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Court of Conciliation. --The following cases were heard by this Court yesterday: E. A. J. Clopton vs. E; B. W. Apperson. Case dismissed by plaintiff. Z. R. Bliss vs. Eli Ferguson. Judgment for the plaintiff for the sum of fifteen dollars, in full satisfaction of his claim. West & Brother vs. E. King. Case dismissed by plaintiffs. John P. Ballard vs. Fernando King and Louis Weinholtz. Case dismissed by plaintiff. F. McDowell vs. Baker & Perr. The case was dismissed without costs. Several petitions were filed, the evidence partly heard, and the cases continued until to-day.
Arrests. --The following arrests were made by the military police yesterday: John Sullivan, for fighting in the street; Michael Herrin, Eleventh United States infantry, for creating a disturbance in the office of John M. Higgins, Esq.; Thomas Dobson, for getting drunk and committing an assault on John J. King; Jack Selden, a Manchester negro, for stealing iron; Sam Pete, negro, aged fourteen, for stealing apples; T. B. Fletcher, for making an assault upon Eli Ferguson; and Pat. G. Lyons, a soldier, dressed in citizens' clothes, for attempting to rob a brother warrior.
etcher, charged with making an assault upon Eli Ferguson, was then arraigned Ferguson testified thatFerguson testified that, on night before last, "about 4 o'clock in the morning," he lay in his bunk, in the kitchen, when Frains out." The affair occurred at Thompson & Ferguson's, where I had charge. The house belonged to o'clock, Fletcher entered the kitchen, where Ferguson was lying upon a table, and caught him by thethe business transactions between himself and Ferguson. --Ferguson told him, about the 1st of NovembFerguson told him, about the 1st of November, that Fletcher had opened the house and was going to run it thereafter. Told witness this more t good gave him credit for some forty dollars. Ferguson still owed him a bill, and on one occasion sabout his bill, when he said that he had given Ferguson the money to pay it. Messrs Shepherd, Conowledge of the house belonging to Fletcher. Ferguson and Fletcher exhibited various receipts to esor decided that the fact had been proven that Ferguson was assaulted in his own house, and held Flet
on to the Hustings Court for an assault upon Ferguson. Mr. Chastain White, who appeared for FeFerguson, said this was an aggravated matter on the part of the complainant. Fletcher was bound over on Friday for an assault upon Ferguson, and immediately afterwards went and broke into the house himself; and he now turns round and has Ferguson arrested for breaking into his own house. The arrest e hoped that the case would be continued, and Ferguson permitted to give bail for his appearance. . White claimed that he had fully established Ferguson's claim to the house on the previous day, andployed there; that he made nightly returns to Ferguson of the business of the day, and that the employees had agreed to sue Ferguson on Friday night for their salaries. He ought, then, to ask that heock in the afternoon, and admitted Fletcher & Ferguson to bail in the sum of two hundred dollars eacf the house, was requested to give them up to Ferguson by his counsel. To this the counsel for Flet[3 more...]