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Historic leaves, volume 8, April, 1909 - January, 1910, Report of the Committee on Necrology. (search)
Report of the Committee on Necrology. To the Somerville Historical Society: The Committee on Necrology hereby submits its report for 1908-09. The members who have died during the year are Charles D. Elliot, Quincy E. Dickerman, Lemuel H. Snow, Mrs. John F. Ayer, and Charles Williams, Jr. The detailed report follows. Yours respectfully, D. L. Maulsby, Aaron Sargent, Elizabeth A. Waters. Our esteemed citizen, Charles Williams, Jr., passed away April 14, 1908. He was born in Chelmsford, Mass., March 2, 1830, but very early in his life his parents took up their residence in Claremont, N. H., where most of his school days were spent, and where his father was prominent in town affairs, being sent to the legislature, and interested in all matters pertaining to the betterment of the town. He also made great efforts for the success of the Universalist Church, of which he was a staunch member. The family, however, removed to Somerville in 1846, and occupied the house the
Historic leaves, volume 8, April, 1909 - January, 1910, Reminiscences of Southern Prison life. (search)
an. [The following story was written for the Memorial, a paper edited by Miss Mary E. Elliot, and published May 30, 1878, under the auspices of Willard C. Kinsley (Independent) Relief Corps, of this city. It is a story of the experiences in rebel prisons of George Washington Bean, for many years a member of the Somerville police force. It is presented herewith to the Historical Society for re-publication in Historic Leaves, as a contribution to the Civil War history of Somerville.β€”Charles D. Elliot.] Somerville sent three full companies of infantry to the war,β€”one three-months' company in 1861, one three-years' company in 1862, and one nine-months' company in 1862. I enlisted for three years in Company E, Captain F. R. Kinsley, attached to the Thirty-ninth Regiment, which left Boston August 12, 1862, for Washington, and did arduous service in the defences of that city for a year, when it crossed into Virginia, and joined the Army of the Potomac. On October 11, 1863 (the da
Our Seal. By J. Albert Holmes, for the Committee. Charles D. Elliot, always interested in the Historical Society, was an active member of its Seal Committee. The Seal as finally adopted appears for the first time in this issue of Historic Leaves, and the Somerville Historical Society affectionately dedicates the first use of it to his memory. The original drawing of the Seal was made in April. 1909 by William Henry Upham, of Somerville, an artist and illustrator, and a descendant of John Upham, of Weymouth and Malden, 1600-1681. It consists of a shield outlined in gold, on which appears illustrated, also in gold, the launching of the Blessing of the Bay, the raising on Prospect Hill of the first American flag, and the Old Powder House. The shield is surrounded by a looped ribbon of blue, on which in gold letters is the name, Somerville Historical Society, and the date of organization, 1897. Regarding the Blessing of the Bay, Some time in 1631, to quote Mr. Elliot,
Charles Darwin Elliot. Family history. from the latest history of Middlesex County. Charles Darwin Elliot, son of Joseph and ZenoraCharles Darwin Elliot, son of Joseph and Zenora (Tucker) Elliot, was born in Foxboro, Mass., June 20, 1837. Among Mr. Elliot's ancestors were Major Eleazer Lawrence, Lieutenant Eleazer Elliot, was born in Foxboro, Mass., June 20, 1837. Among Mr. Elliot's ancestors were Major Eleazer Lawrence, Lieutenant Eleazer Lawrence, Captain Jonathan Wade, Lieutenant Nicholas White, Samuel Scripture, Marshal-General Edward Mitchelson, Marshal-General John Green, JMr. Elliot's ancestors were Major Eleazer Lawrence, Lieutenant Eleazer Lawrence, Captain Jonathan Wade, Lieutenant Nicholas White, Samuel Scripture, Marshal-General Edward Mitchelson, Marshal-General John Green, John Nutting, Zachariah Flicks, and Thomas Eliot, all soldiers in the King Philip's or other Colonial wars; also, Ensign John Whitman and Samuetes; he died of disease while in the service, December 15, 1777. C. D. Elliot had his powder horn, canteen, and bayonet, and his letters to hiJoseph, son of Joel and Mary M. (Flagg) Elliot, and father of Charles D. Elliot, was born in Cambridge, near Harvard Square, January 1, 1807ent visitor in his home. Zenora (Tucker) Elliot, mother of Charles D. Elliot, was born in Mt. Holly, Vt., February 10, 1809, and died whil
