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ity519911133 Alexandria County461013 Aliegnany34425037 Amelia24928232 Amherat8862226 Appomattax56322110 Augusta21825531094 Bath16322022 Barbour91042239 Boone20412124 Buckingham52354522 Bedford1037146891 Berkeley830913108 Botetourt589590174 Brooke45017376 Brunswick444308137 Caroline77256118 Carroll72931511 Chesterfield328788588 Charlotte46541825 Clarks33528849 Craig3221122 Culpeper52552619 Cumberland27627537 Caroline77256118 Campbell12081521146 Charles City1112249 Dinwiddie254389183 Doddridge35614391 Elizabeth City16424824 Essex3082794 Fauquier102798939 Fairfax68569191 Fluvanna4434877 Frederick131596366 Franklin1076863133 Fayette24138165 Floyd40038435 Gloucester4603910 Goochland42824437 Grayson44731516 Greenbrier505993133 Greene5217410 Greenesville15113941 Halifax131256138 Hanover74957527 Hancock2623385 Hardy35589474 Henrico6411403189 Henry44454359 Highland170215255 Harrison1191931107 Isle of Wight75714719 James City601485 Jefferson
The Daily Dispatch: December 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], List of appointments by the Virginia annual Conference of the M. E. Church South. (search)
olored Mission, to be supplied; Brunswick J. S. R. Clark, B. F. Woodward, sup; Colored Mission, to be supplied; Greensville J. K. Littleton; Northampton. W. L. Dalby, J. C. Garlick, sup; Colored Mission, William Grant. Petersburg District.--R. O. Burton, P. E.--Petersburg: Washington Street, Chas. H. Hall. J. B. Laurens, sup; Union Street, Thomas S. Campbell; Market Street, Robert N. Sledd; City Mission, L. F. Way; High Street, Wm. E. Judkins, J. Kerr, sup; Factories, Thos. H. Boggs; Dinwiddie, George F. Doggett; Colored Mission. Thomas Digges; Sussex, L. J. Hansberger, J. A. Riddick, sup.; Prince George N. Thomas, A. Steward, sup.; Surry, Jas. H Jefferson; Smithfield, Jos. E Potts, Jas. A. Crowder; Southampton, B. Spiller, I. M. Arnold, B Devany, sup; Murfreesborough, William G. Lumpkin, R. J. Carson; Bertie, Thos. L Williams, John Williamson; Randolph Macon College, H. B. Cowles, agent; Book and Tract Society, B. R. Duval, agent; Wesleyan Female College, D. P. Wills. Preside
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.the Fourth at Fort Powhatan. Fort Powhatan, July 5, 1861. The Fourth was pleasantly celebrated at Fort Powhatan. The ceremonies of the day were interesting, commencing by the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Lieut. Lewis, from the Brunswick Guard. After which, Lieut. Foster, from the Prince George Artillery, read the Secession Ordinance. The oration was delivered by Lieut. McBowin, from Capt. Ally's company. Dr. Worsham, from Dinwiddie, being then called upon, responded by an eloquent address, and was followed by Dr. Harrison, from Prince George.--A number of ladies were present, cheering with their beauty and encouraging with their blessings, as they always do when a good work is on hand. Speck.
The Daily Dispatch: July 17, 1861., [Electronic resource], Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. (search)
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. Our Cavalry Gain a Brilliant Victory — At least Thirty of the Enemy Killed, Wounded and taken Prisoners. Cumberland Camp, July 13th, 1861. Yesterday morning, Major Hood, in command of detachments from the Elizabeth City, Charles City, Dinwiddie, Cumberland, Mecklenburg and Black Walnut Troops, amounting to about one hundred and twenty-five men in all, was in a mile and a half of Newport News, looking out for a fight, when he was informed that about fifty of the enemy were some miles off, marching towards Lee's Store, about six miles from Newport News. He proceeded with great caution in pursuit, having the woods along the roads we traveled thoroughly scoured before we passed. At about 1 P. M., when within a mile of the store, one of our mounted scouts galloped back and reported that the enemy were in ambush about one hundred miles ahead, in a thick wood on the right of the road. The Major ordered the Mecklenburg detachment to di
Marshall, Wm. Kyle. Charles City — John A Selden, J. M. Wilcox, Hill Carter. Charlotte — Powhatan Bouldin, W. H. Dennis, J. W. Marshall. Chesterfield — Jas. H. Cox. Chas. T. Friend, S. Bassett French. Clarke — Ed. McCormick, John Morgan, H. M. Nelson. Clay — B. Stephenson, Marshall Triplett, Jacob Salisberry. Craig — R. M. Wiley, Andrew McCariney, C. C. Hill. Culpeper — James Barbour, J. O. Harris, J. H. Rixey. Cumberland — E. J. Harrison, T. H. Woodson, J. D. isbell. Dinwiddie — Thomas B. Hamlin, Wm. Turnbull, D. C. Worsham. Doddridge — Thomas Jones, T. F. M. Smith, E. A C'Donnell. Elizabeth City — James Barron Hope, Thos. Tabb, Jetson Jett. Essex — Benjamin E. Wright, A. H. Garnett, Thos. W. Lewis. Fairfax — Alfred Moss, H. W. Thomas, W. H. Dulany. Fauquier — W. H. Gaines, Richards Payne, John M. Fant. Fayette — Aaron Stockton, Peyton Morton, William Tyre. Floyd — H. Deskins, D. N. Howell, Henry Lane. Fluvanna — D.
