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Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 6., Strangers in Medford, (continued from vol. 4, no. 2). (search)
Hall. Davis, ElizabethJan. 30, 1791 Davis LucyCharlestown, May 21, 1759Sept. 5, 1759In service to Zebulon May. In service to Benj. Pierce. Delahunt, ElizabethBoston,Oct. 12, 1770Housekeeper for Col. Royal Dexter, TimothyJan. 30, 1791 Dickson, Jonathan  Martha (wife)  Benjamin Surname not given. (nurse child)Cambridge,May 26, 1772In house of Richard Crease. Dike, Jonathan(See John Adams) Dixon, Josiah  Hannah (wife)Charlestown,Apr., 1755Dec. 1, 1755 Dix, Sarah(See Sarah Reed) Dogget, widow of Isaac  Bathsheba (daugh'r)BraintreeFeb. 26, 1755 Dolbeir, SusannahBoston,May 17, 1758Nov. 27, 1758Servant of Thos. Seccomb. Dorumpel, Derumpel RobertNewtown,May 15, 1764In family of Timothy Tufts. Dunster, RebeccaMasson town,June 6, 1770In family of Joseph Tufts. Eades, Josiah (?)Watertown,June 21, 1755Orphan. Age 16. Apprentice to Ebenr. Tidd. Eastabrooks, Nehemiah  wife and child'nJan. 30, 1791Distiller. Emerson, AbigailCambridge,Mar. 27, 1754Feb. 26, 1755In ser
Confederate States Congress Monday, January 19, 1863. Senate--The Senate met at 12 o'clock M.--Hon. R. M. T. Hunter in the Chair. Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Dogget, of the M dist Church. Mr. Hill, of Ga., submitted the credentials of the Hen. Hershel V. Johnson, elect from the State of Georgia to the sent of Hon. Robert Teembs, resigned. Mr. Johnson appeared and took the oath of office. Mr. Mitchall, of Arkansas, submitted the credentials of Hon. R. W. Johnson, from the State of Arkansas and moved that they be filed, which was ordered. Mr. Barnwell, of South Carolina from the committee appointed to organize the standing committees for the Senate, reported the following as the organization agreed upon by the committee, which was adopted: Foreign Affairs.--Messrs. Orr, Yancey, Hunter, Wigfall, and Maxwell. Finance.--Messrs. Barnwell, Hunter, Davis, Semmes, and Johnson, of Ga. Commerce.--Messrs. Clay, Dortch, Oldham, Poyton, and Baker. A
Confederate States Congress. The Senate met at 12 o'clock M. yesterday. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Dogget, of the Method at Church. On motion of Mr. Johnson, of Ark., the resolution fixing the day of adjournment was taken up, and the blanks in the resolution being filled with the words "Tuesday, the 31st of May," the resolution as amended was passed. Ayes 11. noes' 7. Mr. Baker, of Florida, introduced a bill to amend the act imposing regulations upon the foreign commerce of the Confederate States, and to provide for the public defence. Referred. House bill to exempt railroads from certain duties was reported back from the Finance Committee, with the amendment: In line four, after the word "roads," insert the words"imported by any railroad company for its own use." Amendment agreed to and bill passed. Mr. Oldham, from the Committee on Commerce, reported back Senate bill to establish a Bureau of Foreign Supplies, with an amendment by way of a substitute. The
Virginia Legislature.[Extra session.] Senate. Thursday, December 15, 1864. The Senate met at 12 o'clock M. The Rev. Dr. Dogget led in prayer. The joint resolution of the House of Delegates providing for the adjournment of both Houses on Wednesday, 21st instant, to Wednesday, the 4th of January, 1865, was so amended as to provide for its adjournment till the 9th of January. The Committee on Finance were instructed to inquire into and report what action, if any, be necessary by the General Assembly to protect the bonds of the Commonwealth from ruinous taxation by the Confederate States Government. On motion of Mr. Christian, of Augusta, the Senate adjourned. House of Delegates. The House met at noon, and was opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Jeter. A bill was reported from the Committee on Printing, changing the time for the commencement of the term of office of the Public Printer; and the bill passed to its second reading. Mr. Pendleton call
The Daily Dispatch: March 2, 1865., [Electronic resource], Proclamation by the President, appointing a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, with thanksgiving. (search)
Confederate Congress. Senate. Wednesday, March 1, 1865. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Dogget, of the Methodist Church. On motion, by Mr. Burnett, of Kentucky, the Senate reconsidered the vote by which was passed the bill to provide for returned prisoners; and the further consideration of the bill was then postponed till to day. Mr. Simms, of Kentucky, offered the following, which was agreed to: "Resolved, That the Select Committee on the Exchange of Prisoners be instructed to inquire into the treatment of returned prisoners, and that they also be instructed to inquire and report all neglect in transporting them to Richmond from the places of exchange, and who is responsible for such neglect." Mr. Wigfall introduced a bill to provide for the organization of a Bureau of Inspection in connection with the War Department. Referred. Mr. Caperton introduced a bill to regulate the compensation of the State Collector of the State of Virginia. Mr. Maxwell, o