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There were present the following members: Messrs. Saunders, Burr, Grattan. Hill, Glazebrook, Scott, Crutchfield, Greanor, Denoon, Haskins, Griffin, Howison and Richardson. The Council having been called to order by the President, reports were intead of 10 per cent for speedy settlement. Mr. Howison opposed the proposed reduction. Messrs. Hill, Glazebrook and Denoon supported the amendment. After considerable discussion, on motion of Mr. Glazebrook, the ordinance was laid on the tableebrook then moved to strike out "one dollar" and insert "ninety cents. " The vote was recorded as follows: Ayes--Messrs. Denoon, Glazebrook, Greaner, Griffin, Richardson and Saunders --6. Nays--Messrs. Burr, Crutchfield, Grattan, Haskins, Hdred dollars' value thereof." The yeas and nays being called, resulted as follows: Yeas--Messrs. Crutchfield, Denoon, Greanor, Griffin, Hill, Howison, Richardson and Saunders--8. Nays--Messrs. Burr, Glazebrook, Grattan, Haskins and S
City Council. --The regular monthly meeting of this body was held at 4 o'clock yesterday evening. Present, Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Glazebrook, Hill, Burr, Crutchfield, Scott, Richardson, Talbott, Haskins, Denoon, Greanor, Griffin. The usual reports from police officers were returned. The Committee on Police say they find nothing in them requiring a special report. They say they also have had under consideration the petition of Charles Y. Morriss and others, asking that they would designate some other place than their wharves for landing powder, and recommend the Council to reject the prayer of the petition. The Committee of Finance reported that they had had under consideration the petition of Wm. C. Allen, executor of O. Slaughter, to have refunded to him the sum of $232.55, paid as tax on money, and report that they allow $140.52 on account of taxes on property erroneously given in to the Assessor by him. The following resolution was adopted: Resolved.
City Council. --A called meeting of the Council was held at 8 o'clock last night.--Present -- Messrs. Saunders, Hill, Glazebrook, Wynne, Critchfield, Burr, Grattan, Griffin, Haskins, Denoon, and Epps. The President said he had called the Council together in consequence of receiving the following communication, which he proceeded to read: Richmond, April 26, 1861. B. F. Ficklin, Quartermaster: It is necessary and important that the Railroads in Richmond and Petersburg should be connected so as to give increased facilities for the transmission of troops and supplies. You will see the proper authorities and request the necessary arrangements to be made for this object. H. Heth, Lieut. Col. and Act'g Quartermaster Gen'l. This arrangement must be carried out. John Letcher, Governor of Virginia. Mr. Grattan offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Resolved, That the authorities of the State of Virginia be authorized to connec
City Council. --A regular monthly meeting of the Council was held in the Council Chamber yesterday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Present, Messrs. Saunders, Hill, Burr, Scott, Howison, Griffin, Crutchfield, Richardson, Greanor, Denoon, Haskins and Grattan. Absent, Messrs. Glazebrook, (sick,) Anderson and Talbott. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Col. Haskins, from the Commissioners of Streets, reported that they had obtained the condemnation of John Purcell's property, for opening 10th street, north of Clay, at the price of $1,755. The report was approved and adopted. On motion of Mr. Hill, the Committee on Police was instructed to bring in an ordinance empowering the Mayor to prevent the influx and settlement in the city of all paupers, vagrants, persons who have no visible means of support, and those whose presence may be dangerous to the peace of the city; and to defray the expenses thus incurred out of the Secret Police Fund. Mr. Grattan o
City Council. --A called meeting of the Council was held yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Present--Messrs. Saunders, Crutchfield, Hill, Howison, Greanor, Griffin, Richardson, Haskins, Grattan, Burr, Denoon and Anderson. Mr. Grattan, from the Finance Committee, reported in favor of paying the City Assessor $400 for extra labor in preparing land books, and the report was adopted. Mr. Grattan, from the committee to whom the subject was referred, reported an ordinance to "exclude vagrants or other dangerous persons from the city." We append the ordinance at length: An ordinance to Exclude vagrants and other dangerous persons from the City. 1. Be it ordained by the Council of the City of Richmond. That every railroad company and every captain or master of a steamboat or vessel, which or who shall bring to the city of Richmond, or to the port thereof, from another State, any person not having ostensible means for his or her support, shall, before such person shall be
The Daily Dispatch: January 15, 1861., [Electronic resource], Message from the acting Governor of Kansas. (search)
