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Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 20: battle of the Wilderness (search)
corps. Hancock DIVISIONSBRIGADESartillery BarlowMilesSmythFrankBrookeTidball GibbonWebbOwenCarroll10 Batts. BirneyWardHayes60 Guns MottMcAllester Brewster 5TH corps. Warren GriffinAyresSwei Bratton was at last forced to withdraw with severe loss. His attack, and his final repulse by Carroll, were both highly complimented by Hancock. Under all the circumstances, the renewal of the att. Stafford, and wounded, Longstreet, Pegram, Benning, and Perry. The Federals had, wounded, Gens. Carroll and Baxter. Gen. Humphreys writes of this battle:— I have gone into more detail becautacked the lines held by Field's division with Cutler's and Crawford's divisions and Webb's and Carroll's brigades, approaching through dense thickets which hid him from view until at quite close qua Humphreys as:— Killed and wounded6,020 Missing8006,820 The Federal Gens. Wright, Webb, and Carroll were wounded. The Confederate losses, Humphreys estimates as between 4000 and 5000 killed and
until other arrangements can be made by this Convention. There is nothing in the Ordinance to affect the dignity, honor, and welfare of the State of South Carolina. We must keep the wheels of the Government going. The Constitution of the United States is not entirely abrogated by the Ordinance. What is legal tender in the payment of debts? Is it not gold and silver of the United States? In the case of clearing and entry of vessels, we are very liable to have the same confiscated. Mr. Carroll--The present revenue would be continued till an act of the Legislature authorized otherwise. Mr. Brown--There is no longer communication with the Government from which we are just separated. Mr. Dunkin--The spirit of the ordinance must be temporarily sustained till we treat with the General Government. Mr. Gregg--The President of the United States has thrown down the gauntlet in his Message. He has said that it was his duty to collect the revenue, and that he would do it. On one
ine S. V. The following are the officers of this regiment: Colonel, Chas. D. Jameson; Lieut.-Colonel, C. W. Roberts; Major, George Varney; Adjutant, John E. Reynolds; Quartermaster, C. Vesey Lord; Assistant Quartermaster, L. H. Pierce; Sergeant-Major, E. L. Appleton, all of Bangor; Surgeon, W. H. Allen, Orono; Assistant Surgeon, A. C. Hamlin, Bangor, nephew of the Vice-President; Hospital Steward, A. D. Palmer, Orono; Chaplain, A. F. Mines, Bath. First company, Bangor Light Infantry, Capt. Bartletts. Second company, of Bangor, Capt. Chaplin. Third company, Milo Artillery, Capt. Sampson. Fourth company, Grattan Guards, Capt. Carroll. Fifth company, Brewer Artillery, Capt. Jones. Sixth company, Bangor Chasseurs, Capt. Meincke. Seventh company, of Bangor, Capt. Emerson. Eighth company, of Oldtown, Capt. Foss. Ninth company, of Bangor, Capt. Sargeant. Tenth company, Castline Light Infantry, Capt. Devereux. Each company contains 78 men and officers.--N. Y. Evening Post, May 17.
Quartermaster, C. V. Lord; Assistant Quartermaster, L. H. Pierce; Surgeon, W. H. Allen; Assistant Surgeon, A. C. Hamlin; (nephew of Vice-President Hamlin;) Chaplain, J. F. Mines; Sergeant-Major, E. L. Appleton. Company A--Captain, H. Bartlett; First Lieutenant, R. Wiggins; Second Lieut., Dean. Company B--First Lieut., Tilden, commanding; Second Lieut., Wardwell. Company C--Capt., Jones; First Lieut., Skinner; Second Lieut., Merill. Company D--Capt., Sampson.; First Lieut., Sturdevant; Second Lieut., Kittridge. Company E--Capt., Emmerson; First Lieut., Adams; Second Lieut., Richardson. Company F--Capt., Chaplin; First Lieut., Wilson; Second Lieut., Boynton. Company G--Capt., Sargent; First Lieut., Gettiell; Second Lieut., Morse. Company H--Capt., Meinicke; First Lieut., Farnham; Second Lieut., Garnsay. Company I--Capt., Carroll; First Lieut., Casey; Second Lieut., Sweeney. Company K--Capt., Foss; First Lieut., Fellows; Second Lieut., Cowan.--National Intelligencer, June 8.
