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Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Chapter XXII: Operations in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Mississippi, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia. March 4-June 10, 1862. (ed. Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott), April 29-June 10, 1862.-advance upon and siege of Corinth, and pursuit of the Confederate forces to Guntown, Miss. (search)
rthy officers who have so cheerfully supported me in all my labors: to Generals Plummer and Tyler, always prompt and cheerful; to Colonels Groesbeck, J. L. Kirby Smith, and Colonel Murphy, to Colonel Loomis, all commanding brigades and demi-brigades, and to the officers of my personal staff, Maj. William D. Coleman and Surg. J. L. Crane, upon whom much of the hard labor of the campaign has fallen; to Lieutenants How and Sinclair, my aides, and to two hard-working men, Lieutenants Cherry and Edwards, quartermaster and commissary, I take this occasion to give thanks for their cheerful and constant assistance. All of which is respectfully submitted. D. S. Stanley, Brig. Gen., Comdg. Second Div., Army of the Mississippi. First Lieut. C. Goddard, A. A. A. G., Right Wing Army Miss. No. 24.-report of Brig e. En. Schuyler Hamilton, U. S. Army, commanding left wing Army of the Mississippi, of operations from April 22 to May 29. Hdqrs. Left wing Army of the Mississippi, June
A patriotic offer. --We received a call this morning from a gallant Mississipian, Captain James Edwards, of the Bay of St. Louis, Hancock county, who comes to offer the service of himself and the use of his mill for the defence of the coast. He proposes that the Government shall take charge of the mill — saw lumber to build gun-boats or for other purposes, and says all that he asks is a soldier's rations during the war. Furthermore, if the timber cannot be obtained, he has twelve hundreds or for other purposes, and says all that he asks is a soldier's rations during the war. Furthermore, if the timber cannot be obtained, he has twelve hundred acres of live cak which is at the service of the Government. Captain Edwards came from Mississippi to make the offer, and he is now urging its acceptance by the Navy Department. He is not a wealthy man, all his property being mentioned in these few lines. Such patriotic liberality is certainly worthy of record.--Montgomery Adv., 22d.
Mayor's Court, Saturday. --The cases before his Honor, on Saturday, were more numerous than important in character. Tobias Pearsall, of the Star Saloon, was summoned up for keeping his house open after 10 o'clock on sundry occasions, when the ordinance demanded it should be shut. The case was laid over for another hearing. James McDonald was fined for a similar violation of the ordinance. Case of Anthony, slave of Spotts & Harvey, for threatening to assault James Edwards, was continued till Tuesday. Earnest Noke was committed to jail as a suspicious person. Ira Richardson, suspicious in looks and hailing from Washington, D. C., here without ostensible business, was sent to jail.--So was Byron W. Bernard, alias Camp, a kind of Confidence Jeremy Diddler, whose case has heretofore been mentioned. Virginia Lee, free negro, was committed on failing to give security for her good behavior. She had been disturbing the peace of the neighborhood in which she lived. John Curren wa
Prison items. --The following prisoners were received at Castle Thunder yesterday: Wm. Brabham and Wm. Pyle, of company I, 2d Va. reg't, and J. W. Smallwood, of Lee Guards, as deserters; also, the following parties sent by the Provost Marshal of Stafford county, viz: Thomas D. Coates, supposed deserter; John Simpson and Jacob Stipps, attempting to cross the lines to the enemy; M. J. Chase, company A, 24th Michigan, Federal prisoner, W. A. Walker, company I, 2d N. C., deserter; Charles Johnston, a dangerous Unionist, (brought down in irons, said to have caused the deaths of many of our men by leading on the enemy;) D. C. Clough, company I, 5th La., forged discharge; J. M. Riddle, company K. 13th Va., no papers and deserter; Francis Roseh, suspicious character; James M. Crafts company I, 1st Ga.; Jas. Edwards, Rodgers's cavalry, and Pat Brannon, company M, 1st Ga. regulars, deserters.
, since dead, A C Lepper, J Walker. Recapitulation — Killed: 1 Wounded: 6. Total: 7. Second Regiment Virginia Cavalry--Major Carey Breckenridge missing, (prisoner) Co C — Killed: None. Wounded: None. Missing: Sergt John a Biggs, Corp'l M Dinkenhoker, privates D McCoy, M Stanley, R pek, J. T Young, E Kale N Bishop Co D — Killed: Wm Buroughs. Wounded: Capt Holland, in elbow; privates Ed Sackey, hand shot off; Wat Sinclair, right thigh fractured, flesh wound in left thigh and breast; S Edwards, in hand. Missing: None. Co E — Killed: None. Wounded: Lt Blank, in head; privates R L Davis, do; Wm Pete, flesh wound by shell; W Chalet slightly; J King, severely from the fall of his horse; Missing: Private J Blank. Co F — Killed: None. Wounded: None. Missing: J T Nance, A L Crezty. Co G — Killed: None. Wounded: Sergt J G Hatcher, in thigh; private A Perrow, in leg. Missing: None. Co H — Killed: None. Wounded: Sergt G W Snapp, mortally; private Wood, by fall of his horse
The Cage. --James Edwards, a youth about seventeen years of age, was arrested yesterday afternoon by officer Grenger on the charge of stealing two trunks of clothing from Miss. Mary Johnson. He was committed to the lower station house for safe keeping.
f good behavior for twelve months. Augustus Field, John Egerton, and Alfred Baker, arrested on the charge of being persons of evil fame, and deserters from the Confederate service, were ordered to report forthwith to the Provost Marshal. James Edwards, James Doyle, Thomas Emory, and Robert, Hite, were charged with stealing two trunks, containing a valuable assortment of wearing apparel, the property of Mrs. Mary Johnson. The testimony for the Commonwealth was of such a character as to determine the Mayor to remand Edwards, Emory, and Hite, for further examination before the Hustings Court. Doyle was discharged. A similar decision was announced in the case of Ann Page, a free negroes, charged with receiving the above articles, knowing them to have been stolen. Ann Finn and Ellen and Margaret Brown, the first charged with using abusive and threatening language towards James B Smith, and the two latter with being free negroes from Culpeper county, without proper papers, wer
Hustings Court. --This Court was in session yesterday. James Edwards, Thomas Emory, and Robert Hite were examined and sent on to the Judge's Court on the charge of stealing two trunks and their contents from Miss Mary Johnson. Several negroes were whipped for larceny. Edward, slave of W. Winston Jones, was arraigned for shooting at watchman Fabius Hicks with a pistol; and the Court having heard part of the evidence, adjourned till this morning.