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City Council. --The following persons will be supported for the City Council in. Madison Ward; Peachy R. Grattan, Geo. W. Randolph. James M. Taylor, Thos, Samson, Geo. K. Crutchfield. mb 6--3tswt 25M &dtds
House of Delegates. Wednesday, March 6, 1861. The House was called to order at 11 o'clock by Speaker Crutchfield. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Willis, of the Baptist Church. The passage of sundry bills by the Senate was communicated to the House, most of which were referred to committees. Adjournment Sine Die.--Mr. Dickinson, of the Senate, informed the House of the passage by the Senate of a joint resolution fixing the time of final adjournment of the General Assembly on the 20th of March. Bills Reported.--For the sale of a lot near Chatham Hill, in Smythe county, and purchase of another lot and erection of a schoolhouse thereon; amending an act passed the 6th March, 1858, entitled an act to amend the 2d section of an act passed March 2d, 1858, entitled an act to organize the militia and provide for the defence of the Commonwealth; concerning the sales, by the High Constable of the city of Richmond, of slaves and other property levied upon, distrained, or ord
City Council. --the following persons will be voted for by many voters for members for the City Council, in Madison ward: David J. Burr, James A. Scott, Thos. H. Wynue, Goe. W. Randolph, George K. Crutchfield. mh 5--9t
For City Council.Charter Election --Wednesday, April 3rd, 1861, --The following gentlemen are presented to the voters of Madison Ward: for Councilmen. P. R. Grattan, D. J. Burr, Thos. H. Wynne, James A. Scott, George K. Crutchfield. mh 27--tde for Aldermen. James K. Caskie, R. M. Burton, J. J. Binford, James Bray, W. B. Smith. Richmond.
City Council. --The following persons will be supported for the City Council in Madison Ward: Peachy H. Grattan, James M. Taylor, Geo. K. Crutchfield. mh 15--dtde Geo. W. Randolph. Thos. Samson,
City Council. --The following persons will be voted for by many voters for members of the City Council, in Madison Ward: David J. Burr, Thos. H. Wynne, George K. Crutchfield. mh 5--td James A., Scott, Geo. W. Randolph,
Councilmen and Aldermen. Jefferson Ward.--Councilmen: N. B. Hill. 550; R. O. Haskins, 545; Jno. H. Greanor, 521; A. Y. Stokes, 388. Aldermen: Wm. Taylor, 533; C. B. Hill, 574; R. D. Sanxay, 573; G. E. Sadler, 548; A. F. Picot, 462; J. M. Higgins, 382; E. A. J. Clopton, 309; N. M. Lee, 263; G. W. Allen, 295; Jno. Hagan, 161; T. J. Starke, 262. Madison Ward.--Councilmen: George K. Crutchfield, 850; James A. Scott, 832; D. J. Burr, 790; P. R. Grattan, 752; Thomas H. Wynne, 573. Aldermen: R. M. Burton, 1,082; J. J. Binford, 1,065; James Bray, 1,049; Jas. K. Caskie, 1,019; W. B. Smith, 631. Monroe Ward.--Councilmen: D. J. Saunders, 896; L. W. Glazebrook, 863; S. D. Denton, 731; Fleming Griffin, 729; Thomas G. Epps, 690. Aldermen: all of the old officers are elected.
e City Hall. Present: Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Crutchfield, Glazebrook, Hill, Burr. Griffin, Talbott, DenoonGreanor, Wynne, Epps, Stokes, and Haskins. Mr. Crutchfield presented a petition from the Professor of the Stokes and Greanor. Madison Ward--Messrs. Wynne, Crutchfield and Scott. Monroe Ward--Messrs. Denoon, Griffin a Second Market--Messrs. Glazebrook, Denoon and Crutchfield. Hospital--Messrs. Crutchfield, Griffin and Messrs. Crutchfield, Griffin and Stokes. Burying Grounds — Shockoe Hill--Messrs. Epps, Griffin, Grattan, Stokes and Wynne. Oakwood Cemetery--Messrs. Crutchfield, Denoon, Hill and Greanor. Accounts--Messrs. Crutchfield, Haskins and Glazebrook. Messrs. Crutchfield, Haskins and Glazebrook. Seabrook's Warehouse--Messrs. Greanor, Burr and Scott. Claims--Messrs. Burr, Hill and Epps. Police. Madison Ward--Messrs. Thomas H. Wynne and George K. Crutchfield. Monroe Ward--Messrs. Larkin W. Glazebrook n Y. Stokes. Madison Ward — James Scott and George K. Crutchfield. Monroe Ward — Samuel D. Denoon and Fleming<
of thus testifying their respect for his official and personal character. With high consideration, Your ob't serv'ts, L. W. Glazebrook, N. B. Hill, Geo. K. Crutchfield. To Hons. Wm. C. Rives, C. G. Memminger, R. M. T. Hunter. Confederate States of America,Treasury Department, Richmond, June 24, 1861. Messrs. L. W. Glazebrook, N. B Hill and Geo. K. Crutchfield: Gentlemen: Your letter of the 20th inst. has been received, in which you communicate the tender by the city of Richmond, of the house and furniture on Clay street for the use of the President. This very liberal offer entitles your city to the grateful acknowledgment of the Ct the house and furniture cost $42,894.97 on the — day of June, 1861. We are, with great respect, Your ob't servants, L. W. Glazebrook, N. B. Hill, Geo. K. Crutchfield. To Hons. W C. Rives, C. G. Memminger, R. M. T. Hunter. Mr. Wynne submitted the following resolutions, which were adopted: Resolved, That t
City Council. --A called meeting of the City Council was held at 4 o'clock, on yesterday evening, at the City Hall. Present: David J. Saunders, President; James M. Talbot, N. B. Hill, David J. Burr, Peachy R. Grattan, Fleming Griffin, Thomas C. Epps, James H. Scott, George K. Crutchfield, and Thomas H. Wynne. Mr. Scott presented an application, in the name of John H. Greanor, for the allowance of the ten per cent. (amounting to $38.08) in his tax bill of 1861 --said party having been absent from the city in the military service of the Confederate States at the time when it was paid. On his motion, it was refunded to the said Greanor. The President laid before the Council the following communications, as the basis of the call for the meeting of the Council, which were read: Headquarters Tredegar battalion, Richmond, 19th Feb. 1862. Joseph Maye, Esq., Mayor of Richmond: Sir: --In view of the danger that threatens our city, and with a desire to make my battalion
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