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Robert Stiles, Four years under Marse Robert, Index. (search)
9, 294-96, 299, 318-19, 340; Lee Monument in, 300; Lee's house in, 357; Second Presbyterian Church in, 318 Richmond Examiner, 74 Richmond Fayette Artillery, 81 Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad, 127 Richmond Howitzers, 31-335 passim. Richmond Howitzers Glee Club, 49, 86, 268-69, 296 Richmond Howitzers Law Club, 49 Robertson, Frederick William, 92 Rodes, Robert Emmett: description of, 261-62; mentioned, 192, 197, 209-10. Roll of Honor, 343-44. St. George's Church, Fredericksburg, Va., 139-40. St. George's Church, New York, N. Y., 92 St. Paul's Church, Richmond, Va., 92 Salem Church, Battle of, 174-79, 213 Sassafras, 162 Savage Station, 64, 94-98, 116-17. Savannah, Ga., 78, 229, 275, 317 Sayler's Creek, 261, 318, 326-35, 351 Schele DeVere, Maximilian, 51 Scott, Thomas Y., 292-93. Scott, Winfield, 36-37. Scribner's, 210 Secession Convention, Va., 189-90. Sedgwick, John, 146-47, 164-66, 174- 79, 189, 213 Selden, Nat
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Music and musicians in the United States. (search)
ork City1800 Massachusetts Musical Society, Boston.1807 Barber of Seville sung by French artists in New OrleansJuly 12, 1810 Handel and Haydn Society organized in Boston, April 20, 1815; incorporated.Feb. 9, 1816 Clari, the maid of Milan, libretto by John Howard Payne, containing the song Home, sweet home, first produced in New YorkNov. 12, 1823 New York Sacred Music Society, organized 1823, gives its first concertMarch 15, 1824 New York Choral Society gives its first concert at St. George's Church, Beekman StreetApril 20, 1824 Manuel Garcia, with his wife, his son Manuel, daughter Marietta (Malibran), appears in Italian opera in New York CityNov. 29, 1825 Musical conventions in America originate in New Hampshire, where the Central Musical Society holds its first convention at ConcordSept., 1829 Thomas Hastings, invited by various churches, coming to New York, organizes church choirs, and regulates psalmody on a more religious basis1832 Boston Academy of Music, founded for I
he docks of Liverpool, where cotton — the creature of slavery--Southern slavery-- Virginia slavery — Richmond slavery — is nothing, if not King. There is another fact worthy the attention of the London Times, and that is, that while there has never been a mob in the city of Richmond since its foundation, there has been for one whole year in the very heart of London, one of the vilest and most brutal mobs which even London has ever known — a mob which has collected every Sunday in St. George's Church, and in that house of God, on every Sunday for more than a year, has hooted, howled, blasphemed and rioted, from morning till night, assaulting the attending clergymen, chasing them to their homes, and on one occasion actually kicking the wife of one of the ministers! And all this time Parliament has not interfered, the press of London has connived at the brutality, including the London Times, which is so shocked at an alleged insult to a Prince, (an insult that was never offered,)
Mayor Wood "Secedes." --It is stated that Mayor Wood has seceded from St. George's Church, in New York, in consequence of the Rector's criticism and condemnation of the alleged unchristian spirit of his Honor's recent thanksgiving proclamation. Mr. Wood will hereafter worship at Grace Church.
wealthy young nobleman wants a mate? They sing like nightingales, play as well; Daughters to sell! Daughters to sell! Here's my fine daughters, my daughters, oh! German, Italian, and uch they know, Dance like Sylphid race and case; Choose out your partner, whichever you please Here's a nice wife for a rich young swell; Daughters to sell! Daughters to sell! Beautiful daughters, dark and fair! Each a treasure to suit a millionaire, Or fit to pair with any duke's heir At St. George's Church by Hanover Square. Hoy! you that in lordly mansions dwell, Daughters to sell! Daughters to sell! Bay my dear daughters! Who wants a bride, That can give her a carriage and horses to ride, Stand an opera box for his fancy's queen, And no end of acres of crinoline? Ever new furniture, jewels and plate, All sorts of servants up on her to wait; Visits to Paris, Vienna, and Rome. In short, all that she's been brought up to at home. Here are girls for your money — if out you can s
h haversacks had taken fire from spontaneous combustion. The haversacks were made in Philadelphia, and by the way they burned they seemed made of touch-paper, not a particle of leather being used in their composition. The U. S. sloop-of-war Dale was spoken in lat, 30.40, lon. 80, and reported that three days before had chased a privateer schooner, but she outsailed the Dale and escaped. On Tuesday evening, Miss Susan Maria Tyng, youngest daughter of Rev. Dr. Tyng, rector of St. George's church, was made the wife of Rev. James Homans, of St. Paul's, Rahway, N. J. A numerous and brilliant party of friends were present. Affairs in Philadelphia. Philadelphia papers of the 14th furnish us with the following extracts: The Common Council has passed a resolution directing the clerk to advertise for a loan not exceeding twelve hundred thousand dollars, to pay deficiencies and liabilities accruing previously to the first day of January, 1861, including the interest du