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caped prisoners.--The following is the story of private Doherty, of the New York Seventy-first, who escaped fros full, a shell took off the foot of a comrade of Mr. Doherty, his rear man, in company A. Mr. D. immediately pnded died. Thirty-two had died up to the time of Mr. Doherty's escape. On Friday night, about five minutes by a preconcerted arrangement, Capt. Allen and Messrs. Doherty and Waldorf--who had from the first been allowe brook, and were quickly concealed in the woods. Mr. Doherty believes that they were not missed till the roll-quiring as to the fate of two officers named Grey. Doherty told her that one of them had been killed. This shght brushwood, concealed themselves effectually. Mr. Doherty assures us that as the troopers beat the woods, tdown on a leg but a few feet from his hidden foes. Doherty, almost exhausted, had availed himself of the occasreached Long Island, 17 miles from Washington. Mr. Doherty assures me, and Capt. Allen will, I believe, cord
Connolly miss Kate Cooke miss Sarah J Cook miss Mary A Cook miss Fannie Charters miss A V Clarke miss Delia Chandler miss M W Carter miss Georgie Carter miss H K Dillard mrs Wm Dixon mrs Martha Dillard mrs S F Doherty mrs John Dudley mrs Lucy Driscoll mrs Dewey mrs Elvira Dabney mrs L J Daniel mrs Eliz Everhart miss Mary England miss Mary F Faircloth mrs Mary C Frayser mrs E A Frawner mrs Octavia Fleming miss Caroline Forsyin A Candy B F Caryl J Croakley J B Chandley J Cocklin J Chiles J R Campbell J C Camper J Cox J N Chutten J Cobb J Clark J Casgrove J Cahill Wm Carter Wm Curry W J Clesenham W Dugar Andw J Doherty M C O Danavan B Dilworth & Orr Dooly Pat Decker P DeBoer D Daley Daniel Derzer C Duncan Fred P Davis Henry Dobson H W Dodson Wm T Dickinson W J DeHass Dr W Doal Joe Dabney Jno Davis J Waddie Dea
Crouch G W Coghill R H Clarke R Conoloy P Crumn R M Cox E Compton E Cosby P G Cappronea P Clarke C A Clarke C H Curtis C J Cox N Cook L Cartier L Chapin A Chorway Dr Corvetns mr Connelly M Cherozer C Ceuhorelli V Dixon Wm Davis Wilson Dellas Dr W Daudridge W A Dyers Ceo W Davis Thos Dubre Saml Dickenson L H Damotti Davis Burnan Davis B T Davis C A Dice Paul Dodd R S Davidson W M Downer S W Dorset J Decourcy Jas Doherty J L O Downing Jno Daherty Jas 2 Epes B J Ewing Chas Ellison Earl Essex Geo W Ellis J B Euroughty J W Ellett Thos Everett Wm H Francis Wm Foster Rb Fennesy P Forsythe S D Fitzgerald M French Louis Frawley John Flournoy J J 2 Fraysler Jas H Forsythe Jno Farris J Franklin Jas H Ford O Goode Jno Jr Grr Dr J H 2 Gar Jas M Garney Jas Graham W L Hewett & Thompson Hancock Ben A Harroll B B Hancock Benj Harlowe Benj Hurburt And Ha