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The Daily Dispatch: July 30, 1862., [Electronic resource], The enemy's fleet — Movements of McClellan's army. (search)
One hundred dollars reward. --Left the residence of Dr. Vest, a few miles below Richmond, my Woman, Sally Ann, with 3 small children, all boys, oldest about 4 years. The said woman is tall, rather dark complexion, and walks badly, and is about 25 years of age. She left a few days before the battle below Richmond, in company with the negroes of Messrs. Warner and Fisher, and it is quite probable that she is in the neighborhood, as the Yankees did not have time to take them off. I will pay the above reward if the said negroes are delivered to John W. Phillips, at Beaver Dam Depot, Hanover county. Mary L. Phillips au 1--cw4t*
egan, 1st Mich cav; H C Boyd, 5th N Y; Jas McConnell, do; C S Montgomery, do; H E Hascall, 1st Mich cav; G S Elcock, 14th N Y; 1st Lieuts F A B Koons, 5th Pa; T P Havilaud, Adjt 12th Mass; Lieuts Fred'k Schluemback, 29th N Y; P Clarey, 24th N Y; John C Shaw, 1st N Y; Francis Ferns, Harris Light cavalry; Bernard Franz, Aide-de-camp to Gen Stahl; Capt Jno Hess. 1st Va cav; 1st Lieuts Anthony Browner, 5th N Y; S C Barker, Berdan Sharpshooters; Jas E Doughty, 2d U S Sharpshooters; Geo C Woolley, 9th N Y cav; 2d Lieuts A L Easterbrook, 22d N Y; Jno S Raymond, 5th N Y; Wm O Ranuells, 75th Ohio; R G McKay; 1st Mich cav; 1st Lieut Fred Bieleman, 1st Mich cav; 2d Lieuts G Wipft, 1st Va cav; Jno F Williams, 107th Pa; Capt Thos Elliott, 60th N Y; 2d Lieuts Jas Hatch, 20th N Y; Isaac M Jones, 9th Pa cav; Joshua Davis, 73d Ohio; C W Fisher, 104th N Y; 1st Lieut R Brownley, 55th Ohio.They were lodged in the Libby prison, along with the other officers of Pope already on the hands of the Government.
Ten dollars reward. --I will pay the above reward for the apprehension and delivery to me of a negro man named Wm. Bowles, who ran away on last Friday. Said negro is about thirty years old, bushy hair, and yellow complexion. He has a wife at Mrs. Fisher's, on the corner of Grace and Jefferson streets. J. O. Taylor, on Main st., se 13--3t* Below Old Market.
n has terminated in the success of Parker, the Democratic candidate for Governor, by about 10,000 majority — a Democratic gain of about 19,000 over the last vote for Governor. Of the Congressmen, four Democrats and one Republican are elected, and both branches of the Legislature will be largely Democratic — thus securing the election of a Democratic United States Senator. The returns from Illinois indicate the election of five, and perhaps, seven Republicans, and seven Democrats, to Congress. Two districts are reported as doubtful. In Delaware, Cannon (Rep.) is elected Governor, and Fisher (Rep,) to Congress. In Wisconsin the Democrats have gained largely. They elect two members of Congress, and the Republicans three. One district is still in doubt. In Missouri the returns from the interior show the probable success of the Emancipationist. The Republican State ticket has been unsuccessful in Kansas, and Wilder (Rep,) is believed to be elected to Congress
Castle Thunder yesterday: James Montgomery and George Jones, Rodger's cavalry, desertion; Jas O'Hara and Pat Murphy, do, absent without leave; Jas Hogan, deserter from Battery No. 2; Aaron Black, 14th La. deserter; James Dobblas, co E, and H McDonald, co I, 41st Va. reg't, deserters; Geo W Burke, deaf and dumb, and of bad character; Robert Holland and Samuel Waters, sent by Gen Pryor; Jas Ryan, deserter from ship Richmond, sent by Capt Pegram to be fed on bread and water; E Holmes and Jno H Fisher, co C, 2d N C, desertion. E L Pierson was liberated and sent to his regiment yesterday; also, John Beles, Wm. J. Ray, and Jno Allen. Two soldiers who were taken with the small-pox yesterday, were sent to the Boward Grove Hospital Henry Jordan was sent to his regiment Thos Glenn was discharged by order of Major Griswold. Lieut John Brandon, put in for intoxication, was delivered to Col McRas by order of Gen Winder. The Yankees who are to be sent away to-day embrace all those in Castle Thun
