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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 1. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Address of Congress to the people of the Confederate States: joint resolution in relation to the war. (search)
ins, Israel Welsh, William G. Swan, F. B. Sexton, T. L. Burnett, George G. Vest, Wm. Porcher Miles, E. Barksdale, Charles F. Collier, P. W. Gray, W. W. Clarke, William W. Boyce, John R. Chambliss, John J. McRae, John Perkins, Jr., Robert Johnson, James Farrow, W. D. Simpson, Lucius J. Gartrell, M. D. Graham, John B. Baldwin, E. M. Bruce, Thomas B. Hanly, W. P. Chilton, O. R. Kenan, C. M. Conrad, H. W. Bruce, David Clopton, W. B. Machen, D. C. DeJarnette, H. C. Chambers, Thomas Menees, S. A. Miller, James M. Baker, Robert W. Barnwell, A. G. Brown, Henry C. Burnett, Allen T. Caperton, John B. Clark, Clement C. Clay, William T. Dortch, Landon C. Haynes, Gustavus A. Henry, Benjamin H. Hill, R. M. T. Hunter, Robert Jemison, Jr.; Herschel V. Johnson, of Georgia; Robert W. Johnson, of Arkansas; Waldo P. Johnson, of Missouri; Augustus E. Maxwell, Charles B. Mitchel, W. S. Oldham, James L. Orr, James Phelan, Edwin G. Reade, T. J. Semmes, William E. Simms, Edward Sparrow, and Louis T. Wigfall.
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), State of West Virgina, (search)
,794; in 1900, 958,800. See United States, West Virginia, in vol. IX.; Virginia. State governors. Arthur I. Boremaninaugurated1863 William E. Stevensoninaugurated1869 John J. Jacobinaugurated1871 Henry M. Matthewsinaugurated1877 Jacob B. Jacksoninaugurated1881 E. Willis Wilsoninaugurated1885 A. B. Fleminginaugurated1890 William A. MacCorkleinaugurated1893 George W. Atkinsoninaugurated1897 Albert B. Whiteinaugurated1901 United States Senators. Name.No. of Congress.Term. Waitman T. Willey38th to 42d1863 to 1871 Peter G. Van Winkle38th to 41st1863 to 1869 Arthur I. Boreman41st to 44th1869 to 1875 Henry G. Davis42d to 48th1871 to 1883 Allen T. Caperton44th1875 to 1876 Samuel Price44th1876 Frank Hereford44th to 47th1877 to 1881 Johnson N. Camden47th to 50th1881 to 1887 John E. Kenna48th to 52d1883 to 1893 Charles E. Faulkner50th to 56th1887 to 1899 Johnson N. Canden53d to 54th1893 to 1895 Stephen B. Elkins54th to —1895 to — Nathan B. Scott56th to —189
iFirst Congress. Hon.R. L. Y. PeytonMissouriFirst Congress. Hon.Waldo P. JohnsonMissouriSecond Congress. Hon.L. M. LouisMissouriSecond Congress. Hon.William T. DortchNorth CarolinaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.George DavisNorth CarolinaFirst Congress; afterwards Attorney Gen. Hon.William A. GrahamNorth CarolinaSecond Congress. Hon.E. G. ReadeNorth CarolinaSecond Congress. Hon.Robert W. BarnwellSouth CarolinaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.James L. OrrSouth CarolinaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Gustavus A. HenryTennesseeFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Landon C. HaynesTennesseeFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Louis T. WigfallTexasFirst and Second Congress; had been Brigadier-General in Confederate army. Hon.Williamson S. OldhamTexasFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Robert M. T. HunterVirginiaFirst and Second Congress; president pro tempore of the senate; had been Secretary of State. Hon.Wm. Ballard PrestonVirginiaFirst Congress. Hon.Allen T. CapertonVirginiaSecond Congress.
Jackson camp, Confederate veterans, at Staunton, and was always faithful to the soldiers of the Confederacy. He was very successful both in law and in business, displaying great executive ability; became president of the Staunton National Valley bank, and receiver and general manager of the Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern railroad. The duties of the latter office required his residence in Kentucky during the last ten years of his life. He was twice married, first to a sister of Senator Allen T. Caperton, of West Virginia, and after her death to Mrs. Mary Cochrane Reid, of New York. He died at the residence of his son, State Senator Edward Echols, at Staunton, May 24, 1896. Brigadier-General John B. Floyd Brigadier-General John B. Floyd, of Virginia, was born at Blacksburg, Pulaski county, June 1, 1801. He was the son of Hon. John Floyd, a Democratic statesman of the old school, who served in Congress for several terms, was governor of the State, and in 1852 was a candidate
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Thanksgiving service on the Virginia, March 10, 1862. (search)
ion to the proposed evacuation of Virginia, and, among other facts, cited the statement of the Secretary concerning the action of the trans-Mississippi troops and the desertion of the Georgians as the Confederate army fell back in their State, and left their homes in the hands of the enemy. He claimed that the same reasons would obtain among the Virginia troops, and that it would be impolitic to surrender the State to the Federal troops without another struggle. Knew what was coming. The next day Senators R. M. T. Hunter and Allen T. Caperton met General Breckenridge, and he laid the same condition of affairs before them. Whatever advice they may have given in those dark days of the Confederacy is not stated, but it is certain that the struggle, forlorn as it was, was continued, and that the knowledge of its utter hopelessness was well known to General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Government in the early part of 1865, several months before the decisive day of Appomattox.