City Council. --The regular monthly meeting of this body was held yesterday afternoon, at the Council Chamber. Present--Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Denoon, Griffin, Talbott, Richardson, Greanor, Scott, Burr, Howison, Crutchfield and Hill. Mr. Dencon presented a report from the Committee on Schools, which was received and laid on the table. Mr. Crutchfield, from the Commissioners of Streets, presented a report relative to the petition of R. G. Morriss, recommending the granting of the same, which was approved. Mr. Hill offered the following resolution: Resolved, That the Board of Officers of the 179th Regiment of Militia of the city of Richmond be furnished with a room gratis, as head-quarters; and that the different companies of the Regiment be permitted to drill in the First Market Hall whenever that can be done without interfering with the volunteer companies which now drill there. Referred to the Committee on Public Grounds and Buildings. Mr. Bu
The Daily Dispatch: September 10, 1861., [Electronic resource], The New York Herald upon the Situation. (search)
City Council. --A regular monthly meeting of the City Council was held in the council chamber yesterday. Present--Messrs. Saunders, (president,) Winn, Epps, Griffin, Crutchfield, Stokes, Denoon, Haskins, Greanor, and Hill. The committee on city defences made a report in regard to the condition of the fortifications, and the arrangements they had made for future operations. It contains a statement of facts which we think it not improper to omit publishing. Mr. Haskins submitted a report from the Street Commissioners. Adopted. The following is one of the resolutions reported by them, and adopted by the Council: That the Commissioners of Streets generally recommend to the Council that the Auditor of the city be, and he is hereby, authorized to draw his warrant on the Chamberlain in favor of Mrs. Bates, widow of the late Micajah Bates, Superintendent of Streets, for the sum of $450, being one quarter's salary of her late husband, and that Mrs. Bates be requested by the Coun
City Council. --A called meeting of the council was held last evening. Present--Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Denoon, Wynne, Haskins, Eppes, Stokes, Crutchfield, Scott, Griffin, Glazebrook, and Hill. The President read a report which he had prepared, setting forth the action of the Council authorizing and providing for the issue of $300,000 of small notes, &c., calling attention of the fact that the grand jury of the Circuit Court had presented the city, and also each person engaged in signing them, wherefore he had stopped the issue, and convened the Council in order that action might be taken on the matter. The report recommends the appointment of a committee to prepare a memorial to be presented to the State Convention for the passage of an act legalizing what the city has issued. The notes thus far issued have been applied as follows: $100,000 for equipping the volunteers in the service of the Confederate States, from this city; $15,000 for defences around the city $5000
City Council. --The monthly meeting of this body was held yesterday afternoon. Present--Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Denoon, Haskins, Critchfield, Stokes, Griffin, Scott, Eppes, Burr, Glazebrook, and Hill. Mr. Stockes presented a report from the Commissioners of Schools in Jefferson Ward, respecting the unauthorized use of a room in Bethel Church, for a school, by the Treasurer of the State Literary Fund. The following resolution was adopted. Resolved, That the Commissioners of Sion by the committee, should be adopted without change. Mr. Scott wished it understood that, in opposing the report, he only included that portion which proposed to further compensate officers already in the pay of the city. Messrs. Griffin and Denoon opposed any alteration in the report. It was then adopted--Mr. Scott voting no. Mr. Glazebrook presented the following petition. To the Council of the City of Richmond--Gentlemen: I respectfully petition your honorable body to remit a
City Council. --The monthly meeting of the City Council was held last evening. The following members were in attendance; Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Denoon, Haskins, Crutchfield, Wynne, Epps, Griffin, Hill, and Glazebrook. Sundry petitions were presented and referred to the appropriate committees. A communication from Col. Charles Dimmock to Mr. Thos. H. Wynne, urging the necessity of arming the batteries, was referred to the Committee on Defences. A letter from Thomas Lawson, Esq. Clerk and Chamberlain of the Council for six years past, tendering his resignation, in consequence of declining health, was read. Mr. Lawson says: "When an officer knows that he is physically unable to discharge the duties of his office, and when he believes, as I do in my case, that he will never again be able to do so satisfactorily to himself, I think that it is his duty to resign at once, and accordingly I do now resign said office, the resignation to take effect from this dat
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