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Arrested for stealing. --Officer Crone arrested yesterday afternoon a man named James Smith, charged with stealing one silver watch, a gold chain, a five shooter, and $73 in Confederate money. He was locked up in the cage till this morning, when the case will be investigated before the Mayor.
Serious charge. --On Thursday afternoon officer Crone arrested a soldier named Jas. Smith, charged with stealing a silver watch, a gold chain, one pistol, and $73 in money from another soldier named Jno. P. Townsend. Yesterday morning the parties were before the Mayor, when Townsend stated that the accused fell in company with him on Wednesday evening, and insisted that he should wait and they would return to camp together, as the road leading to their companies lie in the same direction.ld have committed the deed, be grabbed hold of Smith and his friend; but the latter drawing a knife, forced him to let go, and he escaped, carrying with him the watch. Subsequently, Smith made his escaped also, but was afterwards arrested by officer Crone. On the bed in the room where the prisoner was arrested there was found a pocket book containing seventy-six dollars in money and some papers. The pocket-book was not identified, but the contents Townsend claimed as his own. Smith was reman
Police Arrests. --On Saturday morning officer Crone arrested and committed to the lower station house a white man named Lillian Carter, charged with stealing a small show case, containing $300 worth of trimmings, the property of Mrs. E. Hughes. The accused was under the influence of liquor at the time the act was committed. Charles, slave of Mrs. James Binford, was arrested on the same day, charged with stealing a act of single harness, valued at $200, belonging to the Confederate States.--He was locked up in the cage till this morning, when the matter will be looked into by the Mayor. A. W. Luck, a sojourner in this city, was robbed on Saturday of a pocket book containing $104 in C. S. money Suspicion rested upon a man named War Ballard, who was arrested and committed to the cage for his appearance before the Mayor. Lieut Carter, of the night watch, while going his rounds on Saturday night, overhauled Sam Johnson, slave of Francis Smith, with ten bags in his pos
Mayor's Court, yesterday. --Antonia Emerhizer, a pretty German woman of about 30 years of age, was charged with having in her possession fourteen pocket knives, believed to be a part of a lot which was stolen from the store of M L Jacobson some time since, and also three silver and one gold watch, supposed to have been stolen. With a search warrant in his possession officer Crone repaired to Mrs. Esstore, having first obtained information that some of Mr Jacobson's goods would be found thereat. Without much trouble the knives were discovered in a place where it is reasonable to suppose articles for sale would be exhibited, and after a great deal of time spent in rummaging about other parts of the house, the watches were also found. Mr. Jacobson identified the cutlery as his, but made no claim to the time-pieces. Mrs. Emenhises stated, with marked composure and innocent deportment, that she bought the knives from a vender of goods with whom she had frequently dealt before, an
ers, according to a statement made by her, had given to Scribner a watch to sell in order to raise money to pay some liabilities which she had contracted. Scribner sold the watch for three hundred dollars, but failed to make returns to her, and it was sometime after before she saw anything of him. On learning of his whereabouts she sought him and obtained in place of the money an order on his landlady for a trunk of clothing which belonged to him. This order she placed into the hands of officer Crone, who succeeded in getting the trunk and delivering it over to her. Having no other way of obtaining money she sold some of the contents of the trunk, and for this act Scribner had her arrested on the charge of theft. In conjunction with the arrest of Miss K, Catherine Garibaldi, white, and John Ham, free negro, were taken in custody on the charge of receiving Scribner's goods, knowing them to have been stolen; but it was proven that they had bought them from Miss K. whereupon the Mayor
Charged with Felony. --Two negroes, named John (slave of John H Gentry) and Edgar, (slave of James A Scott,) were yesterday arrested by officers Seal and Crone, charged with stealing several thousand dollars from some person unknown. They were committed to the cage to await an examination before the Mayor this morning.
h was the cause of her throwing the weight at him. She denied ever renting the house to Roane.--A witness, residing next door, stated that at the time of the disturbance he saw Roane pushing against Alice's door, and she was trying to keep him out. He saw the weight thrown at Roane, and it knocked him down.--In order procure other witnesses the case was continued till this morning. Jacob was charged with inhumanly and unlawfully beating a small negro boy living upon his premises. Officer Crone was dispatched to ascertain the condition of the boston boy, and returned with the report that he thought him in a dying condition. Hoefrich was thereupon remanded to prison to await the result of the matter. Mary, slave of John Brock, was charged with entering the chamber of Henry Kevin residency on Twenty-third street, between Main and Franklin and stealing from his wardrobe a upwards of ten thousand dollars in mainly jewelry and State bonds. Sandy, slave of John Brock, and Ma
he deceased then entered the Confederate army, but was not in the service long be deserted. Only the day before the was arrested for absence from his company; but by some means, succeeded in making his escape from his place of confinement. Johnson was in the habit of going to Mrs. Blankinship's house, but none of the inmates had ever seen the deceased before the evening proceeding the accident. Information of the shooting being lodged at the lower station-house, officers Granger and Crone forthwith started in search of the man who committed the deed, each taking different directions.--Their informant stated that both the deceased and Johnson had just been closely shaved, and soon after Granger left the cage, be espied two men walking hurriedly along Main street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth, one of whom had the appearance of a man who had just come from the barber's, which attracted his attention, and calling the other aside, he inquired who it was walking beside him. I
lver watches valued at $100 each, $200 in Confederate notes, $8 in Virginia bank notes, and $10 in United States money, the property of Mrs. Marths J. Tyndall. Morris was remanded for examination before the Hustings Court on the second Monday in September. Michael Conley, a member of the President's Guard, was charged with breaking down the since of William Smith, a free negro, forcibly entering his house, and eating up a breakfast without asking permission from the owner to do so. Officer Crone, who was sent for to arrest Conley, substantiated the charge. The prisoner was drunk at the time he committed the improprieties alleged against him, and plead that excess before the Court; but the excuse did not avail him anything, and he was thereupon remanded to jail in default of testability to keep the peace and be of better behavior. Z. H. H. Cropper was fined twenty dollars for buying a lot of melons with the intention of selling again at advanced prices. The melons were als
Mayor's Court. --Continued indisposition of the Mayor prevented his attendance yesterday Recorder James K. Caskie administered upon the following subjects: John Maxwell, white, was charged with trespassing upon the premises of Jesse Hutcheson and breaking the window blinds from his house. Maxwell professed entire ignorance of the disorderly conduct alleged against him, and asked his discharge upon the piles of intoxication; but the testimony given by officer Crone, who arrested him, having proved that considerable damage had been done-to Mr. Hutcheson's house, he was committed to jail to await such time as the damages can be assessed and the appearance of Mr. Hutcheson can be procured before the Court. Thomas Quinn, charged with assaulting and beating Ann Riley, was committed, in default of security in the sum of $300 for his future good behavior Mary Riley, charged with using abusive and threatening language towards Lucy A. Heffiey, was required to give security in
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