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For Hire. --A good Driver and a plain Cook for hire for the balance of the year. --Apply to Wm. G. Dandridge. [ja 18--ts]
-About half-past 2 o'clock yesterday morning, as Mr. F. H. L. Allen, of this city, was on his way to his home on French Garden Hill, he was attacked at the intersection of 9th and Clay streets by three men, who threw him down, seized him by the throat, placed a towel over his mouth to stifle his cries, and robbed him of between $1,400 and $1,500 in bank notes. Notwithstanding this rough treatment, Mr. Allen managed to utter some shouts for assistance, which attracted the attention of Mr. Wm. G. Dandridge, residing close by, who threw open a window and frightened the thieves from their work of plunder. This was a fortunate circumstance; for Mr. Allen had in another pocket a large sum of money — between $3,000 and $4,000--which the highwaymen failed to obtain.--They had no doubt followed him from his establishment on the corner of 14th and Franklin streets, presuming that he had a good deal of money with him, and made the attack in an isolated neighborhood, where there was little prosp
For Hire. --A good Driver and a plain Cook for hire for the balance of the rear.--Apply to Wm. G. Dandridge. [ja 12--ts]
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ing persons engaged in violating the banking laws. To bring all the parties to "condign" will be a work of no little magnitude, yet the vigorous manner of its beginning gives promise of some practical result. True bills of indictment for misdemeanor have been found against the following, charged with issuing notes of a smaller denomination than five dollars: Almetus P. Brown. two cases: The Old Dominion Savings Bank; David Baker, jr., four cases; Thaddens B. Starke. six cases; William G. Dandridge, two cases; Benjamin M. Harris, two cases; Emanuel Semon, four cases; George I. Herring, four cases; The Metropolitan Savings Banks, five cases; Francis B. Hart, two cases; Peachy R. Grattan; David J. Burr; Moses L. Stratton; Thomas Lawson; D. J. Saunders. jr.; David J. Saunders; The City of Richmond, three cases; John F. Regnault; James M. Taylor; Charles W. Purcell; Stephen Mason, two cases; Thos. Mason, two cases; James L. Porter; Garinta Barker; The United Savings Bank of Henrico
a juror. Martha Pemberton was fined $10 for permitting her slave to go at large and hire himself out, contrary to law. John Denzler was tried by jury for an assault on Hannah Houck, (his sister.) The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The following named defendants, indicted for issuing notes of a less denomination than $5, severally paid to the Clerk the costs in their cases, when nolle prosequies were entered by the Attorney for the Commonwealth, viz: R. T. Reynolds, two cases; W. P. Perkins, four cases; Francis B. Hart, six cases; George I. Herring, two cases; Wm. G. Dandridge, two cases; John B. Glazebrook, two cases; A. D. Williams, two cases; T. W. Parker, two cases; Lucien Hill, two cases; R. D. Mitchell, two cases; D. Baker, Jr., nine cases; Thos. B. Starke, eleven cases. The consideration of the gaming cases will be resumed this morning. No doubt the Court or Prosecuting Attorney will soon see the propriety of trying or dismissing these petty cases.
The sick at Camp Winder. --Persone wiching to contribure refreshments for the sick soldiers at Camp Winder, are requested to send them to the store of William G. Dandridge, on Broad street, near Ninth, or to the drugstore of E. T. Robinson, corner of Fourth and Franklin streets, before 12 o'clock M. The ladies will then take the contributions in charge and distribute them among the soldiers. This is an excellent movement, and we hope our citizens will see that the ladies are kept well supplied with the means of carrying on their mission of benevolence.
e stopped his horse and alighted from his buggy for the purpose of examining some defeat in the harness. After making everything right he was about getting in the buggy again, when a couple of villains made a murderous assault on him and felled him senseless to the ground. Mr. Haxall does not know how long he remained in this unconscious state, but on recovering his senses his horse and buggy bad been driven off, and his pockets rifled of about forty dollars in money and an order on William G. Dandridge for $1,100. Yesterday a white boy, named Isaac Burney, offered for sale to Mr. Jimmi, a fanner in Screamersville, a raw hide, which he bought for $63; but soon afterwards a policeman called and stated that there was fastened to Mr. Haxall's buggy at the time of the robbery a similar article, and demanded to know from whom Jimmi had purchased it. On receiving the information he proceeded to arrest the boy, and afterwards carried the hide to Mr. Haxall, who readily identified it as
talion, named Tobias Eacho and Jas. Glenn, charged with using abusive and threatening language towards Benedict Howard, and wantonly breaking open his door and entering his house against his consent, were required to give security for their appearance to answer an indictment by the grand jury of the Hustings Court. Richard Barry and Charles Isaacs, arrested some time since on the charge of garroting Mr. P. Augustus Haxall, and robbing him of $35 in money, a due bill for $1,100 upon Wm. G. Dandridge, a horse and buggy, a pair of saddle bags, and one raw hide, were called and a partial hearing of the case had; but in order to procure the attendance of other witnesses the matter was adjourned over till this morning, and the accused parties were remanded to jail. John Burgess, a youth, charged with assaulting and cutting Mrs. Minerva A. Tucker, was called to the stand, and after a partial examination of witnesses, the case was continued till Tuesday morning, in order to procure t