Memoir. By J. Albert Holmes, Member of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers. Charles D. Elliot was educated in the schools of Foxboro, Wrentham, Malden, and in the old Milk Row School and the Prospect Hill Grammar School, Somerville, Mass., and in Henry Munroe's private school on Walnut Street, this city, which he left to enrican Historical Association; New England Historic Genealogical Society; Sons of the American Revolution; and Delft Haven Colony of the Pilgrim Fathers. Charles Darwin Elliot and Emily Jane, adopted daughter of Judge Nathaniel F. Hyer, were married in New Orleans, La., September 3, 1863. Five children were born of this union. He is survived by Mrs. Elliot; a brother, Alfred L. Elliot; a sister, Mary Elvira Elliot; and four children, Clara Zenora, Ella Florence, a professional genealogist, Charles Joseph, a civil engineer, and Adelaide Genevieve. The son was associated with his father in the engineering business, and has succeeded to his practice. Mr
Mr. Elliot's Army record. By J. Albert Holmes My acquaintance with our late friend and associate, Charles D. Elliot, dates from the birth of the Somerville Historical Society. From the acquaintance thus formed there naturally sprang a friendship that grew and strengthened, till the memory only remained. I was quick to learn that we had, not a little, but much in common. In a heart-to-heart talk one day, friend Elliot made a remark that prompted me to tell him something of my feelings and emotions on that Sunday morning, December 14, 1862, as I stood on the parapet at Fort St. Philip and witnessed the passing of the fleet of transports bearing General Banks and his troops to New Orleans to relieve General Butler. Whereupon he very quietly and modestly said: I accompanied that expedition. This was the first intimation I had of his connection with the Union Army. Needless to say, a fraternal feeling existed between us from that moment. If from this point I quote freely fr
Historic leaves, volume 8, April, 1909 - January, 1910, Address of William H. Armstrong at Memorial service October 31, 1909. (search)
merville is a city most prosperous and beautiful. It is a queen among the cities and towns of our glorious Commonwealth, and our friend had much to do with its beauty and prosperity. We were very fortunate in having for our first engineer Charles D. Elliot. He knew, as no one else could, the lay of the land, with its hills and its valleys. His trained eye saw just how to convert its many hillsides, with their lines of beauty, into the city that we are now so proud of. Mr. Elliot came toe face that was so dear to all. In the shadow of the doorway waited a poor old woman, with her shawl drawn closely about her. At last she found her way to the side of him who had been her friend. Taking from the folds of her garment a little flower, she dropped it with her tears into the casket, and then went her way. I want to put one little flower for myself and for the Board of Trade, that I represent, upon the memorial you are to-day building to the memory of our friend, Charles D. Elliot.
Historic leaves, volume 8, April, 1909 - January, 1910, Address of F. M. Hawes at Memorial service October 31, 1909. (search)
Address of F. M. Hawes at Memorial service October 31, 1909. My personal relations with Charles D. Elliot were not of many years' standing. We were brought together, especially, as members and fellow-workers of the Somerville Historical Society. I can say I never came away from an interview with him without feeling I had leae Journal, once of the living, July 28, 1905, and again on the occasion of Mr. Elliot's death, in its issue of December 11, 1908. To mention the name of Charles Darwin Elliot is to call attention to one of the most active and prominent residents of Somerville during the whole of its municipal career. For nearly sixty years he h still engaged in civil engineering, which has been his life work. His has been an experience equaled by few men in the profession. And again at the time of Mr. Elliot's death: His career was remarkable for its usefulness to the nation and to the community. No man in the city was more conversant with Somerville history, and t
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Historic leaves, volume 8, April, 1909 - January, 1910, Officers of Somerville Historical Society (search)
Shepard Essays and Bddresses Mr. John F. Ayer Mr. Seth Mason Mr. William E. Brigham Miss Florence E. Carr Library and cabinet Mr. Levi L. Hawes Mrs. Mary D. Hawes Mrs. Ellen P. Angier Military Records Mr. John H. Dusseault Mr. Levi L. Hawes Miss Mary A. Haley Mr. George M. Houghton Hospitality Mrs. Florence E. Holmes Mr. William B. Holmes Mrs. E. B. Pillsbury Mrs. Helen M. Heald Mrs. F. DeWitt Lapham Photographs Mr. J. Albert Holmes Mr. B. F. Freeman Mr. A. L. Haskell Mr. James F. Whitney Mr. William C. Richardson Press Mrs. Ella R. Hurd Miss Anna P. Vinal Clippings Mrs. Charles D. Elliot Mrs. Ella R. Hurd Miss Mary E. Elliot Local history Miss Mary A. Haley Miss Harriet E. Tuell Miss Mary E. Northup Mrs. Emma Walter Gray Dr. A. E. Winship Auditing Mr. F. DeWitt Lapham Mr. James F. Whitney Building Fund Mr. John F. Ayer Rev. Francis A. Gray Mr. John Albert Holmes Miss Elizabeth A. Waters Mrs. Ella R, Hurd