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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 2., Chapter 21: slavery and Emancipation.--affairs in the Southwest. (search)
as that held in Virginia, in accordance with the following proposition of a leading paper in Richmond in the interest of the conspirators:--It being necessary to form a ticket of electors, and the time being too short to call a Convention of the people, it was suggested that the Richmond editors should prepare a ticket, thus relieving the people of the trouble of making selections. The ticket thus formed has been presented. Among the names we find those of Wm. L. Goggin, of Bedford, and R. T. Daniel, of Richmond; E. H. Fitzhugh, of Ohio County; John B. Edmunds, of Halifax, and C. W. Newton, of Norfolk City. Every district in the State is embraced in this editorial report. commenced its session under the Permanent Constitution of the Confederate States. In this assembly all of the slave-labor States were represented excepting Maryland and Delaware. For a list of the members of the Provisional Congress see page 468. The oath to support the Constitution of the Confederate States
Lieutenant Dunlop was especially much exposed in carrying orders. Lieutenant R. T. Daniel, Jr., Adjutant of the Fifth regiment, reported to me on the twenty-seventieutenant-Colonel Whittle, who was badly wounded, and compelled to retire. Captain Daniel, volunteer officer, commanding company F, then took them; and he, too, fellof the position he held — daring all things, fearing nothing. Volunteer Captain R. T. Daniel performed every duty in the most creditable manner. Though among strangFirst Lieutenant N. D. Price; company E, Captain T. M. Tyree; company F, Captain R. T. Daniel; company G, Captain H. L. Lee, and company K, Captain G. R. Griggs, I regiment, was severely wounded, having the larger bone in one arm broken. Captain R. T. Daniel, Adjutant Fifth Kentucky regiment, being on furlough, volunteered for thClayton, Larkin Davis, Kilech and W. H. Howerton, wounded. Company F. Captain R. T. Daniel, commander. He is absent, wounded. The regimental commander reports all
of fortifications was begun, (which subsequently met the approval of the chief engineer, Colonel J. F. Gilmer, C. S. A.,) and the brigades of Ransom, Walker, and Daniel were put to work on it. About a thousand negroes were procured (chiefly from North Carolina) and employed in like manner. Pontoon bridges were constructed at sevand, on the night of the thirty-first of July last. On the morning of July twenty-ninth, you directed me to have the brigades commanded by Colonels Manning and Daniel ready to move the following night. But when I had an interview, that evening at ten P. M., you directed me to have them move at seven o'clock the next morning, t road. I am indebted to General Pendleton and the officers under him for the careful and successful execution of the parts assigned them. Colonels Manning and Daniel's brigades and Major Ross, of the Second Georgia battalion, at Ruffin's house, protected the whole of the attack. General Ransom's brigade guarded the City Point
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
Oscar Henriche, Capt. Corps Engineers. V. R. Vogler, Capt. and A. Q. M. Early's Div. Jno. N. Willcox, Lt., Acting Signal Officer, Early's Division. R. D. Barton, Capt. and A. A. G. Early's Division. S. S. Caddall, 1st Lt. and A. D. C. to Brig.-General Walker. Andrew Stewart, Hosp'l Steward, Early's Division. [11 off.; 1 war. off.] Walker's Brigade. H. Kyd Douglas, Maj., A. General's Department, Commanding by assignment. R. N. Wilson, Capt. and A. A. General. R. T. Daniel, Capt. and A. I. General. G. M. Cochran, Capt. and A. Q. M. A. F. Haymond, Maj. and C. S. Jas. B. Russell, Acting A. D. C. A. Atkinson, Sen. Surg. Brig. [7] Thirteenth Virginia Regiment. Geo. Cullen, Capt. Co. A, Commanding Regiment. E. F. Cowherd, 1st Lt. and Adj't Regiment. Conway Newman, Capt. Co. A. M. S. Stringfellow, 1st Lieut. Co. A. H. C. Coleman, 2d Lieut. Co. A. B. F. Baker, 1st Lieut. Co. C. E. W. Brooking, 2d Lieut. Co. F. C. H. Todd, Surgeon.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
