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Arrived at last. --About 319 of the 600 and odd Yankees said to have been captured by our troops in the fight near Williamsburg on Monday, arrived here last evening under a guard of cavalry, commanded by Captain R. A. Caskie, and were lodged in the C. S. Military Prison. The prisoners marched in the centre of a hollow square, and owing to the accumulation of dust did not have a very presentable look. When coming up Main street they were allowed to buy such articles of provisions as they stood in need of. Bread was eaten with an avidity that showed the parties appreciated it. We believe no on one jeered at them while passing to the prison. Those who witnessed their advent seemed disposed to treat them with silent contempt. They represented themselves to have been kindly treated on the way. The following is a list of the officers brought here as prisoners, viz: Lewis Benedict, Jr., Lieut Col., 73d N. Y.; R. H. Lee, Capt. co. 1, 74th N. Y.; Martin Willis, co. K, 74th N. Y.; Benj
ill be seen that all the information heretofore published with reference to the fight at Barhamsville, is entirely without foundation. How it obtained existence, or received public credence, we need not inquire. We have some further particulars of the fight of Monday near Williamsburg, which, from the accounts we have, was a most brilliant and successful affair. A large number of the prisoners captured reached this city yesterday afternoon, under a cavalry escort, commanded by Capt. Robert A. Caskie, of the Wise Cavalry. The gallantry displayed by this corps is highly commended, and is said to have struck terror to the enemy. Our loss in this fight was very heavy, and we have to mourn the loss of some noble and gallant spirits, and the severe wounding of many others. We published yesterday a list of names which we had received as killed and wounded, and this morning we add a number of others in the 11th and 24th regiments: Eleventh Regiment.--Col. Garland, slightly w
Handsome Sward for a Gallant officer. --We saw yesterday a very handsome and service able cavalry sword recently presented to Lieut. --Col Robert A. Caskie, by the officers and men of his old company, the Caskie Rangers. On the front of the blade are the words: "Presented to Col. Caskie by the officers and men of the CaskieCol. Caskie by the officers and men of the Caskie Rangers;"on the reverse, the motto, " Audaces Fortuna Juvat."The sword was made by Boyle &Gamble, of Richmond. Col. Caskie recruited the company, since named after him, in this city in 1861. It has seen as hard service and done as much hard fighting as any organization in the army, and its originator has fought his way to a &Gamble, of Richmond. Col. Caskie recruited the company, since named after him, in this city in 1861. It has seen as hard service and done as much hard fighting as any organization in the army, and its originator has fought his way to a Lieutenant Colonelcy in a branch of the service in which promotions are far from rapid.
day, his own brother, whom he had before confronted on the Peninsula. The Latest. Passengers from Petersburg yesterday report everything quiet, with the exception of the usual artillery and picket firing. Our scouts report that the Yankees have not done much damage to the Weldon railroad. They have settled themselves down with the apparent intention of holding the position; but they will do well to remember the adage about "the best laid schemes of mice and men." Colonel Robert A. Caskie, of the Tenth Virginia cavalry, was wounded — not dangerously — in a slight skirmish with the enemy on Tuesday, near Reams's station. Forrest Attacks Memphis — captures prisoners, horses, mules, &c. The telegraph, a day or two since, announced that Forrest had made an attack upon Memphis; but the public have been so often misled by dispatches from the Southwest that little importance was attached to it. The news, however, in this instance, turns out to be true, as the follo<
Petersburg quite rapidly. Some damage was done to private property, but no personal injury is reported. Meanwhile our cavalry are not idle. A spirited engagement took place on Tuesday afternoon at Tillotson's farm, on our extreme right, about ten miles distant from Petersburg. Our pickets were driven in at that point by the enemy's cavalry, in large force, when an engagement ensued, in which the enemy was driven back with considerable loss. It was in this affair that Lieutenant-Colonel Robert A. Caskie, of the Tenth Virginia cavalry, was wounded, as before reported. Rumors are current of a sharp cavalry engagement on Thursday, near Colonel Wyatt's farm, four miles from Petersburg, in which the enemy was defeated with serious loss. These reports lack confirmation. The train last evening brought over fifty-nine prisoners, captured by General Pickett's command, near Bermuda Hundred, on Thursday. There were also two deserters, who came in to claim the privileges guarante
Mayor's Court --Recorder Caskie presiding.--Richard Bailey, a free negro, charged with committing a murderous assault upon Dr. M. Blankman, was ordered thirty-nine lashes and committed to jail in default of security for his future good behavior; Jim, slave of Charles C. Ellett, and George, slave of Richard Smith, charged with throwing stones at white children in the street, were ordered to be whipped; Ralph, slave of Sarah Tompkins, charged with cutting and stabbing Robert, a slave, was ordered to be taken to Manchester for examination, the offence having been committed in Chesterfield county; and time was allowed Samuel Struck to abate a nuisance existing on his premises. In none of the above-enumerated cases was there any evidence elicited which could interest the public, and it is therefore needless to publish it.
The cavalry. Thirty young farmers, of Augusta county Virginia,--a number of whom have already seen service — having come to Richmond upon the revocation of details, on their arrival at Camp Lee, waived all examination and were in a body assigned to duty in the Thirteenth Virginia cavalry, Colonel Robert A. Caskie. This regiment, with one or two others, is about to be placed under the command of Colonel Lucius Davis as brigade commander.