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Beating a woman. --John Murray was carried before the Mayor yesterday on the complaint of Ann Edwards, the latter charging him with administering a flagellation to her, unwarranted by precedent, and against law. She testified that she had sustained intimate relations with Murray which warranted her in demanding money from him to which he had replied by the blows in question. The Mayor informed Ann that she stood confessed a trifling specimen of a white woman, and he advised her to cut stick. Murray was told to resume his seat in the prisoner's box, and he afterwards proceeded in the direction of the jail in default of security for his good behavior.
ck and Pat O'Neal were examined and sent on to the Alderman's Hustings Court for the murder of Patrich Kelly and Wm. Downes. Francis Antoni. the party arrested under the name of "Frank," was discharged from complicity in the affair. The female witnesses, being mostly persons of abandoned character, were committed to appear, as they could not give security for so doing when wanted. Wm. H. Langford was discharged from the charge of "beating his wife." Sam Listy was dismissed from the charge of threatening violence to Mary Davis. The case of Hugh Bigely, for stealing a horse from Wm. Harris, valued at $260, was continued until the 27th inst. John Dolay, for assaulting H. H. Hutchinson, being unable to give bail, was sent to jail. Ann Edwards, charged with keeping a house of ill fame, was committed in default of surety for her good behavior. John Daley, arrested for breaking down the door of Mike Kearney's house, was sent to Gen. Winder, being a soldier.
the house of Mrs. Driscoll, on Cary street, by stabbing him with a bowie knife. The evidence adduced proved the fact, and the accused, a hard looking subject, was committed for trial before Judge Lyons in September next. He was next arraigned on the charge of committing burglary and larceny on the premises of Messrs. Barham & Goddin, and sent on. The latter felony was committed while the party was a fugitive, he having broken out of jail after being imprisoned for the murder of Cronan.--Ann Edwards, and her daughter, Virginia Edwards, were examined on the charge of making a felonious assault with an axe and knife on George Brown, an intoxicated soldier. The latter testified that he had, while on his way to the Valley, been seduced into drinking something that upset his reason; that while in a semi-unconscious state, he entered Mrs. Edwards's house, and was there attacked by herself and daughter; the first with a knife, the latter with an axe; by which various openings were made in
Arrival of Abolition prisoners. --The Central cars that arrived at 6 o'clock last night brought down 105 Abolition soldiers, belonging to the 17th and 2d. Pennsylvania cavalry, and 12th Illinois cavalry; also, 14 sutlers — being the last instalment of 2 9 captured at Dumfries, Va., on the 27th December, by Gen. Stuart's forces. One hundred and twenty of them were lodged in Castle Thunder for the night, there being no room in the Libby prison.--Eliza and Ann Edwards, wife and daughter of one of the sutlers, were also sent to Castle Thunder.
Police Court. --The following cases were disposed of on Saturday by the sitting Magistrate: Ann Edwards and Virginia, her daughter, inhabitants of the Valley, were arraigned for jointly chopping up George Bowers will knife and axe, rendering his physiognomy similar to a saddle of mutton, with all the artistic silts and red streaks in bold relied. After an examination sufficient to develop the facts the parties were sent to jail to be examined before the Hustings Court. Daniel Walsh, who had made his entry into Mrs. Edwards's house during the pendency of the carving process, and amused himself by breaking and smashing up her furniture generally, was also sent on for trial, as was Della Bird, another participant, who, judging from her looks and performances as detailed by the witnesses, was by no means a "perfect bird." Jos. H. Mitchell and George Hunt, charged with drunkenness, were committed for want of security. The Head of Police terminated his morning's labor by restoring
Mayor's Court. --The Mayor occupied his seat yesterday morning, when the following cases were considered: Ann Edwards, doubtful status, was charged with keeping an ill-governed and disorderly house. The accused occupies a tenement on Main street, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third, at which, the neighbors say, crowds of disreputable characters assemble almost nightly, and indulge in very boisterous and disgusting conduct. The case was continued in order to permit the accused a bring her witnesses into court. Ellen Haskins, Martha Thompson, Emma Smith and Mary Eastwood, arrested in Ann Edwards's house, and supposed to be persons of evil fame and reputation, were called to the stand; but the Mayor, after hearing the statement of officer Granger, ordered the accused to set back, preferring to give his decision at some other time. Lilburn, slave of Turpin & Yarbrough, was charged with burglariously entering the house of Thomas G. Turner, on Friday night last,