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r, at the head of his company, and is entitled to great credit. Captain F. E. Harrison was shot down, having received a severe wound in his leg, while gallantly leading his company through the severest of the fight. Captain G. W. Cox was shot down while nobly leading his company through the charge. He had sixteen men killed on the field. Captains Moore and Hadden, who passed through unscathed, were distinguished for their coolness and bravery throughout the entire engagement. Lieutenant William C. Davis distinguished himself for his coolness and bravery during the battle. He received a severe wound on the head, bound it up, and fought throughout the day. Lieutenant W. W. Higgins, of company G, was conspicuous for his coolness and bravery during the battle, fighting the Zouaves, and bringing them to a stand-still, with thirty men. Lieutenant Latimer, company G, fell dangerously wounded in the ankle, while gallantly supporting the skirmishers. He has since died. Lieutenant McKay
y to fall upon another victorious field, (Fredericksburg;) but many of our noblest and best officers and men fell there. The aggregate of the killed and Wounded of the brigade in this battle was six hundred and thirteen, (613.) All the field officers were either killed or wounded, except two. Among those who gloriously yielded up their lives on the battle-field are the following officers: Colonel J. Foster Marshall and Lieutenant-Colonel D. A. Ledbetter, Captain M. M. Norton and Lieutenant W. C. Davis, of Orr's rifles; Captain C. D. Barksdale and Lieutenant John M. Munro, of the First South Carolina volunteers; Lieutenants J. A. May and Hunnicutt, of the Twelfth; Captain A. K. Smith and Adjutant W. D. Goggins, of the Thirteenth South Carolina volunteers. Among the wounded were the following officers: Lieutenant Cothran, of Orr's rifles; Lieutenant-Colonel McCready, of the First South Carolina volunteers; Lieutenant-Colonel McCorkle, Captain Bookter, Captain Grist, and Lieutenan
ld, Nathaniel Colburn, Charles Everett, John Fillebrown, Timothy Flagg, Abraham J. Gould, Henry Greenwood, Sewall Hadley, Isaac Herrick, William Hollis, Isaac Kilburn, Richard Larrabee, Cyrus Morse, Harris Munroe, Seth Sanderson, Buckley Stone, Moses Thompson, Charles Walton, Galen Ware, Jonas Wyeth 3d. Besides these, William Burges, James Gilson, John Wheeler 2d, Samuel S. Willard, and Stephen Wyeth, were drafted into the service in August, 1814, and Samuel Carpenter, Peter G. Conant, William C. Davis, Thomas Dean, Jr., Edmund Morrill, Seth Tinkham, and John Wyman, served as substitutes for other drafted men. To Cambridge rightfully belongs the honor of organizing the first company of militia in the United States, which was enlisted expressly for the defence of the government in the War of the Rebellion, 1861. Soon after the Presidential election in 1860, many who carefully watched the signs of the times were confident that the Southern States would soon be in open rebellion, and
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 13. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Appendix. (search)
Aggregate. First Regiment24119143 Orr's Regiment—Rifles1997116 Twelfth Regiment.24121145 Thirteenth Regiment26118144 Fourteenth Regiment85765 —————— Total101512613 The following were the casualties among the officers of the brigade: Killed—First Regiment. Captain C. D. Barksdale and Lieutenant John Munro; Lieutenant John C. McLemore wounded mortally—died; Orr's Regiment—Rifles: Colonel J. Foster Marshall, Lieutenant-Colonel D. A. Ledbetter, Captain M. M. Norton, and Lieutenant William C. Davis; Twelfth Regiment. Lieutenants J. A. May and——Hunnicut; Thirteenth Regiment. Adjutant W. D. Goggins and Captain A. K. Smith; Fourteenth Regiment: None—II. Wounded—First Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Mc-Crady, Jr., commanding, Lieutenant Z. B. Smith, Adjutant, Captain M. P. Parker, Lieutenants T. H. Lyles, J. R. Congdon, John King, and Thomas McCrady; Orr's Rifles: Captain J. B. O. Barkley, Lieutenants James S. Cothran and——Fannery; Twelfth Regimen
Requisition upon Florida. --The Tallahassee Floridian, of the 23d, says, President Davis has requested Gov. Perry, of Florida, to furnish 500 volunteers for the service of the Confederate States.
Dr. Daniel T. Smith was shot and killed at Madison, Ark., on the 28th ult., by Wm. C. Davis, whom he was attacking. Hon. Sherrard Clemens, of Virginia, announces himself a candidate for re-election to Congress. Harry Perry, the actor, recently married Miss Agnes Rand in San Francisco, and has concluded to make California his home. Mr. William Kidd is giving lectures in London for the benefit of "homeless and starving dogs." Mr. Henry Wycoff (of Gamble fame) has received $2,800,--$1,000 for a St. Petersburg agency, and $1,200 for China. Henry Naulty, the business agent of Rarey, the horse tamer, died suddenly last week at Lowell, Mass. The gross amount expended by the Canadian Government on the entertainment of the Prince of Wales, is $232,374.23. Secretary Chase has already received thirty bushels of applications for office. More coming. George Little has been appointed United States Marshal for North Carolina, and Peter L. Foy Postmaster