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ople by, 537; passes through Burksville, 555; living in a box car at Greensboro, 627; instructs Johnston in negotiations with Sherman, 627, 633; Johnston's revenge on, 633; capture of, in woman's clothes, 639. Deep Bottom, Butler's bridge at, II., 506; Hancock's movement, July 26, 470; August 14, 506-511; Butler's movement from, III., 70. Democratic party, opposition of, to the war, III., 13, 169. Departments, rearrangement of military, when Grant took chief command, i., 29-32. Dinwiddie, battle of, III., 467-470. Dinwiddie court-house, Sheridan at, III., 453, 456; held by the national forces, 470. Dix, General John A., anxiety of, in regard to election in New York, III., 171. Dodge, General G. M., ordered to send reinforcements to Thomas, III., 240. Donelson, Fort, position of, i., 23; operations against, 33-51; capture of, 50; consequences of capture, 55. Draft, riot in New York on account of, III., 15: enforced, 16. Drury's Bluff, battle of, II., 244-2
tood, Fillmore, 60,131; Buchanan, 90,352. majority for Buchanan 30,221. in 1859 the vote stood, Letcher, 77,650; Goggin, 72,321. majority for Letcher 5,329. we publish the majorities in the election of 1859 as useful for reference during the reception of the returns: Letcher s (Dem.) Maj's. Allegheny145 Amelia1 Appomattox207 Barbour391 Bath1 Berkley174 Boone142 Botetourt228 Brooke156 Brunswick294 Buchanan91 Cabell91 Calhoun251 Chesterfield198 Clarke119 Craig164 Dinwiddie37 Doddridge505 Fairfax26 Fauquier89 Fayette39 Frederick236 Gilmer265 Goochland25 Grayson113 Greene261 Greensville49 Halifax400 Hampshire362 Hancock160 Hanover117 Harrison312 Highland249 Isle of Wight384 Jackson122 Jefferson18 King and Queen153 King William170 Lewis390 Logan386 Lunenburg264 Madison454 Marion729 Mecklenburg222 Middlesex35 Monongahela374 Northumberland86 page830 Patrick90 Pendleton28 Pleasants70 Pocahontas285 Preston305 Prince Edward45 Pr
The Daily Dispatch: November 7, 1860., [Electronic resource], Land and Slaves in the county of Amelia, for sale privately. (search)
Goggin's majority was 254. In the city alone the vote stood Bell 908; Breckinridge 517; Douglas 136; Lincoln 2. Goochland. Little's Store.--Breckinridge 54; Bell 41; Douglas 5. Petersburg. Petersburg, Nov. 6. --The vote here is Bell 970; Douglas 613; Breckinridge 223. Goggin had 308 majority in Petersburg. Southampton. Iver's Station, 3 P. M.--Bell 53; Breckinridge 2. Sussex. Wakefield Station, 3 ½ P. M.--Bell 64; Breckinridge 14; Douglas 4. Dinwiddie. Billups', 4 o'clock.--Douglas 49; Bell 38; Breckinridge 11. Jefferson. Harper's Ferry, P. M.--Bell 275; Douglas 278; Breckinridge 77. In the county Bell has about 450 majority over Breckinridge. Letcher carried this county by 18 majority. Norfolk city. The vote in this city stands: Bell 986; Breckinridge 438; Douglas 232. Goggin's majority was 309. Norfolk county. Norfolk, Nov. 6, 11 P. M.--The Court-House precinct gives Bell 196; Breckinridge 94; Dou
ckinridge GainsBell Gains Accomac213Alexandria192 Albemarie82Alleghany46 Amherst250Amelia22 Appomattox150Augusta1562 Barbour191Bath41 Bedford171Berkeley180 Brooke91Botetourt246 Buckingham44Chesterfield654 Caroline360Clarke72 Carroll550Dinwiddie172 Culpeper22Doddridge301 Cumberland45Elizabeth City30 Franklin216Fauquier42 Floyd200Fairfax38 Gloucester184Harrison52 Goochland155Henrico350 Fluvanna120James City8 Grayson174Jefferson541 Greene189Loudoun177 Halifax366Lewis90 Hancockkinridge 70 majority. Wetzel --Official.--Gives Breckinridge 640; Bell 91; Douglas 149. Tyler --Gives an estimated majority for Breckinridge of 100. Isle of Wight --Official.--Breckinridge 756; Bell 147; Douglas 19. Dinwiddie --Official.--Bell 389; Breckinridge 254; Douglas 183. Nansemond --Official.--Bell 368; Breckinridge 316; Douglas 1 King & Queen --Official.--Breckinridge 510; Bell 255; Douglas 2. Wythe --Official.--Breckinridge has 1
766 Hancock200 Harrison260 Isle of Wight609 King George42 King and Queen255 King William173 Lewis.300 Lunenburg275 Madison750 Mecklenburg471 Northumberland126 Orange48 page796 Prince Edward47 Prince William479 Roanoke80 Shenandoah1440 Tyler100 Warren186 Washington280 Wetzel549 Wythe177 11,943 Bell's majorities Albemarle201 Alexandria446 Amelia24 Augusta2330 Bath40 Berkeley83 Botetourt1 Bedford429 Buckingham22 Campbell317 Chesterfield456 Culpeper1 Dinwiddie135 Elizabeth City83 Fairfax7 Fluvanna32 Henrico700 James City88 Jefferson801 Loudoun1253 Marshall80 Montgomery287 Nansemond58 Nelson336 New Kent94 Norfolk City547 Norfolk county255 Northampton53 Nottoway57 Ohio280 Petersburg747 Portsmouth118 Powhatan98 Prince George75 Princess Anne72 Pittsylvania645 Pulaski82 Rappahannock120 Richmond City1234 Rockbridge892 Rockingham206 Spottsylvania95 Stafford1 Surry74 Taylor50 Williamsburg6 13,909 Breckinridge's majorit
