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Mrs. John A. Logan, Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife: An Autobiography, Chapter 11: (search)
e were delightful functions and we enjoyed them to the full. Mrs. Kate Chase Sprague presided over the home of Chief Justice Chase. There could not possibly have been sisters more unlike each other than were the Chase sisters, not only in persohave especially fitted her for the position which she was destined to occupy. Soon after Mr. Lincoln's inauguration Mr. Chase was chosen Secretary of the Treasury and took up his residence in Washington in a commodious house on the corner of Fifl powers and incomparable beauty. Her devotees were innumerable, and no queen ever held a more imperious sway than did Kate Chase. Legions of suitors sought her hand, apparently without touching her heart. Finally Governor Sprague, the multimillio, however, was elected to the United States Senate. At the beginning of the session they took up their abode with Chief Justice Chase, and Mrs. Sprague resumed her accustomed sway as the wife of a senator. Late in January, at the height of the
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Poetry and Incidents., Volume 7. (ed. Frank Moore), Yankee Villainy and Flnnkeyism. (search)
Yankee Villainy and Flnnkeyism. In the late raid to Rocky Mount, N. C., says the Raleigh State Journal, the Yankees entered the dwelling of ex-Gov. Clark, and took from his wife the wedding present of jewelry her husband had given her, and which of course she highly prized. One of the men remarked he thought it hard; but, said he, though our officers profess otherwise, in stealing these things, we are strictly under orders--we must obey. We learn from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the most sycophantic of all Lincoln's lick-spittles, that the betrothal ring ordered by ex-Governor Sprague for his intended bride, Miss Kate Chase, is a diamond solitaire, set in enamel and not chased. It is described as a beautiful and tasteful ornament, worthy of the beautiful young lady who is the happy possessor of the token. The price of the ring was four thousand dollars.--Savannah News, August 14.
Gov. Sprague. --It is stated that Governor Sprague, of Rhode Island, is soon to marry Miss Kate Chase, daughter of the present Secretary of the Treasury. The Governor is not yet thirty years of age, and is reputed to be worth not far from $10,000,000.
of his manners, combined with his happy mood, could not have failed to inspire in his numerous guests the most pleasurable recollections of their visit. Secretary Chase.--The throng which pressed their way to the elegant mansion of this another colossal national pillar, the illustrious financial head of the Government, was no less imposing than in the case of his great associate, of whom we have already spoken. Secretary Chase, in his lofty symmetrical, physical proportions, in the massive, intellectual outlines of his evenly developed brow and head in his large, pleasant and penetrating eye and finely developed features. is, unquestionably, one of th upon the massive brow of the noble old veteran, another here was ushered into the room in the person of that magnificent soldier, General Heintzelman. Miss Kate Chase, whose adornments, as a true daughter and a noble hearted women — not less than her sweet. captivating manners and personal graces make her so universally ad
ewhere, no further. The Yankee Government sales of abandoned cotton take place at St. Louis on the first Monday of each month, and at Cincinnati on the second Monday. The first sale will take place in the last named city on the 15th instant. The Newport News says that the Right Rev-Bishop of the Diocese of Rhode Island will visit the city of Washington in a few days for the purpose of uniting in the bonds of matrimony ex-Gov. Sprague, now U. S. Senator from Rhode Island, and Miss Kate Chase, eldest daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury. The chief of police of Nashville, Tenn., arrested C. F. Jones, formerly connected with the New York Spirit of the Times, now "local" of the Nashville Dispatch, for writing treasonable correspondence to the New York Freeman's Journal. He will be sent South. It was so certain in St. Louis last week that Vicksburg had fallen that several boats were placarded at the leaves "for Vicksburg and New Orleans." At a meeting of the
Marriage a La Mode. --The Northern papers announce an engagement between Ex-Gov., now Senator, Sprague, of Rhode Island, to Miss Kate Chase, daughter of the virtuous Salmon. Such trifles are not considered secret in Yankee high life, and are paraded before the public with the most disgusting freedom and fullness of detail. "Half the girls in Rhode Island," says the Louisville Democrat, "have been trying to catch the young statesman he is so rich." Another paper announces that the "young lover presented his affiance the other day with a ring worth $5,000 in gold." A third prates of the "tender and blushing" affection between the two "distinguished and handsome betrothed."
The Daily Dispatch: November 17, 1863., [Electronic resource], A Grand shoddy wedding in WashingtonJenkins's description of the affair. (search)
in Washington on Thursday night last, to Miss Kate Chase, "the eldest and accomplished" daughter od guests were assembled at the mansion of Secretary Chase, between the hours of half-past 8 and twethese personal friends of the Senator and Secretary Chase, were, on this occasion, non recipients od a vigorous prosecution of the war. Miss Kate Chase, the bride of the distinguished Senator, be gan to assemble around the mansion of Secretary Chase. They were very good-natured, as large cntlemen acting as bridesmaids and groomsmen: Miss Chase, sister to Miss Kate Chase; Miss Skinner, niMiss Kate Chase; Miss Skinner, niece of the Secretary, and Miss Nichols, niece of Governor Sprague; Maj. H. Baldwin, of Gen. Stahel't portion of the night before finished. Miss Chase was dressed in a gorgeous white velvet dresswritten for the occasion and dedicated to Miss Kate Chase. The banquet, which occurred at a laaried and animated one. The marriage of Miss Chase and Senator Spraque last evening passed off [2 more...]