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An important Mission. Rev. A. E. Dickinson, General Superintendent of the Baptist Colportage Board, leaves Richmond this morning on a Southern tour, for the purpose of soliciting contributions of. Testaments and other religions books on behalf of the soldiers in our army. The work of distribution has already been very extensive and much good thereby effected; but there is still a great demand, and we feel confident that the desired aid will be cheerfully extended by the liberal minded citizens of the South.
An important movement. --We learn that in the Gulf States a vigorous and successful movement is being made for supplying the soldiers within this State with Testaments and other good religious reading, through the agency of the Baptist Publication Society of this city. Some of our Southern exchanges urge the procuring of 75,000 Testaments, to be given to the soldiers who are destitute of God's inspired word. Rev. A. E. Dickinson, the General Superintendent of this work, is now obtaining liberal sums from all denominations of Christians in the Gulf States, where at present he is laboring.
regiment. A surgeon in one of the hospitals remarked to me that a pious colporteur could be of more service to the inmates of his hospital than the very best medical attendance; that oftentimes a few religious tracts and the pious visits of a religious man have a more salutary influence on the health of the sick than anything else. I have met with several who have become saving interested in the gospel since they entered the army. At one point several were anxiously inquiring the way of life. We have published more than a million and a half of pages of religious reading, and shall have to publish as much more in a few months, so great is the demand for this kind of reading. From all classes of the community as well as from all denominations of Christians, I am receiving the most hearty co-operation.--Our tracts are acceptable to all and are written by distinguished gentlemen of the several different denominations. A. E. Dickinson. Gen'l Supt. Army Colportage.
The Daily Dispatch: December 12, 1861., [Electronic resource], The 56th regiment Virginia volunteers. (search)
Union mass meetings for the soldiers. --Several of the religious denominations in Lynchburg have recently held large and enthusiastic meetings in behalf of Colportage among the soldiers, under the auspices of the society in this city, and liberal contributions have been realized. A correspondent writes: "We had last night one of the largest mass meetings that it has ever been my pleasure to attend. It was held in the Centenary Methodist Church. Similar meetings have been held in the 2nd Presbyterian and Baptist Churches. The speakers were Rev. A. E. Dickinson, the Superintendent of Army Colportage; Rev. Mr. Edwards of the Methodist Church; Rev. Dr. Mitchell of the Presbyterian, and Rev. Mr. Dodge of the Baptist Church."
Dr. Season, Missionary Secretary of the Methodist Church. Bills reported. By Mr. Coghil, from the Committee on Courts of Justice — A bill to pend sales and legal proceedings in certain cases, and to repeal an ordinance "to provide against the sacrifice of property," &c. A Solutions of inquiry By Mr. Day--Of compensating Francis M. Boykin for damage done to his land in erecting fortifications thereon. By Mr. Brannon--Of amending the 39th chapter of the Code. By Mr. Dickinson, of Prince Edward--Of refunding a tax to J. J. Woodson. The order of the day The Senate resumed the consideration of the resolution proposing that the Senate shall proceed, on the — day of.--, to elect Senators to fill vacancies. Mr. Coghill offered the following substitute for the resolution: Resolved, That the vacancies in the 32d, 46th, and 50th Senatorial Districts should be filled by elections held in the counties composing said districts, or such of said counties
The Confederate Army in and around Norfolk and Portsmouth. Norfolk, Va., Dec. 16, 1861. I have to day arranged with Mr. E. Cutherell, of this city, for him to act as Depository Agent and Colporteur among the soldiers. A large and excellent assortment of Bibles, Testaments, and Religious Tracts. will constantly be kept on hand, and those who wish to aid us in supplying the thousands in this division of the army will be supplied with our publications through Mr. Cutherell. A. E. Dickinson, Gen'l Sup't Army Colportage. The papers of Richmond and Petersburg will greatly oblige us by publishing the above.
From Norfolk. return of military--Rev. A. E. Dickinson--relief for the Charleston sufferers — the defences of Norfolk — the markets &c. [special correspondence of the Dispatch.] Norfolk, Dec. 17, 1861. The 3d Regiment of Georgia Volunteers, under charge of Col. Wright, returned from Roanoke Island yesterday, and are again comfortably quartered in the vicinity of Portsmouth. Yesterday afternoon one of the members, while on a visit to this city, was accidently shot in the neck. The wound though exceedingly severe may not prove fatal. Rev. Mr. Dickinson, Superintendent of Army Colportage, has been in our city for the purpose of advancing the interests of the important and highly useful enterprise in which he is engaged. I have not ascertained the amount that he has raised, but doubt not he has met with much encouragement in the prosecution of his good work. A public meeting of our citizens, called by Mayor Lamb, was held yesterday, and solicitors appoin
rom sea water, by a system of bounties to be paid the manufacturers who may first engage in the enterprise. or by any other mode that to them may seem best adapted to attain the object, and report by bill or other wise. Dills reported. Bills were reported from standing committees, viz: To amend the 4th section to incorporate the Danville Manufacturing Company. Making compensation to A. F. Haymond, as Attorney for the Commonwealth. Resolutions of Inquiry. By Mr. Dickinson of Prince Edward--of refunding a tax to the administration of the late sheriff of Prince Edward. By Mr. C. Y. Thomas --of providing additional rooms for the Senate committees. Vacancies in the Senate. The bill providing for holding an election to all the vacancies in the Senate from the 46th and 50th districts, held by the enemy, came up on its passage. Mr. Robertson opposed the passage of the bill as unconstitutional. The roll was called, and the vote resulted —
The Daily Dispatch: January 2, 1862., [Electronic resource], Bishop Hughes in favor of the Confederate States. (search)
Ranaway--$15 reward. --A negro man named Gilbert, aged between 40 and 50 years. His color is black; whiskers grey, under the coin. He is about six feet high; black hair. His clothing is a black coat and plaid summer pants I bought him at Dickinson & Hill's auction room last Tuesday. He was, brought here by a gentleman named Thos. G. Neal, of North Carolina. He left my promises Saturday afternoon, between 2 and 3 o'clock. The above reward will be paid by M. A. Myers, 66 Main street, Richmond, Va. de 30--1w*
State Convention in behalf of the soldiers. --An exchange states that "the Baptists of Louisiana are to hold a convention at Mount Lebanon, on the 4th Sunday in January, in behalf of the Colportage work among the soldiers. Rev. A. E. Dickinson, of Richmond, Va., has promised to attend."
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