surprises. Blockade the road by felling trees, or destroying the fords when you can. Watch for opportunities to set fire to the grass on their windward, so as, if possible, to envelop their trains. Leave no grass before them that can be burned. Keep your men concealed as much as possible, and guard against surprise. Keep scouts out at all times, and communication open with Colonel Burton, Major McAllister, and 0. P. Rockwell, who are operating in the same way. Keep me advised daily of your movements, and every step the troops take, and in which direction. God bless you, and give you success. Your brother in Christ, (Signed) Daniel H. Weils. These judicious instructions for partisan warfare, though not executed with much vigor, met some success, as will appear hereafter. It were well for humanity and the Mormon name had their hostility been restricted to l
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
9th of April, 1865. [53] S. W. Paxton, Capt. Commanding Regiment. Fifty-eighth Virginia Regiment. Co. A. Corporal W. G. Rice, Private J. T. Linsy, Private J. W. T. Wood, Music'n J. M. Hurt. Co. B. Sergeant C. O. Grayham, Private A. J. Barton, R. B. Beard, J. T. Baker, W. H. Creig, W. T. Howell, N. J. Hammock, Private W. C. Nowell, G. W. Olliver, S. O. Painter, P. T. Short, W. D. Toler, W. B. Walsard, James Wright. Co. C. Corporal T. E. Ogden, Private J. W. Burton, J. L. Crank, J. W. Eubank, Private W. J. Peters, C. O. Padget, G. R. Ridgeway. Co. D. Sergeant G. W. Wood, Music'n W. L. Kropff, Private T. C. Crig, W. D. Bradley, Tilford Hutts, Private W. B. Meador, James Prother, Wilson Turner, James Wright. Co. E. Private J. G. Peggins, S. T. Delany, C. E. Boyse, J. K. Wright, Private Francis Devers, A. P. Drewry. C. E. Clyborn. Co. G. Private S. H. Brown, Samuel Bain, D. B. Blackburn, P. D. Hinkle,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ate J. H. Burgess, J. G. Lee, Private R. Rabon, M. D. Canant. Co. D. 1st Sergeant M. J. Brown, 4th Sergeant T. B. Lamb, Private R. H. Holgerson. Co. E. Corporal W. T. Blair, Private J. R. Powell. Co. F. Private D. Hall. Co. G. Private J. Slater. Co. H. Private J. B. Flower. Co. L. 1st Sergeant W. Goff, Private W. H. Warr, Private J. Bradley. [19] Twenty-eighth Georgia Battalion. Co. F. Private A. Warts, Private C. D. Tankersley. Co. H. Corporal J. W. Burton, Private H. Hardy, Private J. F. Lewis, J. A. Lyons. A. M. Sharpton, Forney's Brigade. Wm. H. Forney, Brig. General, &c. B. F. Sides, Capt. and A. A. A. and I. G. T. M. Witherspoon, Lieut. and A. A. A. G. James Evans, Lieut. and A. D. C. A. E. Higgason, Lieut. and Ord. Officer. J. J. Havis, Capt. and A. Q. M. Edward R. Peabody, Capt. and A. Q. M. M. L. Wilson, Capt. and A. C. S. John P. Emrich, Lieut.-Col. 8th Ala. Regiment. M. S. Cleveland, Adj't
ly. Col. B D Fry was wounded slightly. Lieut-Col R H Dawson was slightly bruised by his horse being killed from under him. L. P. Broughton. Acting Adjutant. Casualties in Company E. Sixth Alabama regiment. Killed: Capt Fox, J F Compton, S Schrussler, Jr, Sergt C Howe, W S Davenport, D Sueman, S B Abercrombie, H A Hicks, J N Mores. Wounded: Lieut E M Gorel, Lieut W A Waller, Sergt F C McKelthen, Sergt J O Hardwick, Corpl J McFaddin, Corpl H E Selson, Corpl R D Caldwell, Privates J A Allen, P D Cloywell, John Gibson, P H Hall, J M Hall, J M White, W F Cowper, J B Finnigan G O Clisby. C H Whitten, A B White, G B Stone, Thomas J Hinkle, D S Rice, J M Oliver. Missing: G W Bush, W W Creath, J Phetand, V H Johnson, W J Staggers. The above is a correct list. J. W. Burton, Lieut. commanding Company E, Sixth Regiment Alabama Vols. Casualties in co. A, Gardes Lafayette, of Mobile, Ala., (12th Ala. Regt.) Killed: Sergeant Charles Rominger, pri.
Ten Dollars Reward will be paid for the a rest and delivery to E. Lazard, 49 Main street, of a servant woman, Presilla, 25 years old, dark gingerbread color, the forefinger on the left hand cut off near the first joint. no 4--6t* J. W. Burton.
Ten dollars reward will be paid for the arrest and delivery to E. Lasard, 49 Main street, of a servant woman, Presilla, 25 years old, dark gingerbread color, the forefinger on the left hand cut off near the first joint. no 4--6t* J. W. Burton.