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sst. Surgeon Gee, Quartermaster Tom Watson. Colonel Patterson was a lawyer of ability of northeast Arkansas. The regiment was transferred to Mississippi in the concentration of troops there under Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, and marched in Shaver's brigade, under Cleburne as division commander, to meet the advance of Grant at Shiloh. It took part in that engagement, under command of Colonel Patterson, and lost heavily both days. Lieut. Thomas Bateman was killed, and Lieutenants Perryman, Cates, Harris and Richardson were wounded. Major Kelly commanded four companies, A, B, C and D, 122 men, of whom 62 were killed or wounded. Major Kelly seemed to have a charmed life. Upon reorganization, John H. Kelly was elected colonel; Wilson, lieutenant-colonel, and Capt. G. F. Baucum, major. Lieutenant-Colonel Wilson resigned, and Anderson Watkins was elected major. Upon the promotion of Colonel Kelly to brigadier-general, Baucum became colonel, and Anderson Watkins, lieutenant-colonel.
Napoleon received a valuable present of a fortress in the Lebanon mountains, from the wife of a deceased Pasha. Whatever may be the future of French occupancy, the past and present is to be accredited to the humane desire of the Emperor to suppress the horrible butcheries of the Druses. His own prompt action alone saved the unbutchered of Syria, and his forces must remain to insure their safety. -- But to return to visit to the encampment. The roads amid mulberry groves and hedges of us. Cates for Turk and Frenchman her spring up along the way, and seem well patronized, notwithstanding they present little of the attractiveness of the cafes of the Boulevards of Paris. The road was filled with French soldiers, Turkish soldiers, Algerines, Bedouins, horsemen and footmen, donkeys and donkey men, camels and camel men, and women with various costumes. Our French omnibus, with its team of mules and horses, and its black Nubian driver, added to the strange mingling of the European a
ity of Richmond, Mitchell, Philadelphia, mdze, and passengers. C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Geo. Peabody, Pritchard, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr.Del. Farmer, --, Baltimore, lumber, Jno. Abrahams. Schr. Amythis, Cates, Portland, plaster, Robertson & Miller. Schr. Danville, Chester, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Rough and Ready, Moore, Eastern Shore, potatoes, A. Millspaugh. Schr. Champ, --, James River, billets and hoop poles. Sloohr. Clara Belle, Mitchell, Baltimore, guano, Bacon & Baskerville. Schr. Florida, Hayes, Jacksonville, lumber, J. A. Belvin. Schr. Nelly D., Studdard, Philadelphia, coal, S. P. Hawes & Son. sailed, Schr. Hope, Frank, down the river, light. Memorandum. Capt. Cates, of schr. Amythis, reports: March 31st, off Cape Cod, passed a large fore and aft schooner, sunk, with only mast heads out of water, which were painted green — wind N. E., blowing a heavy gale at the time.
Ship Pioneer, Hocker, for City Point, cleared at Liverpool 16th ult. Schr. Amytis, Cates, from Richmond, arrived at Wilmington, N C., 2d inst.
body was not identified, and at night was buried on a land bluff. It will probably be impossible to recover Colonel Putnam's body. On Monday Lieutenant Ben, who was captured by us, severely wounded, in the engagement of the 10th, died at our hospital. Last evening Dr. Craven, chief medical officer; Lieutenant-Colonel Hull, Provost Marshal, and General Vodges, went with a flag of truce to return the body. They were met first by Captain Tracey, and afterwards by General Heywood and Colonel Cates, formerly member of Congress. They had a very pleasing interview, and talked quite freely on some points "We intend to be a great nation yet," said they. "We think we can live without you; but you show your weakness by declaring you cannot live without us." That was their principal point. They also complained about the negro soldiers, urging that it was unchivalrous to send negroes to fight gentlemen. One important result of the interview was a mutual agreement for the general exchang
desire to make a similar contribution) From the 30th Va regiment of infantry, Corse's brigade, Pickett's division. From the 1st, 7th, and 11th Tenn and 13th Ala regiments, of Archer's brigade. From the 40th, 47th, and 55th Va regiments and 22d Va battalion; of Walker's brigade. From Gen C A Evans's Brigade. From 1st regiment, 2d, 5th and 6th Rifles, and Palmetto Sharpshooters, of S C Volunteers, Jenkins's Brigade, per Jos Mayo, Esq, Mayor. From 15th Alabama regiment, Col W C Cates, per J P Hill, Commissary Sergeant. From 8th and 20th South Carolina regiments, Kershaw's Brigade, per Maj Jos Kennedy. From 18th Virginia regiment, Hunton's Brigade, per C E Daugherty, Commissary Sergeant. From 17th Virginia regiment, Corse's Brigade, per T L Chase, Commissary Sergeant. From 19th Virginia regiment, Hunton's Brigade. From 57th Virginia regiment, Barton's Brigade. From 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery. From 9th and 28th Virginia regiments, of Barton's Brigade,