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Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Key to the plan of Cambridge in 1635 . (search)
ohn White.Thomas Danforth. 9John Hopkins. Vacant lot.Mark Pierce. 10John White. Vacant lot.Edward Collins. 11William Goodwin.Samuel Shepard. 12John Steele.Robert Bradish. 13William Wadsworth.Richard Champney. 14Widow Esther Muzzey.Henry Dunster. House, but apparently not a homestead. 15Daniel Abbott.Francis Moore. 16Daniel Abbott.John Russell. 17Thomas Heate.Thomas Marrett. 18Christopher Cane.William Towne. 19Nathaniel Hancock.Nathaniel Hancock. 20George Steele.Edward Goffeham, Esq. House, but apparently not a homestead. 28Abraham Morrill.Thomas Skidmore. 29Samuel Greenhill.— Turges. 30John Pratt.Widow Elizabeth Isaac. 31William Spencer.John Stedman. 32Thomas Spencer.William Dickson. 33John Haynes, Esq.Henry Dunster. 34 Market Place. Now called Winthrop Square.Market Place. 35James Ensign.Edward Goffe. Uncertain whether then occupied by a house or not. 36Rev. Samuel Stone. Vacant lot.Nathaniel Sparhawk. Vacant lot. 37Widow Isabel Sackett.
and John Stedman shall take care for the making of the town-spring, against Mr. Dunster's barn, a sufficient well, with timber and stone, fit for the use of man andwesterly from the University Press between Brattle and Mount Auburn Streets. Mr. Dunster's barn stood on the northerly side of Brattle Street, near Church Street, whit may make for their support and desire it. Further, it is granted to Mr. Henry Dunster and Mr. Edward Collins liberty to have their small farms at Shawshine, anrs in regard of their work and place. April 1649. Agreed, that Mr. Henry Dunster, President of Harvard College, should have 500 acres, whereof 400 is granith them concerning their request therein; at which time there was chosen Mr. Henry Dunster, Elder Champney, John Bridge, Edward Goffe, and Edward Winship. The resuthe next General Court. Given under our hands this 17th 12m. 1654, by us, Henry Dunster, Richard Champney, Edward Goffe, John Bridge. These propositions ar
al Court orders their return. removal and return of the Registry of Deeds. Court houses. house of Correction and jail. Place of execution, or Gallows lot. Negro woman burned at the stake. support of the Poor. Almshouses. ordinaries, or Taverns; committed to the charge of the most grave and discreet men. Blue Anchor. Samuel Gibson fined for unlawfully entertaining students. innholders and retailers during a century. petitions of Edmund Angier and John Stedman. Memorial of President Dunster on behalf of Mrs. Bradish. prices established. Market places. Market house. burial places. Common; contest concerning its enclosure. Town house. Athenaeum, converted into a City Hall. Sectional rivalry and jealousy. petition for a division of the Town; rejected by the General Court. unsuccessful attempt to remove difficulties. petition for a City Charter. a new petition for division interposed, which, like another presented nine years later, was unsuccessful. City Charter
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
of the meeting-house. reputed heresy of President Dunster. death of Mr. Mitchell, and the place one page, Mrs. Greene to eight pages. Mr. Dunster. Only two bear any date, namely, the fortyhe reputed heresy and open opposition of President Dunster. It has already been related in chaptergreater trial was the open opposition of President Dunster to an ordinance which Mr. Mitchell consi, † 10. To the lasting honor of Mitchell and Dunster, it should be remembered that their personal r humble servant and afflicted brother, Henry Dunster. It is reported by his biographers, thatire was entertained to erect some memorial of Dunster. The place of his sepulture was unknown, but eminent person. But are they the remains of Dunster? or, are they not rather the remains of Mitcble to Mitchell than to Dunster, because, 1. Dunster left a small estate, deeply involved in debt, slab, on which is inscribed the name of President Dunster, actually covers the remains of Rev. Jon[18 more...]
