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An Enterprising fellow. --The Provost Marshal's guard succeeded yesterday in laying hold of an individual who, under the names of Ford and Crafton, had joined two artillery companies here as a substitute, getting $1,000 in each case from his victims. The prisoner was carried to Castle Godwin. A large number of unprincipled persons have played the above game, and the majority of them have escaped detection.
Fayette Artillery. The following is a list of casualties in the Richmond Fayette Artillery, in the battle of Williamsburg, on Monday last. Killed--Delaware Crafton, Delaware Branen, George Smith, and Joseph Bock. Wounded — George A. Newton, in arm, Wm. S. Vanderbilt, in arm;--Monday, in side R. B. Dowden, struck on head with a fragment of shell; Corporal E. W. Gaines; Wm T. Martin, slightly. This company was in the hottest of the battle during the entire day, and received a high compliment from Gen. McLaze, commanding the brigade.
Accident to a Blue. --On Saturday last, private Crafton, of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues, met with quite a serious accident while out hunting near the company's camp, in Hanover county. He was leaning upon his gun, when it exploded, and shattered one of his arms very badly.
ded the operations of our troops. In conclusion, let me state that all the Richmond troops acted with their usual and conspicuous bravery. The First Regiment Virginia Volunteers fought-gallantly, and suffered severely. You have already published a list of their casualties. The 1st company Richmond Howitzers, Captain E. S. McCarthy, were in the fight from morning till night, and managed their guns with great coolness, skill, and activity. The casualties in this company were two: Harry C. Townsend, wounded in the cheek, and Thomas L. Whiting, in the leg. They also lost several horses. The old "Fayette Artillery," Capt. Miles Mason, fought gallantly and well. They lost four men killed: Delaware Crafton, --Branch, --Smith, and --Back, and 11 wounded. The day was very wet, and heavy showers of rain every hour or two. On Monday night Gen. Johnston continued the retreat, begun on the Thursday before, and has not since been molested from the direction of Williamsburg. Potomac.
ite; privates Gilbert N Gills, Henry L Bustle, Reuben S Lolla, John T Tays, Thos B Summers, and John Scroggs. Company D.--Sg't Jno W Harrison; privates Henry Bartlett, Jas P Powell, and Geo L Whitley. Company E.--Corp'l Thos R Marray; privates Seth Brinn, Jacob O Merry, Bryan Campbell, and Lewis H Leggett. Company F.--Capt Jesse S Barnes; Corp'l Wm T Lewis; privates Rufus M Franklin, Wm D Marier, Leopold Octtenger, John H Minor, Jacob Barnes, David Renttrow, Wm Todd, and Wm R Crafton. Company G.--Serg't. Richard L Dismukes Privates John J Barlow, Anderson H Cain, Alex W Chaffin, James Cook, James Dowdy, Jonathan Jordan, Ira F Swarenger, and Rufus W Wagoner. Company H.--Privates Moses B Diffes, Milan Morgan, Joseph Farr, Jno W Freizland, Jno R Kinder, Beverly Rash, Thos P Whitaker, Luther R Rennegar, Jas L Walker, Lorenza G Moosefield, and David Farr. Company I.--Privates Francis Jones, David, Roe, Samuel Asperry, Jas H Foreman, Joseph B Simpson, Jno A Nor
A watchman shot. --On Monday night, about 9 o'clock, while watchman James R Crafton and his partner were standing at the lower end of the Old Market-house, preparatory to a journey up Franklin street, two pistol shots were discharged at them, in rapid succession, from a gang of rowdies congregated on the corner of the Vegetable Market, on the opposite side of the street. One of the balls struck Crafton, and after going through two heavy coats, lodged in his thigh, causing a plenteous flow of blood. Immediately after the shots were fired, the crowd on the opposite corner dispersed rapidly in the direction of the scale-house, and were soon lost to viewost to view amid its gloomy surroundings. Just before this occurrence, two of the watchmen had brought in a pickpocket from near the Varieties, and it is thought that some of the man's "pals" followed them to the cage, and seeing Crafton and his partner emerge therefrom shortly after, mistook them for the men making the arrest.
Put in service. --Henry Jones and Thomas Williamson, two soldiers, while on a spred Act Saturday night, entered Susan Neadham's house and took possession of a ham of bacon and a bucket. Shortly after they were captured by watchman Crafton and partner and locked up the night. Yesterday morning the Recorder sent them to the Provost Marshal, to be returned to their command, certainly a much better disposition then sending them to jail to be tried for party larceny.
The Daily Dispatch: October 3, 1863., [Electronic resource], Important correspondence — the duty of Foreigners to Defend the States in which they Reside. (search)
House Breaking. --At a late hour Thursday night last a negro named Archer, slave to L. J. Bossieux, was arrested by watchman Crafton for having in his possession several pieces of bacon, supposed to be stolen. On examination it was ascertained that the prisoner was a servant in the store of Waldrop &Bouis, on Main street; that he had got possession of an extra key to the front door during the day, and had thus entered the house and robbed it. After hearing the witnesses the Mayor remanded the prisoner to answer for the offence before the Hustings Court of Magistrates, at its next term.
Mayo yesterday morning, who was confined to his room by sickness, Recorder James K. Caskie attended to the business before this Court. The following cases were heard and promptly disposed of: Alexander, slave of James H. Grant and Robert, slave of Dr. Tucker, were charged with being suspicious characters and running from the watchmen who made their arrest. About two o'clock Sunday morning these parties, in company with several other negroes, were discovered by watchmen Blackburn and Crafton in the rear of G. R. Howard's tailoring store, on 14th street, be tween Main and Franklin, while in the act of breaking in, and on being pursued ran off in the direction of Council Chamber Hill.--On reaching the summit of the hill Blackburn and Crafton caught up with Robert, while the others continued their fight, closely followed by watchmen Fabins and Marcellus Hicks, who had by that time joined in the chase. Marcellus soon ran down and captured Alexander but the one pursued by Fabins pr