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Auditor to receive from any railroad or other company who has received State bonds at par in payment for State subscriptions or loans, to pay, in settlement of interest due the State, the bonds of the State at par; by Mr. Crump, of amending the 55th section of chapter 85 of the Code of 1860, so as to authorize the committee of a lunatic to afford a maintenance or advancement to such of the children of an insane person as shall have attained their majority; by Mr. Myers, of incorporating the Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance Company, of the city of Richmond; by Mr. Magruder, of amending the law for ascertaining and running the boundary line between Albemarle and Fluvanna counties; by Mr. Gilmer, of amending an act passed March 20th, 1860, entitled an act to establish a Circuit Court for the town of Danville; by Mr. Medley, of authorizing Wm. T. Ballon and G. B. Major, trustees, to sell a church lot in the county of Halifax; by Mr. Richardson, of exempting from military duty all employe
orts within her limits, and the Capital at Washington, before the 4th of March next, coming up for action, the Senate adopted a resolution to the effect that no just grounds existed in which to predicate such an assumption, and "therefore all preparations intended to resist the same are unnecessary, so far as this State is concerned." In the House, resolutions were offered to authorize the 2d Auditor to receive State bonds in payment of interest due the Commonwealth; to incorporate the Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance Company of the City of Richmond; to exempt employees of telegraph companies from military duty; and asking the Governor for information relative to the State muskets sold Joseph R. Anderson & Co. Joint resolutions of the Kentucky Legislature, in response to the Virginia invitation to all the States to appoint Commissioners to meet in Washington, on the 4th of February, to attempt an adjustment of the present difficulties, were read and ordered to be printed; a seco
From Washington. Washington, March 23. --Col. Dudley Mann, now in Washington, is about starting for Europe, on business connected with the consummation of his"Great Eastern" steamer enterprise. The President has been so beset with office-seekers as to be able to ride out only twice since coming into office. He is receiving no visits whatever to-day, either of friendship or business. The nomination of Archibald Campbell, of the Wheeling Intelligencer, as Postmaster at that place, was confirmed by the Senate Saturday. [second Dispatch.] Washington, March 24. --A large seizure of counterfeit, bogus and altered Bank notes, plates and dies, was effected by Detective Keese, of this city, last week. The whole estimated amount was $260,000, including $30,000 in counterfeits on the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Virginia.
The Legislature. The Senate, yesterday, passed House bills incorporating the Tobacco Savings Bank and Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance Company, of Richmond; also, bill making an appropriation for the removal of Gen.Harry Lee's remains to Virginia, and agreed to House amendments to bill for the relief of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. Evening sessions were resolved on. A substitute was reported for the joint resolution approving the sale of old arms to Anderson & Co. The bill for the sale and transfer of the James River and Kanawha Canal was passed, receiving the vote of all the members present. Mr. Brannon reported a substitute for the Covington and and Ohio Railroad bill. The House agreed to Senate amendments to the bill for the voluntary enslavement of free negroes, and passed Senate bill exempting the Wheeling and Belmont Bridge from taxation for six years. On motion of Mr. Seddon, Senate joint resolution authorizing the Governor to contract for the manufacture o
rs. Nash, Claiborne, Newman, A. D. Dickinson, and Quesenberry. The following House bills, communicated during the morning, were read a third time and passed: Authorizing the Board of Public Works to appoint Commissioners to estimate and report losses sustained by Wm. W. King in the construction and repair of a turnpike road; to incorporate the Tobacco Savings Bank in the city of Richmond; providing for a special election in the town of Marion, in the county of Smythe; incorporating the Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance Company of the city of Richmond; an act to increase the pay of the Commonwealth's Attorney for the Circuit Court of the county of Ohio; making an appropriation for the removal to Virginia of the remains of Gen. Harry Lee; to incorporate the Leesburg and Aldie Turnpike Company; to incorporate the Newport and Gap Mills Turnpike Company; Senate bill concerning plaster of Paris, with amendments, which were concurred in; amendments proposed by the House to the bill for
e files of the House bill No. 339 of the last session, (making appropriation out of the surplus of the Literary Fund to certain colleges,) and referring the same to the Committee on Schools and Colleges; by Mr. Ballard, of making an additional allowance to the Commissioner of the Revenue in the county of Logan, for the years 1861 and '62. Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported from Committees, viz: Incorporating the Citizens' Insurance Company of Richmond; incorporating the Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance Company of the City of Richmond; to encourage manufacturers by limiting taxation in certain cases; refunding to Mrs. Lucy Holland a sum of money paid on erroneous assessment; amending the 29th section of chapter 58 of the Code of Virginia. All of the above bills passed their first reading. Laid on the Table.--The bill providing for the voluntary enslavement of Walker Fitch, a free negro of Staunton, Va., being on its third reading, was opposed by Messrs. Jone
The Legislature. The Senate, on Saturday, passed the following Senate bills: A bill to increase the capital stock of the Richmond Importing and Exporting Company. A bill to increase the salary of the Printer for the Senate. A bill to increase the capital stock of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance Company of Richmond. A bill to increase the capital stock of the Bank of the City of Petersburg. A bill to amend and re enact the 2d section of an act to incorporate the Union Manufacturing Company. A bill was reported from the Finance Committee abolishing the law imposing taxes for the support of Government, and further regulating the issue of licenses, and made the order of the day for Monday. A substitute for the bill providing a fund abroad for the use of the State was adopted and ordered to be engrossed. A joint resolution from the House requesting the Governor to convene the Legislature on the first Monday in November next was amended by
onstitutional majority in its favor. Ayes 22, noes 16. A bill to increase the compensation of the clerk of the Richmond Circuit Court was reported. The bill suspending the law imposing taxes for the support of Government was ordered to be engrossed. A bill was reported on Saturday for extending the Southern boundary of the city of Richmond. In the House, a bill was passed amending and re enacting the act incorporating the Richmond Importing and Exporting company, and An act to amend the charter of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance company of Richmond, were passed. Also, a bill refunding a sum of money to A. G. Ingraham, which had been illegally paid into the treasury. And a bill amending certain provisions of the act establishing an army agency for soldiers in Richmond. It appropriates $100,000. A bill to establish a soldiers' commercial agency for Richmond, and appropriating one million dollars for the purpose, was discussed. Adjourned.