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Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Grand movement of the Army of the Potomac- crossing the Rapidan-entering the Wilderness- battle of the Wilderness (search)
r's Brigade. Brig.-Gen. H. H. Walker's Brigade. Unattached: 5th Alabama Battalion. Cavalry corps: Lieutenant-General Wade Hampton, Commanding. (p) Maj.-Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's division. Brig.-Gen. W. C. Wickham's Brigade. Brig.-Gen. L. L. Lomax's Brigade. Maj.-Gen. M. C. Butler's division. Brig.-Gen. John Dunovant's Brigade. Brig.-Gen. P. M. B. Young's Brigade. Brig.-Gen. Thomas L. Rosser's Brigade. Maj.-Gen. W. H. F. Lee's division. Brig.-Gen. Rufus Barringer's Brigade. Brig.-Gen. J. R. Chambliss's Brigade. Note. (a) Col. W. R. Aylett was in command Aug. 29th, and probably at above date. (b) inspection report of this division shows that it also contained Benning's and Gregg's brigades. (c) commanded by Colonel P. D. Bowles. (d) only two brigadier-generals reported for duty; names not indicated. (e) Constituting York's Brigade.organization of the Army of the Valley district. (f) in Ramseur's division. (g) Evan's Brigade, Colonel E. N. Atkinson Commanding, and
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter 23: battle of Fredericksburg (continued). (search)
First, Second, Third, and Fourth Brigades. Commanders are given as reported December 16, 1862. Maj.-Gen. James E. B. Stuart:--First Brigade Detachment on raid to Dumfries.; Brig.-Gen. Wade Hampton; 1st N. C., Col. L. S. Baker; 1st S. C., Col. J. L. Black; 2d S. C., Col. M. C. Butler; Cobb (Ga.) Legion, Lieut.-Col. P. M. B. Young; Phillips's (Ga.) Legion, Lieut.-Col. William W. Rich. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Fitzhugh Lee; 1st Va., Col. James H. Drake; 2d Va., Col. Thomas T. Munford; 3d Va., Col. T. H. Owen; 4th Va., Col. William C. Wickham; 5th Va. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. H. F. Lee; 2d N. C., Col. S. Williams; 9th Va., Col. R. L. T. Beale; 10th Va., Col. J. Lucius Davis; 13th Va., Col. J. R. Chambliss, Jr.; 15th Va., Col. William B. Ball. Fourth Brigade, In the Shenandoah Valley. Brig.-Gen. W. E. Jones; 6th Va., Col. John S. Green; 7th Va., Col. R. H. Dulany; 12th Va., Col. A. W. Harman; 17th (Va.) Battn., Lieut.-Col. O. R. Funsten; White's (Va.) Battn., Maj. E. V. White.
General James Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox, Chapter28: Gettysburg-Third day. (search)
; 2d Va., Col. T. T. Munford; 3d Va., Col. Thomas H. Owen; 4th Va., Col. William C. Wickham; 5th Va., Col. T. L. Rosser. Jenkins's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A. G. Jenkins, Col. M. J. Ferguson; 14th, 16th, and 17th Va.; 34th Va. Battn., Lieut.-Col. V. A. Witcher; 36th Va. Battn.; Jackson's (Va.) Batt., Capt. Thomas E. Jackson. Jones's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William E. Jones; 6th Va., Maj. C. E. Flournoy; 7th Va., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Marshall; 11th Va., Col. L. L. Lomax. W. H. F Lee's Brigade, Col. J. R. Chambliss, Jr.; 2d N. C.; 9th Va., Col. R. L. T. Beale; 10th Va., Col. J. Lucius Davis; 13th Va. Stuart's Horse Artillery, Maj. R. F. Beckhamn; Breathed's (Va.) Batt., Capt. James Breathed; Chew's (Va.) Batt., Capt. R. P. Chew; Griffin's (Md.) Batt., Capt. W. H. Griffin; Hart's (S. C.) Batt., Capt. J. F. Hart; McGregor's (Va.) Batt., Capt. W. M. McGregor; Moorman's (Va.) Batt., Capt. M. N. Moorman. Imboden's command, Mounted. Brig.-Gen. J. D. Imnboden; 18th Va. Cav., Col. George W. Imnboden;
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., chapter 3.24 (search)
a hamlet 7 miles east of Culpeper Court House. The operations the first day, the 29th, after crossing, consisted in driving in the outposts which were encountered on both roads. The report continues: About 9 A. M., April 30th, a staff-officer of General Averell overtook me. . . . He also handed me a note picked up by some one, and sent me by General Averell, and to the following effect: [Important.]headquarters, cavalry division, near Brandy Station, Va., April 29th, 1863.Colonel Chambliss, 13th Virginia Cavalry. Colonel: The major-general commanding directs me to say that he wishes you to get a man posted so as to have a view of the road leading down on the other side to Kelly's Ford, and find out what kind of troops marched down behind the wagons. The enemy have male a demonstration toward Stevensburg, but so far it amounts to nothing. Thie general is very anxious to know where to look for Stoneman, as we have heard nothing from him. Most respectfully, your ob
had charge of the expedition, agreeably to the wishes of General Lee. Doubtless the night attack had much to do with the evacuation of Westover, as it made McClellan feel that his shipping was insecure. Two days after, he took possession of Coggins's Point, and maintained a force on the south side till he left the river. His gunboats were attacked at the mouth of the Appomattox, and points were selected for the further harassing of his shipping. An expedition was sent out, under Colonel J. R. Chambliss, to within two miles of Suffolk. Arrangements were made for the defence of the Blackwater, Chowan, and Tar Rivers, and a point selected for fortifications on the Roanoke to secure Weldon. On the twenty-first August, I left Petersburg to join the army in Northern Virginia, and was given command of McLaws's division and three brigades of my own division at Hanover Junction. The brigades of Ripley and Colquitt, of my division, were in advance of us, at Orange Court-House. On the