Col. Gilbert C. Russell, one of the earliest settlers of Alabama, but late a resident of Washington city, died in Mobile on the 25th inst. Wm. Shriver was arrested at Memphis, Tenn., on the 25th inst., for a forgery committed at Wheeling, Va. Allen T. Caperton, Esq., and Maj. John Echols are candidates for the Virginia Convention, in Monroe county. Ex-President Tyler has been nominated in New Kent county for the Virginia State Convention. In some parts of Illinois sorghum growing and molasses making have been carried on quite extensively during the past year. The Erie Railroad was sold at New York, Monday, for $220,000. It was bought in by the trustees Robert K. Watkins, a well known merchant of Lynchburg, Va., died on the 26th inst. Ex-Senator Yulee has chartered a schooner on which to return to Florida with his family.
The Daily Dispatch: June 17, 1861., [Electronic resource], The vote on the Ordinance of Secession. (search)
mbler, Marmaduke Johnson, William B. Asion, Peter C. Johnston, James Barbour, Robert C. Ke. L. Augua R. Hiskey, John J. Kindred, George B. ow, Jr, James Lawson, James B. ea Walter D. Leake, Peter B. Borst, Wm. H. Macfarland, W Bouldin, Charles K. Mallory, William W. Boyd, James B. Mallory, Thomas Branch, John L. Marve, Sr. John C. Bruce, Fleming B. Miller, Frederick M. C. bell, Horatio G. Muffet, John A. Campbell, Robert L. Montegue, Allen T. Caperton, Edmund T. Morris, William P Jeremiah Morton, John R. Cham lise, William J. Seblett, Mantings Chairman, Johnson Cr k, Samuel A. Coffman, William C Parks, Raphael M. Conn, Wm. Ballard reston, James H. Cox, Geo. W. Randolph, Richard H. Cox, Geo. W. Richardson, John Cri Timothy Rives, Havey Deskins, Robert E. Scott, James B. Dorman, William C. Scott, John Echols, John T. Sowell, ler W. Fisher, James W. Sheffey, Thomas S. Flournoy, Char
ons from the Confederate authorities — a very large class at the present time. If any whose names are mentioned are ineligible, they will please notify the fact to one of the Richmond editors immediately, that their place on the ticket may be supplied by others. Electoral ticket,for President and Vice President. 1. Joseph Christian, of Middlesex. 2. Cincinnatus Newton, of Norfolk city, 3. H. T. Daniel, of Richmond city, 4. Wm. F. Thompson, of Dinwiddie, 5. Wood Bouldin, of Charlotte, 6.Wm. L. Goggin, of Bedford, 7. B. F. Randolph, of Albemarle, 8. James W. Walker, of Madison, 9. Asa Rogers, of Loudoun, 10. Samuel C. Williams, of Shenandoah, 11.Samuel. McD. Reid, of Rockbridge, 12. H. A. Edmundson, of Roanoke, 13. James W. Sheffey, of Smythe, 14. Henry J. Fisher, of Mason, 15. Joseph Johnson, of Harrison, 16. E. H. Fitzhugh, of Ohio. For State at large. John R. Edmunds, of Halifax. Allen T. Caperton, of Monroe.
le opportunity for deciding between their respective merits. The candidates in the third district--which includes the city of Richmond the counties of Henrico, Hanover, Charles City, New Kent, Elizabeth City, Warwick, York, James City, and the city of Williamsburg — are Messrs. John Tyler, William H. MacFarlane, James Lyons, and Baker P. Lee The electoral ticket which has been proposed by the newspapers is composed as follows:--For the State at large — John R. Edmunds, of Halifax, and Allen T. Caperton, of Monroe.--For the Districts — Joseph Christian, 1st; Cincinnatus W. Newton, 2d; Raleigh T. Daniel, 3d; William F. Thompson, 4th; Wood Bouldin, 5th; William L. Goggin, 6th; Benjamin F. Randolph, 7th; James W. Walker, 8th; Asa Rogers, 9th; Samuel C. Williams, 10th; Samuel McD. Reid, 11th; Henry A. Edmundson, 12th; James W. Sheffey, 13th; Henry J. Fisher, 14th; Joseph Johnson, 15th; and E. H. Fitzhugh, 16th. The polls in this city will be held at the usual places, and it is desirable <
By the Governor of Virginia.--a proclamation. --Whereas, it appears by the returns of the Commissioners appointed for the several counties and cities of this Common wealth to superintend the election of Electors for President and Vice President of the Confederate States, that a majority of the votes poiled at the said election were given in favor of the following persons: John R. Edmunds, of Halifax: Allen T. Caperton, of Monroe. Joseph Christian, of Middlesex. Cincinnatus W. Newton, of Norfolk city. Raleigh T. Daniel, of Richmond city. Wm F. Thompson, of Dinwiddle. Wood Bruldin, of Charlotte, Wm L. Goggin, of Bedford. Benj. F Randolph, of Albemarle. Jas W Walker, of Medissia. Asa Rogers, of Londeun. Samufl C. Williams, of Sheuandoah. S. McDOWFLL Reid, of Rockbridge. Henry A. Edmundson of Roanoke. Jas. W. Sheffey, of Smyth. Henry J Fistier, of Mason. Joseph Johnson, of Harrison. E. H. Fitzh
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