is to be maintained in its integrity, with the Constitution proclaimed by Washington, based on the will of the majority, or whether it is to be sundered and shattered by a defeated faction, that sets at defiance the will of the people and would trample the Constitution in the dust? If ever the spirits of the departed are permitted to revisit the scenes they loved, and hover like angels around the steps of their successors, we may suppose that Hancock and the Adamses, Sherman and Wolcott, Carroll and Livingston, Jefferson and Franklin, Robert and Lewis Morris, Wilson and Rush and all their noble compeers look down from heaven in this hour upon the Congress at Washington; and God grant that the sturdy spirit which inspired the first Congress may equally inspire the last! Whatever may be our fate, said John Adams, with prophetic vision, after the adoption of the Declaration--be assured that this Declaration will stand. It may cost treasure and it may cost blood, but it will richly
the infantry reserve will be thrown forward to the intersection of the Gravel Hill road with the Ridge road to Hamburg, as a support to the cavalry. The reserve will be formed of Breckinridge's, Bowen's, and Statham's brigades, as now organized, the whole under command of Brigadier-General Breckinridge. V. General Bragg will detail the 51st and 52d regiments Tennessee Volunteers, Blount's Alabama and Desha's Arkansas battalion, and Bairn's battery, from his corps, which, with two of Carroll's regiments, now en route for these headquarters, will form a garrison for the post and depot of Corinth. VI. Strong guards will be left at the railway bridge between Iuka and Corinth, to be furnished in due proportion from the commands at Iuka, Beirnsville, and Corinth. VII. Proper guards will be left at the camps of the several regiments of the forces in the field. Corps commanders will determine the strength of these guards. VIII. Wharton's regiment of Texas cavalry will be
e regiment, Colonel Walker. 65 for 9th Tennessee regiment, Colonel Douglas. 106 for 22d Tennessee regiment, Colonel Freeman. 132 for 154th Sr. Tennessee regiment, Colonel Smith. 220 for 6th Tennessee regiment,Colonel Stephens. 144 for 12th Tennessee regiment,Colonel Russell. 166 for 33d Tennessee regiment,Colonel Campbell. At Union City, Colonel Vaughan, 13th Tennessee regiment, will need 100 men, and Colonel Pickett, 21st Tennessee regiment, will need 60 men. At Lexington, Colonel Carroll, of the 15th Tennessee regiment, will need 65. At Fort Pillow, for the 40th Tennessee regiment, there are 125 needed to fill up the ranks, and at Trenton, the 47th regiment Tennessee Volunteers needs 30 men. Respectfully, your obedient servant, G. T. Beauregard, Genl. Comdg. Isham G. Harris, Governor of the State of Tenn., Memphis. Jackson, Miss., August 3d, 1976. General,—Your last was forwarded to me here. On reflection, I am sure that General Chalmers remembers correctl
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
3; died 1 Sep 63 Morris Id. S. C. $50. Brown, William R. Corpl. 26, mar.; laborer; Elmira, N. Y. 8 Apl 63; died 25 Mch 65 Gen. Hos. Charleston S. C. Typhoid Fever. $50. Canady, Barker 23, mar.; farmer; E. Stoughton. 17 Jly 64; 20 Aug 65. Carroll, William 22, sin.; laborer; Harrisburg, Pa. 8 Apl. 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Carter, Levi 38, mar.; laborer; Elmira, N. Y. 8 Apl. 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Cole, Philip Corpl. 19, sin.; laborer; Middletown, Pa. 8 Apl 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Cleveland, O.rsburg, Pa. 6 May 63; 25 Aug 65 New York. Wounded 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner. $50 bush, James W. 1st Sergt. 20, mar.; student; Xenia, O. 12 May 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Butler, Albert 27, mar.; engineer; Peekskill, N. Y. 5 May 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Carroll, Samuel. Corpl. 26, sin.; barber; Nashville, Tenn. 5 May 63; died 3 Mch 64 Jacksonville, Fla. of disease. $50. Carson, Arthur 25, mar.; laborer; Mercersburg, Pa. 6 May 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Champion, John Battis. 22, sin.; laborer; Dominiqu
n return. Companies fall, regiments are thinned, brigades melt away. Stricken in the head by a bullet, General Alexander Hayes, commanding the Second brigade of Birney's division, has rolled from his horse, dead. General Getty is wounded; Colonel Carroll, commanding the Third brigade of the Second division, is wounded; a host of line officers are stricken low; the enemy fights like a demon, but the fight moves on. Sedgwick moves on, breaking the enemy's line for a moment, and taking four and Sedgwick stretched from near the river, through the forest, across the road leading to Locust Grove, to within half a mile of the Orange Court-house road. Across this road, and far to the left, the troops led by Hancock were disposed--Colonel Carroll's and General Hayes' (now Colonel Crocker's) brigades on the right, and Generals Ward's and Owen's brigades on the left of the thoroughfare. The three brigades of General Getty's division of the Sixth corps, commanded by Generals Eustis, Wh
James Redpath, The Public Life of Captain John Brown, Chapter 9: battle of Ossawatomie. (search)
Let those who cannot go hitch up their wagons and throw in a few provisions, and get more as they come along by their neighbors, and bring them to Lexington on Wednesday. Let others bring horses and mules, and saddles and guns, --all to come in on Wednesday. We must go immediately. There is no time to spare, and no one must hold back. Let us all do a little, and the job will be light. We want two hundred to three hundred men from this county. Jackson, Johnson, Platte, Clay, Ray, Saline, Carroll, and other counties are now acting in this matter. All of them will send up a company of men, and there will be a concert of action. New Santa Fe, Jackson County, will be the place of rendezvous for the whole crowd, and our motto this time will be, No quarter. Come up, then, on Wednesday, and let us have concert of action. Let no one stay away. We need the old men to advise, the young men to execute. We confidently look for eight hundred to one thousand citizens to be present. At t
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