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The Powhatan, Yatio, did good service; but being well out in the channel, managed to escape. The Fanny was set on fire by her crew when leaving her, and burned to the water's edge. The Ellis was captured, sustaining but little damage. Captain Cooke fought desperately, and received a severe wound on the skull, which we fear will terminate fatally. His vessel was boarded by an overpowering number of the enemy. The officers captured by the enemy were, Captain Cooke, James Peters, J. HankCaptain Cooke, James Peters, J. Hanks, J. J. Henderson, James W. McCarrick, R. W. G. Livingston, and Mr. Wombsley--the first and last named of the Ellis, and the rest of the Sea Bird. Drs Greenhow and Jones were also captured, both being attached to the Sea Bird. As far as ascertained, only three were wounded in the fight at Roanoke Island, viz: Master Odanlg Hoole, skull fractured; Midshipman Conner, arm shot off; and the wheelsman of the Curlew, as before stated, arm broken. In the second fight, the killed on our side am
ale of Miss, McQueen of S. C., Breckinridge of Ky., Preston of Va., and McLean of N. C. Naval Affairs.--Messrs. Conrad of La., Boyce of S. C., Wright of Geo., Clopton of Ala., Currin of Tenn., Smith of Va., Gaither of N. C., Dawkins of Fla., and Chambliss of Va. Judicatory.--Messrs. Gartrell of Geo., Russell of Va. Dargan of Ala., Moore of Ky., Garland of Ark., Heiskell of Tenn., Gray of Texas, Ashe of N. C., and Holcombe of Va. Commerce--Messrs. Curry of Ala., Trippe of Geo., Cooke of Mo., McDowell of N. C., Lyons of Va., Sexton of Texas, Villere of La., F. W. Bruce of Ky., and Chambliss of Miss. Post-Offices and Post Roads.--Messrs. Chilton of Ala., Conrow of Mo., Royster of Ark., Johnson of Va., Clark of Geo., Davidson of N. C., Welsh of Miss., Hilton of Fla., and Herbert of Texas. Territories and Public Lands.--Messrs. Wilcox of Texas, Marshall of La., Jenkins of Va., Freeman of Mo., Foster of Ala., Batson of Ark., Lewis of Geo., Ewing of Ky., and Meness o
irect with the squadron to Elizabeth City, and send express to Norfolk for ammunition. Should I arrive in time we will return to aid in the defence; if not, will there make a final stand; and blow up the vessels rather than they shall fall into the hands of the enemy. There are reasons for reaching upon Norfolk, but it would be unseemly thus to desert this section of country. If I have erred in judgement, by a speedy notification the error will be corrected. Commander Hunter, Lieut Commanders Cooke, Parker, and Alexander, and Masters Commanding McCarrick Taylor and Hoole bravely sustained the credit of the service, and every officer and man per formed his duty with alacrity. Lieut Commanding Simms, although absent on detailed service, exhibited such an eagerness to participate in the conflict as to give full assurance that, if gratified, he would have upheld his high reputation. I am, very respectfully, your obd't" W F. Lynch Flag-Officer. The Hon. S R. Mallery,
Burnt to death. --A negro woman, residing with Mr. Cooke, corner of 8th and Leigh streets, accidently came in contact with fire on the premises last Monday night, when her clothing ignited, and the poor creature was so badly burned that she died soon afterward.
