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Mayor's Court. --Robert Brannan and Daniel W. Lee, charged with breaking into Robert England's house, assaulting Mrs. Elizabeth England, and stabbing John Burns, on Sunday night last, were arraigned for examination yesterday. Hon. John S. Caskie appeared as counsel for Lee. The testimony went to show that the accused were on a spree, and went to England's house, but with what intent does not appear. Mr. Burns, a neighbor, heard the screams of Miss Anna Myers, a daughter of Mrs. England, Mrs. England, and went to see what was the matter; as he was entering the yard, he was attacked by Brannan, and while they were struggling together on the ground, Lee was seen to make a sweep at Burns, who afterwards ascertained that he had received a slight stab in the back, under the right shoulder. Officer Perrin afterwards met Brannan and Lee, both of whom were intoxicated, and heard Lee say that he had stabbed three men; that he had stabbed Bob England to the heart, and would have done more if he had no
Grand Jury Presentments. --The Grand Jury of Judge Lyons' Court, (John Purcell foreman,) yesterday returned a presentment against John Lipscomb and Thos. Wilkinson, for burglary committed about nine months ago, and one presentment against Dan'l W. Lee and Robert Brannon, for a felonious assault on Elizabeth England. The Grand Jury adjourned till Saturday week.
. W. Lea and Robert Brannon were arrested yesterday on a bench warrant and brought before the Mayor, charged with having committed a felonious assault on Elizabeth England, on the 6th day of February. It will be remembered that the above parties were convicted last week before Judge Lyons, of an assault on John Burns, for whichey were undergoing punishment when the above process was served on them. The Grand Jury of the Hustings Court had indicted the parties for feloniously causing Mrs. England bodily injury. The testimony of Mrs. E. showed that the affair was not susceptible of the interpretation placed on it by the Grand Jury. The Mayor made some nor was every knocking down a felony. He would discharge them on the bench warrant, but would say nothing for the present of the assault which could be established. Mrs. England, who was present, gave such testimony as sustained the Mayor in his view of the grade of offence committed by the parties, who were sent back to jail.
Called Court. --A Court of Magistrates will be held at the Hustings Court-room to-day, for the examination of Robert Brannon and Daniel W. Lee, charged with assaulting Mrs. Elizabeth England, and stabbing John Burns.
ch the right of the crown was indisputable, she acted promptly and gracefully upon the liberal policy which she learned from the results of her experiment of force with the thirteen American Colonies.--We need not point out the errors into which the Star has been led, as well as all the foreign press, in regard to the negro population.--There is not a more true and loyal population in the world than the slaves of the Southern States. The experiment of John Brown illustrated that fact, but it has been demonstrated on a larger scale in South Carolina.--A member of the Virginia Legislature, who has recently returned from that State, informs us that the blacks are as unanimous as the whites for secession, and quite as anxious for a fight. Even the New York Tribune is forced at last to admit this fact. The Star's protests, however, and those of the whole London press, against coercion, are significant. Let it be tried, and we shall see whether or not England can dispense with cotton.