on our side, of Barksdale's brigades. Gov. Brown, of the Senate, and Hon. Mr. Barksdale, of the House, were present, and seemed highly gratified at the health and appearance of their follow-Mississippians. It was a handsome parades, and officers and men were mutually proud of each other. At night the band serenaded the distinguished visitors, and spackles were made in acknowledgment by Gov. Brown, Hon, Mr. Barksdale, General Barksdale, Col, Griffin, Major Campbell, Lt.-Col. Lune, and Lt.-Col. Fisher, who concluded by saying he "was not in the habit of speaking, but would be with them in the next fight. " The speeches were appropriate and eloquent, and were highly applauded. Two years ago the Tennessee-cans and Arkangious were welcomed from the same spot. Then Fredericksburg "blossomed like the rose." When the Mississippians came the citizens were exiles, and Burnside offered them the "hostilities of the occasion, " but retired vanquished by the valor and retreating from the v
The Daily Dispatch: May 21, 1863., [Electronic resource], Casualties in the late battle near Fredericksburg. (search)
Serg't D T Rawillins. Wounded: Privates L S Byrd, A J Darnell Jno W Jones, Samuel C Roland, F M Nichols J B Spotts. Co B — Lt H C Barchardt commanding. Wounded: Privates Jacob Magaha J M Holtzman, Jacob Vorhees, H C Miller, Wm H Conley. Co C--Capt Wm W Randolph commanding. Killed: Private C H Richard Wounded: Lieut A C Randolph; Serg't Jno M Jolliffe; private M L Chumm. Co D — Capt E L Hoffman commanding. Killed: Private Richard Mechum. Wounded: Serg't R M Doll; Corp's Jno L Fisher; privates A L Kearfoot, Jno W Keef L K Kornex, Wm Compton. Co E — Lieut J J Saines commanding Wounded: Lieut J T Hull; Color Serg't J N Bayne; Corporal Jas Flerry; privates B F Armentrout, Jas W Lugan Jno Pryor, B Weatherholt, Wm Tuckwilleff, Wm Peregoy, J N Merchant, Henry Ludwig. Co F--Captain James B Burgess, commanding Wounded: privates John Foley, Geo H Goodwin, Wm Hillard, Jno Addison. Co G — Lt W C Sheerer, commanding. Killed: Sgt B S White. Wounded: Cp'l J D Kerri; pri
Narrow escape. --Two lads, named Fisher and Carter, narrowly escaped drowning on Saturday morning last. They had procured a small boat at Rocketts, and started on a fishing excursion down the river. When nearly opposite the boat yard their little vessel capsized, and the boys would have been drowned but for two negro men on the south side of the river, who saw the accident, and hastened to their rescue.
0, besides 30 mules and horses, 150 rifles and muskets. Assisted by one piece of cannon of Stuart's Horse Artillery, commanded by Lieut. Shaw, they drove to their gunboats, 50 of the enemy's cavalry and the Tammany regiment of the city of New York, killing three and capturing the same number. Two- thirds of the prisoners and all the miles were taken within range and sight of the Monitor and another gunboat, said to be the Galene, lying at Haxall's, on James river. On another occasion, Lieut. Fisher, of the Legion, with fourteen men, assisted by Lieut. Yager of the 10th cavalry, with two men, captured fifty-three of the Bucktall Rifles, who are now in prison in this city. Slightly mistaken. Yesterday morning an unfortunate German, who had been deceived by the Northern reports of the recent battles around Richmond, made his appearance at the Passport-Office and applied for a pass to Baltimore. On being interrogated, he stated that he was a member of the 12th United States I
which he did, and returned in a short time with it. She did not see the watch, and therefore could not swear that the one claimed by the General was the one which Collier had bought from Fraydeen James Denay, who has been in jail for some days on another charge, was brought into Court as an accomplice of the prisoner, and to see whether Gen. McC. could not recognize him as one of the parties who entered his room. The General thought he was one of them, but could not swear as to Collier. The Mayor, after hearing the evidence, sent all of them on to the Grand Jury for indictment. [The accused, as well as Denay, already stand charged with having committed several robberies recently at the Linwood House, and among others, with stealing a watch from Dr. Fisher. Walsh and Denay are particularly notorious, as having concocted a plan to liberate some prisoners from the city jail some time last summer, and also participating in several other exploits, which stamp them as bad characters.]
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