rdin, Rome, Georgia. Thomas C Howard, Atlanta, Georgia. Wm. T. Groves, Marietta, Georgia. Edmund Richardson, Albany, Georgia. Martin A Bowdoin, Griffin, Georgia. Ezekiel S. Chandler, Milledgeville, Georgia, Wm Woods, Madison, Georgia. Washington Poe, Macon, Georgia. Robt H. Glass, Lynchburg, Virginia. Wm M Kebity Co. Charlottesville, Virginia. George Saucer, Abingdon, Virginia. Wm Wertenbaker, University of Virginia, Virginia. Levi L. Stevenson, Staunton, Va. John K Cooke, Portsmouth, Va. Augustus M. Vaughan, Norfolk, Va., Wm E Bass, Petersburg, Va. Thos B Plunkett, Lexington, Va. Joseph McCormick, Baton Rouge, La. John W. Taber, Natchitoches, La. Eugene R. Blassat, Alexandria, La. Alfred Huger, Charleston, South Carolina. James B. Glass, Columbia, S. C. Thos W. Pegues, Camden, S. C. Wm McNutty, Georgetown, S. C. Benj F Simmons, Apalachicola, Florida. Thos E Jordan; Pensacola, Fla, Miles Nash, Tallahassee, Fla. Chas W. Charlton, Kn
The Daily Dispatch: may 2, 1862., [Electronic resource], The Unsuccessful incubation of the python. (search)
in a hopeless condition at the entrance of our harbor. The Karnak left Havana on Saturday last, about half-past 12 o'clock P. M., with a strong northerly wind, and at half-past 11 o'clock A. M., on Monday, on nearing Nassau, took on board Mr. Cooke, one of the branch pilots of this port. Captain Le Massurier, we are informed, raised objections to coming in the harbor, but on being assured that it would be to more difficult to enter than it was during the March trip from Southwest Bay, he consented to do so. On crossing the bar at 12 o'clock the vessel struck heavily, and the Captain appeared to be remonstrating with Mr. Cooke for not piloting properly. The ship was then thrown by the surf on the coral reef, the engines all the time working in perfect order, with the hope of getting her off. In this trying emergency, what was to be done. Out of five steamers lying in our harbor, not one of them was in a condition to render the slightest assistance. Had H. M. steamer Bul
movements of the great and the little Napoleon. We did not think, moreover, even though the smaller of the Napoleons were imbued with all the genius of the greater, his army was quite equal to that which captured Ulm, and which Thiers tells us was the finest the Emperor ever commanded. We could not be made to believe that Sickles was as daring a leader as Ney. McCall as thorough a soldier as Davoust, Reynolds as skillful a tactician as Soult, Heintzelman as great a strategist as Lannes, or Cooke such "a bold dragoon" as Murat.--All these the great Napoleon had with him at Ulm, each of them a tool in the hand of the master- workman, exactly adapted to execute the especial piece of work to which he might assign it. With less than all of them — not withstanding the high qualities of his almost unrivalled army — we did not believe he could have captured Ulm, and as the little Napoleon had them not, and as, moreover, Richmond was harder to take than Ulm, we did not conceive that he would
Lieut W Quince, Co--, 3d North Carolina--brought in on litter dead. Second Lieut W A Threadgill, Co C, 14th North Carolina. Lieut H H West, Co H, 20th North Carolina--shoulder. First Lieut J Y Whitted, Co G, 27th North Carolina. Lieut James H McBride, Co--,--Louisiana--head, shell, died. Second Lieut M V B Swan, Co B, 2d Louisianan — shoulder and breast. Col J M Williams, 2d Louisiana--lung. Lieut R H Slaughter, Co F, 8th Louisiana. Second Lieut Wm E Cooke, Co A, 8th Louisiana, thigh and leg — tetanus. Capt N St Martin, Co K, 8th Louisiana--both thighs. Lieut Arnge Bozier, Co--,9th Louisiana. Captain C B Marmillion, Co G, 10th Louisiana--thigh. First Lieut Chas Knowlton, Co B, 10th Louisiana. Lieut S Herrera, Co G, 10th Louisiana. Capt M D Robinson. Co--13th Alabama. Capt W P Harper, Co H, 7th Louisiana--abdomen. First Lieut A E Knox, Co H, 7th Louisiana--fracture lower jaw. Lieut — Chandier, Co--4<
and Harney--have been retired from active service. Their places are not yet filled. Maj Gen U S Grant, of the volunteer army, was rewarded for his success at Vicksburg by being appointed Major Gen in the regular army, to fill the original vacancy in that grade remaining out of the four created during the present war. One Major Generalship (vice Wool retired) and two Brigadier Generalships (one vice Harney retired, and one original vacancy) remain unfilled. Should Brig Gen Philip St. Geo Cooke be retired (he has been summoned before the Retiring Board,) a third vacancy will occur. Gen Heintzleman's chances for a regular Brigadier Generalship are considered good. The following regular army officers were dismissed from the service last year: Maj Gen Fitz John Porter, Colonel 15th; Maj Haller, 7th; Maj Davidson, 4th; and Capts Beall, 2d; Stivers, 7th; Mayer and Wilkinson, 12th; Woodson, 16th; Cady, 17th; Breslin and Kellogg, 18th; Goodwin, 10th. The act of July 17th, 1862
From Gordonsville. Gordonsville, Oct. 19. --All quiet in front to-day. In the fight at Bristow on Wednesday last Cooke's brigade is reported to have lost 509 men in killed and wounded, and Kirkland's brigade 514. The number of killed in both brigades is about 200. Loss of the enemy not known.
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