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e hook were generally carried by men. The wheeled vehicles in Egypt were few and not capacious. Machines for peeling osiers proceed in various ways. In Colby's, the osier wands are carried between vulcanized rubber rollers which press, rub, and wring the bark from the wood. A serrated metallic roller acts in connection with an elastic or yielding roller, both having an end chase or lateral reciprocation to rub off the bark of the wand. A rack or comb catches and removes the bark. Easterbrook's has a pair of rollers, respectively convex and concave, which give a slipping pressure upon three sides of the wand and loosen the bark; a pair of wire brushes next come into play, and then rollers discharge it from the machine. Other forms have rollers having various angular presentations to a disk against which they press the wand. Another has jaws to drag the willow past V-edges. Another rubs the willow between a wheel and a traveling belt. Os′le-on—i′ron. (Metallurgy.)
by a majority of the votes of the Church, at meetings regularly called by the proper officers, with due notice given at both houses of worship, and the action of the Church was concurred in by the vote of the majority in the town. His society became the Church of Waltham, succeeding in regular order the Church in Watertown established by Rev. George Phillips, Sir Richard Saltonstall, and others. Zzz. was settled as pastor of the Church without reordination by imposition of hands, the Rev. Mr. Easterbrook of Concord, being the mouth and moderator of the Church in the publick management of the whole affair. This dissension exerted a baleful influence for a long time, and difficulties arose concerning the building and repairing the meetinghouses. The salaries of both ministers, however, were paid from the public treasury. All the efforts to adjust the differences seemed but to confirm both parties in their own views. Meantime the town was divided into Precincts, the Eastern, Mi
en Deputy-Governor Mass. Bay Co., 12; letter to the Countess of Lincoln, 14-16; 24. Dummer, Jeremie, goldsmith, of Boston, 39. Dummer, Richard, owner of Oldham Farm, 39. Dunton, John, his ramble to Natick, 69. Dutch: fort on the Connecticut, 35; plantation on Hudson's River called New Netherlands, 35; vessel driven off by J. Winthrop, Jr., 39. Dutch (the) send home for authority to deal with the settlers on the Connecticut, 36. Dwelling-houses on Main St. in 1800, 82. Easterbrook, Rev. Mr., at ordination of Mr. Angier, 54. East Lexington, 27. Eaton, Nathaniel, first principal of Harvard College, 58 n. 1. Eden Vale in Waltham, 92. Edes, J. W., artist, 98. Edgarton settled, 46. Edward the Confessor, 67. Edye (or Eddie), John, insanity of, 32; chosen one of the first three selectmen, 34. Elections, how conducted, 34. Eliot, John, begins missionary labors, 60; antedated by those of Thomas Mayhew, Jr., at Martha's Vineyard, 47 n. 1; birth-pla
gan, 1st Mich cav; H C Boyd, 5th N Y; Jas McConnell, do; C S Montgomery, do; H E Hascall, 1st Mich cav; G S Elcock, 14th N Y; 1st Lieuts F A B Koons, 5th Pa; T P Havilaud, Adjt 12th Mass; Lieuts Fred'k Schluemback, 29th N Y; P Clarey, 24th N Y; John C Shaw, 1st N Y; Francis Ferns, Harris Light cavalry; Bernard Franz, Aide-de-camp to Gen Stahl; Capt Jno Hess. 1st Va cav; 1st Lieuts Anthony Browner, 5th N Y; S C Barker, Berdan Sharpshooters; Jas E Doughty, 2d U S Sharpshooters; Geo C Woolley, 9th N Y cav; 2d Lieuts A L Easterbrook, 22d N Y; Jno S Raymond, 5th N Y; Wm O Ranuells, 75th Ohio; R G McKay; 1st Mich cav; 1st Lieut Fred Bieleman, 1st Mich cav; 2d Lieuts G Wipft, 1st Va cav; Jno F Williams, 107th Pa; Capt Thos Elliott, 60th N Y; 2d Lieuts Jas Hatch, 20th N Y; Isaac M Jones, 9th Pa cav; Joshua Davis, 73d Ohio; C W Fisher, 104th N Y; 1st Lieut R Brownley, 55th Ohio.They were lodged in the Libby prison, along with the other officers of Pope already on the hands of the Government.