udes all who hold commissions from the Confederate authorities — a very large class at the present time. If any whose names are mentioned are ineligible, they will please notify the fact to one of the Richmond editors immediately, that their place on the ticket may be supplied by others. Electoral ticket,for President and Vice President. 1. Joseph Christian, of Middlesex. 2. Cincinnatus Newton, of Norfolk city, 3. H. T. Daniel, of Richmond city, 4. Wm. F. Thompson, of Dinwiddie, 5. Wood Bouldin, of Charlotte, 6.Wm. L. Goggin, of Bedford, 7. B. F. Randolph, of Albemarle, 8. James W. Walker, of Madison, 9. Asa Rogers, of Loudoun, 10. Samuel C. Williams, of Shenandoah, 11.Samuel. McD. Reid, of Rockbridge, 12. H. A. Edmundson, of Roanoke, 13. James W. Sheffey, of Smythe, 14. Henry J. Fisher, of Mason, 15. Joseph Johnson, of Harrison, 16. E. H. Fitzhugh, of Ohio. For State at large. John R. Edmunds, of Halifax. Allen T
: Middlesex Accomac, Northampton, King Counties, Gloucester Matthews, Lancaster, Cumberland, Richmond, Essex, King & Queen, and Northumberland shall be the First District. Norfolk city, Norfolk co., Princess Anne, Richmond, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Surry, and Greenville, shall be the Second District. City of Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Charles City, New Kent, Elizabeth City, Warwick, James City, Williamsburg, and Berg shall be the Third District. City of Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, Powhatan, Amelia, Nottoway, Cumberland, Greenland, and Prince George shall be the Fourth District. Prince Edward, Brunswick, Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, Charlotte, Halifax, and Appotomax shall be the Fifth District. Pennsylvania, Patrick, Henry, Franklin, Beauford and Carroll shall be the Sixth District. Albemarle, Campbell and Lynchburg, Amhearst Nelson, Fluvanna, and Buckingham shall be the Seventh District. Spotsylvania, Louisa, Orange, Madison, Culpeper,
Peterson; Jos. Riddick, supernumerary; Suffolk Colored Mission, A. R. Bernard; Norfolk Circuit, Jas. W. Compton. Atlantic District.--Left without appointments, Eastville, Cape Charles, Atlantic Circuit, Taylor's Island, Berlin. Petersburg District.--R. O. Burton, P. E.--Petersburg; Washington street, Charles H. Hall; Union street, to be supplied; Market street, Ro. M. Sleade; City Mission, to be supplied; High street, W. E. Judkins, J. Kerr; Factories Mission, Jas. H. Jefferson. Dinwiddie, H. B. Cowles, Jno. N. Guy; Colored Mission, to be supplied; Sussex, L. J. Harnsberger, J. A. Riddick, sup.; Prince George, N. Thomas, A. Stuart, B. Woodword, sup.; Surrey, Jas. A. Crowder, Jno. P. Woodward, sup.; Smithfield, Jos. S. R. Clarke; Southampton, Jos. G. Potts, J. M. Arnold, sup.; Murfreesboro, Larkin H Crenshaw; Bertie, Thos. L. Williams, R. J. Carson, sup. Several preachers were left without appointments at their own request. John C. Granberry, P. F. August, James E. Joy
Sons of Temperance. --The Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance of the State of Virginia was in session in this city for two lays last week. The attendance was comparatively small, but larger than was expected. About forty delegates were present from Suffolk, Surry, Isle of Wight, Dinwiddie, Petersburg, Chesterfield, Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Fluvanna, Albemarle, Augusta, Rockbridge, Fredericksburg, Wythe, and Raleigh. From reports made, it was ascertained that more than two-thirds of the members of the order are in the army. The Grand Division severed entirely their connection with the organization at the North Steps were taken for the organization of a Southern National Division. The following delegates were appointed to meet delegates from other Southern States in Convention in Nashville: J. R. Lewellen, Daniel Dodson, Thomas J. Evans, Dr. W. W. Carrington, W. R. Drinkard, N. A. Sturdivant, Geo. A. Bruce, John Long, Dr. P. Trent, John W. Paulett, John W. Fer
The forces from the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George, Westmoreland, Northumberland, Richmond, Lancaster, Louisa, Fluvanna, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, and the town of Fredericksburg. To report to Gen. Benj. Huger, at the city of Norfolk: The forces from the counties of Patrick, Henry, Franklin, Pittsylvania, Halifax, Macklenburg, Brunswick, Lunenburg, Charlotte, Prince Edward, Appomattox, Nottoway, Amelia, Cumberland, Buckingham, Powhatan, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Greensville, Sussex, Southampton, Surry, Jele of Wight, Nansemond, Norfolk, Princess Anne, Prince George, and the city of Petersburg. To report to Gen. J. B. Magruder, at Williamsburg: The forces from the counties of Charles City, Sew Kent, James City, King William, King and Queen, Essex, Middlesex, Gloucester, Mathews, Elizabeth City, Warwick, and the city of Richmond. The Militia of the following counties will not report at present, but will hold themselves in readiness t
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