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to-day replied to the resolution of last session relative to the slave trade. It appears that the African squadron has been maintained in the last twelve years at an annual excess over ordinary naval expenses of $380,000, and the excess of the present year, in consequence of the employment of steamers, will be $800,000.--Not withstanding this expenditure, the British Government has frequently complained of the inefficiency of our efforts, until at last the President has officially informed England that we don't want any more suggestions on the subject, as we consider ourselves abundantly able to regulate our own affairs. Today, the Speaker's warrants for the pay of members of the House were refused at the Treasury for want of funds. They will be formally protested to-morrow. About $200,000 only has been paid to members since the session commenced. There is a strong resolution on the part of the South not to yield to any proposed compromise, and the antagonism to the N
England and France. The New York Tribune in reference to the report that England and France have assured agents of the Administration of their hostility to the Southern Confederacy, says it is altogether improbable that any such agents have been sent, for the simple reason that ample means are possessed by the Administration of learning the intentions of France and England without employing secret agents, and it has been well known from the beginning that the slaveholders possess no hold whatever on the sympathy or respect of any part of the civilized world. The slaveholders hold them by their interests though, which is the only rule of action which nations recognize.
will be here to-morrow from Richmond. If so, and we are not employed in entertaining our Yankee friends, we expect to have a "gay time generally" with our Richmond friends. At an election held here on Monday, the 1st of July. 1st Sergeant Abner V. England was chosen First Lieutenant, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Lieut. Lewis L. Smith. The promotion of Sergeant England creating a vacancy in the office of 1st Sergeant. 2d Sergeant Wm. H. Wade was chosen to fill Sergeant England creating a vacancy in the office of 1st Sergeant. 2d Sergeant Wm. H. Wade was chosen to fill the vacancy. Capt. Wm. A. Charters increases in popularity with his men each day. He is not only the very "prince of good fellows," but a brave and gallant officer, and an honor to the city which gave him birth. The members of our company are suffering from "Salt Rheum," but are struggling on without a murmur, knowing that they are engaged in a righteous war against the Goths and Vandals of the North, and are determined to "fight till the last armed foe expires." During the day th
uns capable of using fired at any required point or deflection, with sufficient space for the gunners. The vessels is to be two hundred and thirty feet in length, ten feet in depth, and fifty feet in breadth, and the armor-proof plates will be applied by a patent invention of Mr. Turner's, requiring neither grooves nor tongues, and will be movable singly in case of fracture or damage, and also easily replaced. The Board of Admiralty, who recently inspected the model on their visit to the pack yard, have called on Mr. Turnor to furnish specifications of his method for their consideration. Prince Adalbert, Admiral of the Prussian fleet, has also ordered drafts of the model to be transmitted to him for the of his own country. These facts prove that England or not yet upon the best method for constructing her new navy, and that die feels the pressure necessity of adopting any new improvement to either in the struggle for supplement with her growing neighbor over the element.
Losses in the 15th Virginia regiment. --Among the killed at the battle of Sharpsburg, in the 15th Virginia regiment, was Capt. Abner V. England, of the Henrico Guard, formerly a Lieutenant in the Young Guard of Richmond. He was shot through the heart just as he had wheeled his company into line. In the Young Guard, Lieut. G. W. Berry was wounded in the abdomen, Sergt. E. W. Jones, in the shoulder, and Corp'l J. R. Allen, in hand. Lieut. Allen, of the Henrico Southern Guard, was wounded in the left breast and wrist seriously.