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I.700 462 BarkGeorgianaS. Lapham'sS. LaphamW. B. ReynoldsBoston230 463 ShipCoringaJ. Stetson'sJ. StetsonN. & B. GoddardBoston737 464 ShipDauntlessT. Magoun'sB. F. DelanoW. W. GoddardBoston800 465 BarkRocketT. Magoun'sB. F. DelanoW. W. GoddardBoston400 466 ShipHamletT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthHowes & CrowellBoston783 467 BarB. F. DelanoW. W. GoddardBoston400 466 ShipHamletT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthHowes & CrowellBoston783 467 BarkEdistoT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthLombard & HallBoston350 468 Sch.Olive BranchT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthJ. P. CrockerYarmouth85 469 ShipJohn WadeT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthReed & WadeBoston678 470 ShipOcean EagleT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthE. Bangs & SonBoston627 4711852ShipGem of the OceanT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthWillirT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthBaxter & BrothersYarmouth1080 504 BarkElmwoodJ. Stetson'sT. TurnerE. BartlettBoston387 505 Plt-btWilliam H. StarkeyJ. O. Curtis'sB. F. DelanoM. HuntBoston78 506 ShipOcean TelegraphJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CurtisReed & WadeBoston1500 507 ShipOcean ExpressJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CurtisReed & WadeBosto
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 1., Medford Historical Society. (search)
Mary S. Clark, Miss Sarah L. Cleaves, Dr. James E. Cleaves, Mrs. Emmie N. Coffin, Freeman C. Converse, M. M. Cordis, Mrs. Adelaide E. Craig, Wm. C. Crockett, George W. Crockett, Mrs. Katherine M. Croudis, George A. Croudis, Mrs. Mabel H. Cushing, Samuel. Cushing, Mrs. Samuel. Cushing, Walter F. Cushing, Walter H. Cushing, Mrs. Carrie E. Dame, Lorin L. Dame, Mrs. Isabel A. Davenport, George E. Dean, John W. Dean, Mrs. Lydia E. Delano, George S. De Long, Rev. Henry C. De Long, Mrs. Louise G. Dennison, Edward B. Dinsmore, Miss Jessie M. Doland, Henry B. Dunham, Charles B. Durgin, Miss Annie E. Eddy, Will C. Eddy, Mrs. Rosalie S. Evans, Allston H. Fenton, Benj. F. Ford, Frederic W. Foster, George O. Foster, Mrs. Blanche. Gibson, George A. Gibson, Mrs. Ruth. Gill, Mrs. Ellen M. Gill, Miss Eliza M. Gill, Miss Emmna F. Gleason, Charles M. Gleason, Hon. Daniel A.
Calvin Turner, E. & H. Rogers, G. B. Lapham, and S. Lapham. 4. Yard off Swan street, site of present city stables. Here James O. Curtis commenced ship-building in 1839, and the yard was exclusively used by him except in one instance, when B. F. Delano used it to build a small schooner. 5. Yard on northerly side of river, opposite the old high school-house on High street. Here George H. Briggs built a schooner in 18—. 6. Yard on South street, opposite the end of Walnut street. Occupiedamuel Lapham20 Jotham Stetson32 Curtis & Co.2 P. & J. O. Curtis6 Waterman & Ewell51 Foster & Taylor22 Paul Curtis27 James O. Curtis78 George H. Briggs1 Peter Lewis1 Henry Ewell9 John Taylor12 Joshua T. Foster42 Haydn & Cudworth39 B. F. Delano .2 Luther Turner.1 Isaac Hall1 — 568 decade.Numbers.Total Tonnage. 1803-1812328,408 1813-18226215,459 1823-18328323,285 1833-184212257,674 1843-185218597,434 1853-18627057,815 1863-18731412,049 ————— 568272,124 You w
e assured them that no ship of his had ever foundered,—no ships had so high a record for low insurance rates,—no timber or bolt was introduced unless free from all defect. I assure you, ladies, he said, I think she will ride this terrible storm safely. The ship came safely through the storm. Although this ship is not in the list of Medford-built vessels, this incident is well worth a record here on account of the builder being one of Medford's best. In 1851 there was constructed by B. F. Delano, at Magoun's yard, the ship Dauntless, of 800 tons, faultless in every particular, the pride of the builder and owner. She was commanded by Captain Miller, who then lived in the large house at the corner of Revere place and Salem street. From the day she sailed away no tidings of her ever came to shore. The ship Don Quixote, built at Foster's yard in 1868 (A picture of this vessel is reproduced on the invitations to this meeting. She is represented just before the launch.) has a noti