town of Fredericksburg. At King George C. H., the counties of King George, Westmoreland. At Gloucester Point, the counties of Gloucester, King & Queen. At West Point, the counties of King William and New Kent. At Norfolk, the countess of Princess Anne, Norfolk, Nansemond, Southampton, Greeneville, and the cities of Petersburg and Norfolk. At Smithfield, the counties of Isle of Wight, Surry and Sussex. At Petersburg, the counties of Pr. George, Chesterfield and Dinwiddie. At Buffalo, Putnam County, the counties of Mason, Jackson and Putnam. At Barboursville, Cabell County, the counties of Cabell, Wayne and Logan. At Charleston, the counties of Kanawha, Boone, Wyoming, Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas and Clay. At Parkersburg, the counties of Wood, Wirt, Roane, Calhoun, Gilmer, Ritchie, Pleasants, Doddridge. At Moundsville, the counties of Tyler, Wetzel, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke, Hancock. At Grafton, the counties of Braxton, Lewis, Har
intment is for two years; but for extraordinary proficiency it may be prolonged. By way of remuneration to the State, students admitted on this foundation are required to teach in some public or private school within the limits of Virginia, for two years after leaving the University. The following Districts will be vacant at the close of the present Session: 3. Norfolk county and Princes Anne. 5. Sussex, Southampton and Greensville. 6. City of Petersburg and Prince George. 7. Dinwiddie, Amelia and Brunswick. 8. Powhatan, Cumberland and Chesterfield. 9. Lunenburg, Nottoway and Prince Edward. 15. Campbell and Appomattox. 17. Hanover and Henrico. 19. Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex. 22. Caroline and Spotsylvania. 23. Stafford, King George and Prince William. 26. Fauquier and Rappahannock. 27. Madison, Culpeper, Orange and Greene. 29. Louisa, Goochland and Fluvanna. 30. Nelson, Amherst and Buckingham. 31. Jefferson and Berkeley. 32. Hampshire, Hardy and Morgan
in the last day or two, it is unnecessary for me to speak in detail, as your citizens have had an opportunity to see them and form their own opinions. They were enthusiastically received here, and greatly admired for their fine appearance. The cavalry encamped near the city on Thursday night, though many of the members came into town and were entertained by our citizens. I learn that there are more to join this company in a short time. The Crimea Artillery, Capt. Joseph White, from Dinwiddie, have arrived and encamped at the Fair Grounds. They are an able looking set of fellows, every inch men, numbering about 60. They brought no piece of artillery along with them. The Nottoway Cavalry, reported to be the finest mounted, the best equipped, and best armed company in Virginia, are, I understand, awaiting orders to march. They are armed each with a pair of field revolvers, carbines, broadswords and bowie-knives, and thoroughly fitted up for a protracted campaign. The Not
ers, and English noblemen; or by the adoption of those of English counties. Thus, King and Queen county was named in honor of William and Mary; King William in honor of William after Mary's death; King George in honor of George I. Elizabeth City, James City, Charles City, Princess Anne, Prince George, Prince William, Prince Edward, and probably Amelia. Charlotte, Augusta, Caroline, and Louisa, are all named after members of the successive royal families. Berkeley, Culpeper, Dinwiddie, Fauquier, and Botetourt, were so called in compliment to the Colonial Governors of those names.--Goochland was also named in honor of Gov. Gooch. Shenandoah was likewise first called after Governor Dunmore, but the name was changed after Dunmore became the enemy of the Colony. Albemarle, Amherst, Bedford, Brunswick, Buckingham, Chesterfield, Cumberland, Essex, Fairfax, Gloucester, Halifax, Hampshire, Hanover, Isle of Wight, Lancaster, Loudon, Mecklenburg, Middlesex, New Kent, Norfol
h a table containing all the returns received since Saturday morning, and some official corrections of the vote as published then: Breckinridge'smakersBell'sMajorities. Accomactie.Albemarle261 Alleghany101Alexandria446 Amherst175Amelia21 Appomattox342Augusta2330 Barbour587Bath57 Brooke278Berkeley83 Brunswick186Botetourt1 Caroline211Bedford429 Carroll378Buckingham22 Charlotte47Campbell314 Clarke47Chesterfield456 Cumberland3Culpeper1 Doddridge204Charles City814 Essex29Dinwiddie135 Fauquier47Elizabeth City83 Franklin213Fairfax7 Frederick352Fluvanna32 Floyd35Greenbrier490 Gloucester164Hardy510 Goochland189Henry99 Greene457Highland47 Gilmer160Henrico700 Greensville13James City88 Hampshire184Jefferson501 Halitax766Londoun1253 Hancock200Marshall117 Harrison260Monroe175 Isle of Wight609Montgomery287 King George42Nansemond58 King and Queen256Nelson336 King William173New Kent94 Lewis355Norfolk City547 Lunenburg275Norfolk county255 Madison760Northampto
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