uel Danforth. veterans now in service. agreement for erecting a School-house. allowance to Mr. Dunster and his heirs. schools of lower grade. schools established in Cambridgeport and East Cambrius been devoted almost continuously to the cause of literature. The lot was owned in 1642 by Henry Dunster, President of the College; it contained a quarter of an acre of land, on which there was therds erected on that lot, and designed for that school:— Articles of agreement between Henry Dunster and Edward Goffe on the one party and Nicholas Withe and Richard Wilson, Daniel Hudson, masopresent third month 1647 and the tenth of the ninth month next ensuing, for the which stones Henry Dunster and Edward Goffe covenant to pay to us sixe pence the load. 2. Item. That we the foresa about a foote thick, for eighteene pence a yard, making n the said above ground wals, where Henry Dunster or Edward Goffe shal apointe, convenient dore ways, arched over head, and windowe spaces as
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8, 1729, 1731, 1732. John Cutter, 1728, 1736, 1741. William Brattle, 1729, 1731-1733, 1748-1757, 1766-1772. Joseph Adams, 1729, 1731, 1732, 1737, 1738. Isaac Watson, 1731, 1737, 1738. Samuel Danforth, 1733, 1734, 1737– 1739. Henry Dunster, 1733, 1734. Samuel Smith, 1733. Benjamin Dana, Jr., 1734-1736, 1742, 1743. Samuel Sparhawk, 1737-1741. John Vassall, 1739, 1740, 1747. Jonathan Butterfield, Jr., 1739, 1740. Andrew Bordman [2d], 1740-1769. Joseph Bean, 1, 1746. Ephraim Frost, 1725, 1726, 1730, 1735. Samuel Andrew, 1728. Gershom Davis, 1728, 1729, 1731, 1732. Joseph Adams, 1729, 1731, 1732, 1737, 1738. Andrew Bordman, Jr., 1730. William Brown, 1730. Isaac Watson, 1731. Henry Dunster, 1733, 1734. Samuel Smith, 1733. Benjamin Dana, 1734-1736, 1742. Samuel Sparhawk [2d], 1737-1741. Jonathan Butterfield, 1739, 1740. John Winship, 1742. Samuel Whittemore, Capt. Samuel Whittemore. 1743-1746, 1748-1757, 175
of Moses Payne a house at the S. E. corner of Dunster and South streets, in 1646, and in the same yined here, was on the northwesterly corner of Dunster and South streets; his house lot, which contay w. Mary, had Robert, b. 13 Mar. 1709-10. Dunster, Henry, President of Harvard College from 27 e this best agrees with one of the items in Mr. Dunster's account:— maintenance of the children afts, at 20l. per annum, 143.3.4. The mother (Mrs. Dunster) d. in Aug. 1643; seven years and two monthhe Gov. Dudley estate, at the N. W. corner of Dunster and South streets, where he d. of small-pox, here are indications that he was brother to Mrs. Dunster, formerly the wife of Rev. Jose Glover. Heved into a small house on the S. E. corner of Dunster and South streets; she d. 30 Aug. 1804, a. 82 he owned and occupied the square inclosed by Dunster, Winthrop, Holyoke, and South streets, except Carteret of Chs., and a descendant from President Dunster, 12 Oct. 1758, and had Elizabeth Cartere[22 more...]
ouse and nine acres of upland at the Fresh Pond, in 1638, to Nathaniel Sparhawk. William, owned a house on the south side of Brattle Street, not far westerly from Ash Street, in 1638. Henry, bought of Moses Payne a house at the S. E. corner of Dunster and South streets, in 1646, and in the same year sold it to William Manning, Jr. All these probably left Cambridge early, as no trace of their families appears on the Records. Albone. See Luxford. Aldus, Nathan, is named in 1642, as occupyand his w. Susanna d. 16 Oct. 1707, without issue. Andrew, William, was here as early as 1634, and in 1635 resided at the N. E. corner of Dunster and Winthrop streets; which estate he sold in 1637, and purchased a house at the N. E. corner of Dunster and South streets. He was a mariner, but served as Constable (then a very important office) in 1635 and 1640, and Selectman in 1635. His w. Mary d. 19 Jan. 1639-40, and he m. wid. Reana James of Watertown about Aug. 1640; their marriage contr
erty formerly belonging to their father. The dau. Mary was not born until after her father returned to England; and the County Court, 5 Oct. 1652, empowered Mr. Henry Dunster and Mr. Joseph Cooke to improve the estate of Col. George Cooke, deceased, for the good of Mary Cooke, the daughter of the said Col. George Cooke, deceased, eonard of Hardwick 6 Nov. 1766. David the f. d. of small-pox 5 Dec. 1760; his w. Mary d. 25 May 1797, a. 93. 9. James, s. of James (7), m. Abigail, dau. of Henry Dunster (pub. 29 Oct. 1737), and had James, b. 30 May 1741; Abigail, b. 22 Sept. 1742; Alice, b. 16 April 1715; Martha, b. 14 July 1746; Henry, b. 10 May 1748; Betty,bigail, b. 1693, d. 26 Nov. 1702; George,. b——; John, b. 23 July 1700. Ephraim the f. was a glazier, and res. successively in Chs., Camb. (at the N. E. (or. of Dunster and South streets), and Wat., where he was living in 1729, and where his w. Bethia d. 18 Sept. 1731, a. 71. 7. Gershom, s. of Richard (3), m. Lydia Hall 6 Mar.
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