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, and for an attempt to take the life of Lieut. Carruthers when under arrest. Brown & Laidler, T it, he threw up his hand and frightened Lieut. Carruthers' horse, which was a spirited and restlesd received it across his back or shoulders. Carruthers then jumped from the buggy, and as he did sote side. Martin then presented the musket. Carruthers told him to crack his whip, and at the sameof which Martin dropped his head, from which Carruthers thinks his ball took effect. Martin then wh, and as he did so another shot was fired by Carruthers, but without effect. As Martin reached the rear of the buggy, Carruthers fired a third time, and thinks the shot took also. Martin was by this time on the same side with Carruthers, and Carruthers again sprang to the opposite side. Martin in wheeled and ran. The alarm was given by Lieut. Carruthers as soon as possible, and some of the guay started for dogs to follow the trail. Lieut. Carruthers hurried to town as rapidly as the condit[6 more...]
Brig.-Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 2.1, Maryland (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), chapter 11 (search)
Company B—Captain, Geo. M. Emack. FirstLieuten-ant, Mason E. McKnew. Second-Lieutenant, Adolphus Cook, Henry C. Blackiston. First-Sergeant, S. B. Spencer. Sergeants, W. A. Wilson, W. H. W. Guyther, D. M. Turner, O. H. Perry. Corporals, G. M. Serpell, J. J. Spear, Pembroke Jones, J. R. H. Deakins, Robert Carvell. Company C—Captain, Robert C. Smith. FirstLieuten-ant, Geo. Howard. Second-Lieutenant, T. Jeff Smith, T. J. Green, Graeme Turnbull, Jas. D. Walters. First-Sergeant, Illinois Carruthers. Sergeants, Geo. Smith Norris, E. Clarence Neale, Wm. F. Dorsey, Hamilton Lefevre. Corporals, Richard Knox, Richard C. Smith, LaFayette Hause. Company D—Captain, Warner G. Welch. First-Lieu. tenant, Wm. H. Dorsey. Second-Lieutenant, Stephen D. Lawrence, Milton Welch. First-Sergeant, Phineas I. Davis. Sergeants, Upton L. Dorsey, Thomas G. Worthington, Albert Jones, Lewis W. Trail. Corporals, Geo. R. Simpson, Edwin Selvage, Geo. R. Cather, Rich H. Norris. Company E—Captain, Wm. J
Alabama, Arkansas and Kentucky regiments; the Second, under Gen. J. B. Villepigue, which included the Thirty-third and Thirty-ninth Mississippi; the Third, under Gen. John S. Bowen made up of the Sixth, Fifteenth and Twenty-second regiments and Carruthers' battalion, Mississippi infantry, and the First Missouri. Col. W. H. Jackson's cavalry brigade, attached to Lovell's command, consisted of the First Mississippi and Seventh Tennessee. Thirteen batteries were attached to the army, including the e, guarding the rear, Van Dorn was safely crossing the Hatchie at a bridge six miles south of Davis', and Bowen crossed the Tuscumbia, burning the bridge behind him and saving all the trains. In this very important contest on the Tuscumbia, Carruthers' battalion and the Fifteenth Mississippi and some companies of Jackson's cavalry carried off the honors. Among the Mississippi commands especially mentioned for gallantry at Corinth was the Twenty-second Mississippi, which, with the Ninth, led
Catch him. --Two hundred and fifty dollars reward is offered by the citizens of Hawkinsville, Ga., for the arrest of George Martin, dead or alive, charged with uttering treasonable sentiments against the Southern Confederacy, and admitted by him — and for an attempt to take the life of Lieut. Carruthers, when under arrest.
The Daily Dispatch: December 23, 1861., [Electronic resource], Sudden death on
Pennsylvania Avenue
, Washington. (search)
eld; R. W. Bryce, slightly; . John Blain, slightly, B. W. Means, slightly; A. P. Syles. slightly; D. W. Hollis, severely. Co. D, Boyce Guards.--Killed, J. M. Elliot. Wounded, none. Co. E. Chester Guards.--Killed, private, G. W. Breakfield; missing, supposed killed, Thomas C. Harden. Wounded, Capt. O. Harden, severely; Sergt. J. A. Sanders, slightly; private John Lucas, slightly Co. F. Chester Blues.--Killed, privates W. H. Abell, R. T. Johnson, J. McKewn, J. W. Smith, Sergt. Carruthers. Wounded, Sergt. Elliot, slightly; S. McAliley, slightly; privates Boyd, slightly; Lepsey, slightly Co. G, Pickens Guard — Killed, J. T. Coldwell, W. S. McDill. Wounded, Corp'l. L. S. Douglas, slightly; private M. R. Dye, slightly; S. M. Schouler, slightly Co. H, York Guards — Killed, 1st Lieut F. E. Moore, Corp'l W. T. Robinson, privates Thos J. Parks, H. P. Price, Samuel Hoffman. Wounded, Serg't J. N. Faires, mortally; privates, Wm. Hamilton, mortally; Wm. Crosby, severel