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Editorial paragraphs. (search)
Stuart to General Cooper, dated November 11, 1862, recommending the promotion of Major Pelham to the rank of lieutenant-colonel of artillery; original letter from General R. E. Lee to General Stuart commending the gallant conduct of Sergeant Mickler, of Second South Carolina cavalry, and his party in the fight at Brentsville January 9, 1863, and stating that he had recommended their promotion for gallantry and skill ; confidential letter (dated April 4, 1864), from General Stuart to General J. R. Chambliss, commander of his outposts on the Lower Rappahannock; confidential letter of Colonel Charles Marshall (General Lee's military secretary) to General Stuart conveying important information and orders from General Lee. From General I. M. St. John, last Commissary-General: A report to President Davis of the closing operations of the Commissary Department. Letters from Ex-President Davis, General R. E. Lee; General John C. Breckinridge, Secretary of War; Colonel Thomas G. Williams, A
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Cavalry operations in May, 1863--report of General J. E. B. Stuart. (search)
n check. General W. H. F. Lee selected a fine position between Brandy and Kelly's and awaited the advance; General Fitz. Lee being held in reserve at Brandy, with a regiment at Stevensburg. The enemy did not advance that way seriously, though Chambliss, with the Thirteenth Virginia, was skirmishing all the forenoon with the enemy's infantry. A Prussian officer of General Carl Schurz's staff was captured, who reported that two corps of the enemy were certainly across the river: how many mord the force in this column at 20,000 men. He seemed frank and candid, as well as communicative. About 1 P. M., I received a report from the pickets towards Madden's that the enemy was moving a large infantry force in that direction. Leaving Chambliss in front of the enemy where I was, I marched the remainder of the command, Fitz. Lee in advance, directly to Madden's, where we pierced the enemy's column while it was marching, and scattered it, taking possession of the road and capturing a nu
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Memoranda of the operations of Brigadier-General W. H. F. Lee's command during General Stoneman's raid into Virginia. (search)
Memoranda of the operations of Brigadier-General W. H. F. Lee's command during General Stoneman's raid into Virginia. Wednesday, April 29th, 1863--Chambliss' Thirteenth Virginia cavalry, with one piece of artillery, was left at Kelly's; Payne, with one hundred men of Second North Carolina cavalry, had gone to Germana; I, with the Ninth, went to Willis Madden's with General Stuart; left him that night and went to Culpeper Courthouse with the Ninth Virginia cavalry; Chambliss joined me therChambliss joined me there that night. Thursday, 30th--Marched from Culpeper to Rapidan station, with Ninth and Thirteenth Virginia cavalry, and one piece of artillery; left one squadron in Culpeper, which fell back before the enemy and joined me at Rapidan; enemy appeared that evening. Friday, May 1st--Engaged all day with one or two brigades of cavalry; one charge made by Colonel Beale, with one squadron to draw them out; took 30 prisoners, but could not bring them off — was pressed very hard; had orders from G
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Field letters from Stuart's headquarters. (search)
my's main body will, in the event of such a move, either march directly for Fredericksburg, or move up the turnpike or plank road towards Vidiersville, as before. In the former case, endeavor to impede his march with artillery and dismounted men, so as to give us a chance to strike his flank. In the latter case, close up and harass his rear, as Rosser did so handsomely before. Above all, Vigilance, vigilance, vigilance! Very respectfully, J. E. B. Stuart, Major-General. Brigadier-General J. R. Chambliss, Commanding, &c. headquarters army of Northern Virginia, 23d April, 1864. Major-General J. E. B. Stuart, Commanding C. C.: General — The Commanding General directs me to inform you, that in view of the reports of your scouts and those of General Imboden, he is disposed to believe that Averill contemplates making another expedition either to Staunton or the Virginia and Tennessee railroad simultaneously with the general movement of the Federal army. The reduction of the en
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Field telegrams. (search)
d some portion on right of Clay's. R. E. Lee. Clay's House, 12 M., 17th June, 1864. General G. T. Beauregard, Petersburg, Virginia: Telegrams of 9 A. M. received. Until I can get more definite information of Grant's movements, I do not think it prudent to draw more troops to this side of the river. R. E. Lee. headquarters army of Northern Virginia, June 17th, 1864. General Wade Hampton, Vernon Church, via Hanover Junction: Grant's army is chiefly on south side of James river. Chambliss has been ordered to co-operate with you. Communicate with him. R. E. Lee. Official: C. S. Venable, A. D. C. Clay's House, 1.45 P. M., 17th June, 1864. General G. T. Beauregard, Petersburg, Virginia: Fifth corps (Warren's) crossed Chickahominy at Long bridge on 13th; was driven from Riddel's shop by General Hill, leaving many dead and prisoners on our hands. That night it marched to Westover. Some prisoners were taken from it on the 14th; have not heard of it since. All prisoners t
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