e, Courier A. S., 27. Dandridge, Lt. E. P., 12. Danforth, Lt. H. D., 71. Daniel, Lt G. F., 263. Daniel, Lt. James C., 213. Daniel, Surg. R. P., 304. Daniel, Capt. R. T., 189. Dantzler, Ass't Surg. J M. D., 304. Darden, Lt. J. A., 383. Darley, Capt. J. W., 145. Darley, Capt. W. J , 109. Darrah, Capt. S. L., 369. Drt., 47. Paradise, Lt. A. G., 334. Pardigon, Lt. C. F., 70. Parham, Lt. W. H., 14, 59 Paris, Chaplain, John, 197. Parker, Lt. B. F., 304. Parker, Ass't Surg. Daniel, 314. Parker, U. S. A., Gen., XVI. Parker, Capt., Geo. T., 204. Parker, Lt. John G., 275. Parker, Lt. J. H., 14. Parker, Capt. John T., 368. Park Paroles, Forms of, I, 472 Parramore, Surg. H J., 170. Parrish, Surg., James, 10. Parrott, Lt. R E., 431. Parson, Lt. J. G., 313. Partridge, Jr. Lt. Daniel, 238. Patrick, Capt G. A., 122. Patridge, Maj. J. M., 326 Patterson's Battery, 44. Patterson, Lt. D. W., 384. Patterson, Lt. H. H., 253. Patterson, Lt H
The Daily Dispatch: November 16, 1860., [Electronic resource], The British and American difficulty at Panama. (search)
Court of Appeals --The Supreme Court of Appeals, now in session in this city, have decided the following cases during the present term: Winfrey and wife vs. Christian. Argued by John Thompson, Jr., and Wm. Green for appellants, and August & Randolph and Johnson & Gulgon for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of Buckingham affirmed. Armistead vs. Garrett. Argued by James Lyons for appellant, and R. T. Daniel for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of city of Williamsburg, etc., affirmed. Petty john vs. Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company. Argued by James Garland for plaintiff, and Wm. Green for defendant.--Judgment of Circuit Court of Amherst reversed. Selden vs. Trevilian et al, and Lyons et al vs. Trevilian et al. Argued by Andrew Johnston for the appellant, in the first case, and P. R. Grattan and McFarland & Roberts for the appellees. The second case argued by A. J. for appellees. Decree of Circuit Court of Goochland reversed.
For hire. --The undersigned has for hire a very efficient Dining-Room servant. Apply at my office, in Goddin's Hall, corner Bank and 11th sts. R. T. Daniel, Jr. [ja 26--1w*]
For Hire --The undersigned has for hire a very efficient Dining-room Servant. Apply at my office in Goddin's Hall, corner Bank and 11th sts. R. T. Daniel, Jr. [ja 26--1w*]
service to which the public voice may call him. He should recognize the public right to decide for him in such a case. But it seems to me, that he who would deal worthily with the momentous issues which the deliberations of the Convention will present, should go into it sustained and animated by a sense of support from the great body of the community of which he is a member, and which he seeks to represent. Nor should he owe his seat to the partiality of personal friendship, and divisions of opinion arising from the disturbing solicitations of a canvass; but his fitness should be marked in advance by unerring indications of the public approval. Not perceiving in my own case the existence of these conditions,--on which alone a place in the Convention would be agreeable to me — and being unwilling to embarrass my friends in their choice among others who may justly claim a larger share of the public confidence, I respectfully decline being a candidate. R. T. Daniel. ja 30--6t* R
For hire. --The undersigned has for hire a very efficient Dining-Room Servant. Apply at my office, in Goddin's Hall, corner Bank and 11th sts. R. T. Daniel, Jr. [ja 26--1w*]
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