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near the mouth of the Potomac River, Va.--Poolesville, Md., was taken possession of, and a detachment of Massachusetts cavalry stationed there was captured, by the rebel forces under Gen. Stuart. He crossed the Potomac River at Conrad's Ferry without opposition, and was received with exultant demonstrations of favor, nearly all the population turning out to welcome him.--Philadelphia Press. The One Hundred and Twenty-eighth regiment of New York volunteers, under the command of Colonel David S. Cowles, left Hudson for the seat of war.--The ship Ocmulgee, of Edgartown, Mass., was burned at sea by the rebel privateer 290, commanded by Capt. Semmes. Braxton Bragg, the rebel General at Sparta, Alabama, issued the following congratulatory order to his army:-- comrades: Our campaign opens auspiciously. The enemy is in full retreat, with consternation and demoralization devastating his ranks. To secure the fruits of this condition, we must press on vigorously and unceasin
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Port Hudson, La.: May 23d-July 8th, 1863. (search)
k, 57; w, 171; in, 43 = 271. Second division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas W. Sherman (w), Brig.-Gen. George L. Andrews, Brig.-Gen. Frank S. Nickerson, Brig.-Gen. William Dwight. Staff loss: w, 2. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Neal Dow (w and c), Col. David S. Cowles (k), Col. Thomas S. Clark: 26th Conn., Lieut.-Col. Joseph Selden; 6th Mich., Col. Thomas S. Clark, Lieut.-Col. Edward Bacon; 15th N. H., Col. John W. Kingman; 128th N. Y., Col. David S. Cowles, Capt. Francis S. Keese, Lieut.-Col. James SmiCol. David S. Cowles, Capt. Francis S. Keese, Lieut.-Col. James Smith; 162d N. Y., Col. Lewis Benedict, Lieut.-Col. Justin W. Blanchard. Brigade loss: k, 81; w, 498; m, 12 = 591. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Frank S. Nickerson: 14th Me., Col. Thomas W. Porter; 24th Me., Col. George M. Atwood; 28th Me., Col. Ephraim W. Woodman; 165th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Abel Smith, Jr. (m w), Maj. Gouverneur Carr (w), Capt. Felix Agnus; 175th N. Y., Col. Michael K. Bryan (k), Maj. John Gray; 177th N. Y., Col. Ira W. Ainsworth. Brigade loss: k, 34; w, 199; m, 5=238. Artillery: 21st
nia, Ball's Bluff. Colonel Julius Raith, Mortally wounded. 43d Illinois, Shiloh. Colonel Everett Peabody, 25th Missouri, Shiloh. Colonel George Webster, 98th Ohio, Chaplin Hills. Colonel John A. Koltes, 73d Pennsylvania, Manassas. Colonel William B. Goodrich, 60th New York, Antietam. Colonel George W. Roberts, 42d Illinois, Stone's River. Colonel Frederick Schaefer, 2d Missouri, Stone's River. Colonel George C. Spear, 61st Pennsylvania, Marye's Heights. Colonel David S. Cowles, 128th New York, Port Hudson. Colonel George B. Boomer, 26th Missouri, Vicksburg. Colonel Edward E. Cross, 5th New Hampshire, Gettysburg. Colonel George L. Willard, 125th New York, Gettysburg. Colonel Eliakim Sherrill, 126th New York, Gettysburg. Colonel Haldinand S. Putnam, 7th New Hampshire, Fort Wagner. Colonel James E. Mallon, 42d New York, Bristoe Station. Colonel Edward A. King, 68th Indiana, Chickamauga. Colonel Hans C. Heg, 15th Wisconsin, Chickamauga